Flamingo Handshake Ukraine Auction (Part 2)

The Handshake community is one with the world in supporting Ukraine, especially the Handshake community members there who are greatly affected by this armed conflict. This Flamingo Handshake auction is dedicated to help the community in this cause.


(00:01) [Music] [Applause] [Music] kinetic is a blockchain crypto investment firm based in hong kong and puerto rico [Music] founded in 2016 they were the first fund in hong kong and one of the earliest in asia with a portfolio of over companies they were seed investors in such projects as ethereum parity and polka dot solana ftx and of course handshake in name base [Music] founder johan chu was an active investor and supporter of the handshake ecosystem over one hundred thousand domains co-founder of d-web foundation co-founder of handicon and sponsor of

(00:52) the handshake house at miami hack week 2022 [Music] okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay we are back we are back awesome um encrypted there you go got the booklet yeah boy all right so we’ve gone through i think seven of the tens we have three left uh well we’re in the middle of one but uh

(01:55) and we got 30 minutes until the next session so we got time um great and i’m seeing some great chats everybody and uh awesome so let me check the speaker chat yeah so let’s yeah let’s let’s roll encrypted so um this one’s getting started um so again just like uh nixon himself angry um we have webpage or website in ukrainian and russian oh we got uh 600 big coming in from that sun if i’m saying that correctly sorry yeah anyone want to bring it up to 700 yeah i mean again this is um a pretty key one you know i know a lot

(02:49) of us don’t speak russian or ukrainian but i’ll put a thousand i’ll put a 1500 on it anyone want to anyone want to bring it up to 2k it’s for a pretty good cause well there is a reserve so we uh there’s a reserve 1600 i know right we’re like all right i think we should just move on from this one uh i mean um yeah we’re uh yeah yeah the reserve we don’t usually reveal the reserves here i don’t know we have mixed feedback on that but we um that’s far from the reserve so if there’s not enough interest i mean i

(03:44) could try to bid up a little bit myself but i mean if there’s not enough interest okay coming in from that and so on all right met reserve that reserve so is anybody want i’m in 31 3100 3100 will sell this will sell oh wait and they’re sending something in the chats oh man 3100 3100 anyone want to go 32 3200.

(04:16) um i made a mistake about this nerve we’re not meeting we’re not we’re not being reserved right now guys i was like i double checked right there i was like it’s my mistake yeah usually we don’t allow these uh we want to try to lower a reserve because uh the yeah i mean nick do you want to say the reserve um yeah i know these are these are exotic names um but yeah it’s webpage yeah so he’s uh he’s he’s answering it here um i mean think about it guys you get access to two complete

(05:01) languages right anyone that speaks those languages you’re gonna have the ability to maybe sell and market domains under that okay so he said the reserve so that’s the reserve okay um and the current bid is 31. so um somebody want to move up um anyone want to bring it up to 3200 3500 okay maybe you would do a countdown and then count down first okay so three two final one and i guess not sold not sold sorry sorry about that man we tried okay handy chat handy chats

(06:05) so handychat um as we know this is handycon there’s a handy oss there’s a lot of uh handyminer there’s it’s be kinda come a key uh use of the uh in the community is a lot of people are using this starting at 500 with dope okay 60 will go to the ukrainian ukrainian uh cause and uh we’re gonna move up to seven six hundred i know right before the description even finished anyway the last few have reserves these last few in this auction have reserves um okay do we have 600 i’ll bring it up to the sun okay well

(06:54) great quote oh i’m calling it up 1k yeah he’s been we know it’s good we know it’s good he’s his great session yesterday okay panel 1200 1200 code from dope he’s like calling you’re not having it it’s mine yeah this is the english word easy one awesome okay 1200 to dope high bid is not met reserve is not met reserve 1400 colin 1400 1500 oh go a little bit back and forth over here keeping things active big money steve yeah 1600 bird all right we got a few different people bidding today it’s

(07:33) great 17.50 coming in from high bid [Laughter] i know djen all right somebody want to come in at 8 1800 2000 move it up to 2000. it’s not yet met reserved not yet met reserve let’s check the can we get 1800 1800 [Laughter] see it’s funny here in chat do we have it’s not yet met reserve yeah these last few have re reserved so uh unfortunately but yeah there’s lots of potential on this one two thousand block domains colin thank you thank you for that colin wants it twenty one hundred dope oops that’s not gonna let you have it

(08:20) he’s like twenty one hundred there we go here we go all right 22 or 25 can move up can’t move it up not yet reserved we can move it up so anyone want to come in at 22. here we go yeah getting some emoji action here reactions thank you thank you 2600 or 3026 3026 i feel like this is one of those ones where it’s going to go to the content and then it’s just going to be like no oh we got some people calling people out in the chats this is getting good all right then we got um we’re where uh i don’t know nick is in the

(09:14) chats no not really no so uh i don’t know usually usually we uh we try to push reserves to be as low as possible here but uh you know the oc this fundraiser is uh it made us make some exceptions for the fundraiser um yeah we’ve not not yet met reserved so uh do a uh do we have 2600 or 3000 2600 or 3 000 maybe 2600 move it up a little bit if not we will move to the next name it’s all good worries this is a fundraiser we don’t want to put anybody in uncomfortable positions we need to appreciate everybody in the community and uh

(10:06) i know i think it paid i always think a dot paid and popping up on stage hey guys yeah um yeah we could continue bidding on this one yeah bidding is good uh owner or the seller is okay oh okay sorry i missed the check it’s hard for me to follow through on this one right handy chat so this will sell this will sell now um at 26 it’s currently at 2600 high bid right dope is that the highest okay so this will sell um so people could uh people can get into this so we have met reserve reserve has been uh been met

(10:49) anyone want to bring it up again to like 2700 knowing knowing this will be selling this will be selling so 2600 is a high bid do we have 2 700 do we have 2700 all right i guess it’s time to do the gun time voices i know going once going twice final ward in everyone making some good ones okay congratulations man all right congrats congrats and our last one for today actually just a little bit of a background story the seller of this name contacted us after the last flamingo auction and uh and was uh gave us the idea to do this

(11:37) fundraiser so thank you seller doesn’t want he wants to be anonymous but he does appreciate what we do here at the auctions and the fundraising so brought up the idea to do this so thank you for your idea and uh submitting your name so this is and i guess we have you know i hope we can be verified but from our research and from salary’s explanation this is the official currency of the ukrainian people of i cannot pronounce harvinia and sign right so it’s a cursive miniscule ukrainian shrillic letter and uh

(12:18) uh you can read it there but basically it’s it’s like a currency then nick is making a bid so it must be a good one nick is opening the bids at 1 000 thank you 50 will be to the this does have a reserve um 50 will be to the fundraiser all right i hope everybody understands the what it is okay and thank you that son for sharing the link to uh to it 1200 and on and on and on all right encrypted’s coming in 1500 johnny woo thank you 1700.

(12:54) oh johnny this one’s mine encrypted oh moving them up kind of bleeding award here we go what’s what’s up here next uh uh nick usually we do okay thank you usually at least a 50 minimum increment uh 2500 a non thank you although and i’ll maybe make a little bit unique name um encrypted 2800 yeah anon 3 okay uh 2800 encrypted great this is not reserved uh do we have three thousand can we go to three thousand i mean come on guys you’re getting access to an entire country currency here like anyone that uses this currency it is a

(13:33) perfectly memorable one for sure 3000 okay thank you g shapiro great thank you for your thank you for your participation do we have let’s move it up 35 can we go to 3500 3500 or 3500 we get a bid harvinian sign here the currency um is there a key for this on the keyboard jordan’s asking [Music] 3500 three do we have a three thousand five hundred billion here again fifty percent anyone want to bring a bit higher to the uh ukrainian fundraiser cause um but we are not at reserve and i don’t know if you’re in touch with seller

(14:18) so 3000 is a high bid do we have 3 100 3100 today 3100 maybe i’ll have to do a little countdown i know uh it’s a great name and uh let me get the drum roll okay and go in once go in twice final warning and so not sold not sold sorry not met reserve unfortunately not met reserve we tried our best to get these again tomorrow’s auction is not it’s going to have much less reserves we just had to make some exceptions for the off for the uh the fundraiser um on those unfortunately but um almost all sold two didn’t sell at the

(15:03) end but again tomorrow we’re gonna have the uh the the featured auctions of dot s and others which uh will be a uh same format um and why so low guys yeah i know i’m sorry nick um all right well i think yeah i mean tomorrow’s people are ready um but thank you everybody for we’ll have a spreadsheet for uh for this as always and post it uh on the flamingo handshake website my drumroll sounds like a way more sorry all right all right so how much time do we got left today um okay yeah we’ll we’ll so now we’ll play the

(15:52) video for tomorrow and then we’ll go into networking right yeah and then um so i think we’ll play a video let’s let that roll i don’t know or up do i do that what would oh here comes so we’ll show a little video for tomorrow [Music] no not this one please uh okay i do i know how to do that thanks fernando yeah hey damn we’re showing we’re gonna try to show a video for tomorrow’s names let me see if i can find it videos [Music] yes tomorrow noon

(16:58) [Music] okay see i went a little fast so yeah dot s um and then it’ll be goth and dap and ipv4 so that’s that’s one set oh not set they’ll be sold they’ll be at auction individually and then there’s rave dot gen not d gen but gen dot persistent dot identity and then we’ll have of course people love the emojis we’re getting less emojis submitted honestly um maybe there’s just less available which is uh the desktop emoji the uh men’s room

(18:03) a w letter will will clarify this one you can also read on the booklet it’s not as it’s an emoji it’s not a uh english character and then the cat face a and a b acrylic i believe so these will be up tomorrow at the starting time same as today so um get ready for that and uh let’s check the chats yeah so noel saying he was initially rave so yeah some people are okay i see a lot of chats and the booklets shared cat for nft oh noel just got here thanks no i’m just reading the chats okay everybody um how much time do we

(18:48) have for the next session can we uh get a time check about seven minutes seven minutes so we’ll just take a little break a little break you can try the networking lounge or see a booth for a sponsor and check out their video and connect with them um as well can we play this for a while let me just what is i’m afraid just want to say thanks to everyone for coming out and taking part in the auction um absolutely super excited for tomorrow to be doing dot ass because come on this once in a lifetime opportunity even to be like on stage

(19:33) selling that is a once in a lifetime opportunity like i’m sure a lot of people in here wish that they had more coins and they currently do because of it because i know if i had them i’d be getting in on it for certain okay yeah thanks again everyone yeah it’s gonna be a great and uh if you have feedback or suggestions of course on the process or maybe we can consider it for tomorrow we can’t add any new names unfortunately but uh maybe on anything we’re trying our best to listen and uh improve um

(20:05) but we’ve been doing these now i think it’ll be like our 12th or 13th auction so um you know the process we we enjoy and uh we look forward to seeing you there tomorrow and then we’re gonna put a little uh i saw that in sun video but i gotta check it first but we’ll just let you guys enjoy networking your chats and then a true rosner session will be up after all right thank you everybody thank you bye [Music] [Applause] [Music] so [Music] kinetic

(21:15) is a blockchain crypto investment firm based in hong kong and puerto rico [Music] founded in 2016 they were the first fund in hong kong and one of the earliest in asia with a portfolio of over 220 companies they were seed investors in such projects as ethereum parity and polka dot solana ftx and of course handshake in name base [Music] founder johan chu was an active investor and supporter of the handshake ecosystem over one hundred thousand domains co-founder of d-web foundation co-founder of handicon and sponsor of

(21:53) the handshake house at miami hack week 2022 [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause]