Impervious is a team of developers contributing open source core software for Handshake and Bitcoin.

Most recently, they released the Beacon web browser, which is the first web browser to natively support DANE and resolve Handshake and ENS-based names.

They also launched .forever domains, which are the first truly decentralized domain names that individuals can own forever without fear of seizure or censorship.

The same team is also responsible for Fingertip (a lightweight decentralized Handshake resolver) and the Gateway registry/registrar (an EPP-based registry and registrar that allows Handshake TLD owners to sell SLD registrations to end users).

You can learn more about Impervious and their projects in the following HandyCon sessions: March 17: Impervious Showcase (all about Impervious projects)
March 18: Enabling a TLD to Reach its Full Potential (case studies from TLD owners using the Gateway registry)

Impervious is building technology to help bring freedom to the internet.

Impervious Projects:

Handshake Institute is a fundamental supporter of Handshake. It is supporting the launch of HNS Fund and has been giving away valuable Handshake names to the Internet Community. Avid supporter of HandyCon & Open Source Developers. Handshake Institute is being a light of positivity for the HNS Community.