Flamingo Handshake Ukraine Auction (Part 1)

The Handshake community is one with the world in supporting Ukraine, especially the Handshake community members there who are greatly affected by this armed conflict. This Flamingo Handshake auction is dedicated to help the community in this cause.


(00:01) [Music] [Applause] so [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] um okay so we got some great people here today encrypted you want to introduce yourself and do you want are you gonna upload the booklet and then let’s talk uh yeah yeah listen to you um hey guys what’s going on i’m encrypted i joined the community about a year ago and just got really lucky with my timing i guess um started coming to the auctions when they first came out

(01:03) bought some names uh said that i would take part and here i am awesome awesome yeah it’s great to have you here and uh it’s great it’s great um do you want to share the booklet maybe we can explain the uh process for some people that first time participating today yeah yeah there’s no voice for the others you guys will just do text uh chats and then um [Music] um maybe go to the next slide so yeah do you want to go through this or do you want me to go through this i think you can do it you can do it

(01:43) right so the auction information rules are pretty simple all emoji tlds are real and i dna with a valid work and funny code they’re all checked with punycoder.com submitted domain names are held in escrow by nimbus to participate is better you must rsvp beforehand on flamingo handshake or obviously in this case handycon um during the live auction bids are placed in the chat failure to honor the bid will result in you being banned from all future auctions the minimum percentage to be donated is 25 and 5 automatically goes to the flamingo

(02:21) handshake company i guess organization whatever you want to call it um the rest goes towards to support ukraine fundraiser yes well as always we we put these on on our on the website flamingo handshake um yeah familiar is not a company but it’s a group i mean it will be shared to uh the organizers of the auction uh and again we’re just working out the business model of this originally started purely uh you know um anyways we’re open to any kind of feedback but uh that the latest has been adding this uh minimum

(03:01) fee okay so maybe move and again um we don’t put in the slides but in the slides but we could process through name base uh as escrow or we can do otc um and some people actually are talking about ethereum to us and others we try our best to accommodate but of course we need to figure everything out and then for the transactions to the ukraine we’ll of course make that on chain um i don’t know if they accept hns that’d be pretty awesome but uh we’ll of course make that very clear and public about

(03:33) how it’s made and to the right to the right place and open anybody’s suggestions on if they have feedback okay keep going encrypted um so this is just a basic rundown of how we read the booklet uh you have the emoji and then we have the donation location uh it will show how much is actually being donated below that the percentage then on the right side you can see the official emoji name along with the pawnee code and verification status and so on so on thank you just go to the next one okay so let’s get started

(04:15) so this is uh the first one for today it’s um a hundred percent sort of to the uh well just to be clear to find we’re gonna take off five percent this time um so ninety five percent five but uh crown and the ukraine flag and so it’s a two emoji not a single emoji but it’s a double emoji but of course very relevant to this um to this auction and um to this uh fundraiser campaign and uh yeah more to to put with this encrypted or uh no i can’t really think of anything but yeah we’ll also see you know this

(04:54) will be on the on the page for the support ukraine uh campaign and uh so how many do we have today encrypt is a good question from that that soon i believe it’s 10 isn’t it uh yeah there’s 10 and then we’re gonna split this up into at least because we’re gonna have nick or angry mouse sharing in about 20 minutes so we’re going to do as many as we can before his talk and then we’re going to come back and do this second part and it’s also a warm-up for tomorrow as well with dot um s is tomorrow and some others

(05:28) um and there’s some people like name based about submission chosen so yeah we are working on improving the submission process uh but if it was the last minute like yesterday we we had processed these last week so um but uh maybe message anne if you can she’s our amazing uh coordinator on that but uh if you didn’t get an email it would if for any seller we have these in escrow already we’re holding these in in name base and we said we contacted sellers we do need to do a little bit better process of content those that

(06:03) were not uh accepted it’s just we get a little bit overwhelmed with uh submissions but um yeah we do need to um uh improve the uh communication process of those that are aren’t accepted but um if you didn’t get a contact or didn’t didn’t escrow your name and uh unfortunately didn’t make it this time but we’ll try our best do we uh erase kick kick this off encrypted yeah i think we should just get things started and get things going um so i guess we could have the starting bid is 300 coins anyone want to start off at

(06:36) 300 coins 300 hns token okay got 300 already 300 coming in anyone want to do like 400 500 400 400 thank you web 2 dev all right 500 from dope nice 690 from phillip 700 1k all right thank you everybody for your support do we want anyone want to go higher hundred maybe we’ll try to move up in like 100 increments minimum if possible i know there’s some snipers that try to wait for us to count down but yeah experience at the last auction made me look like a fool anyone want to do 1100 on this all right it’s getting a little quiet

(07:26) i’m gonna make this countdown right i think we can move this one fast all right in three three two one final one and so oh so bird make sure you dm uh ann uh and or maybe dmu if you can’t find her and maybe send a message in the group so that we could find you okay bird that’s anne so she’ll uh settle it with you at least get your contact information okay all right so the next one up is the ukraine flag red heart um and also another 100 percent to the to the fundraiser seller will not receive any proceeds so thank you seller

(08:15) actually which trump has shout i think i know the seller of this but uh i don’t know if we want to reveal the seller but thank you sellers especially those that gave a hundred percent it’s really really much appreciated in this one i like this one ukraine flag and red heart so it’s a double emoji but of course it’s it’s a very fitting one for today’s uh campaign what do you feel encrypted i think it’s awesome i think it just goes to show like it doesn’t matter what the situation is the handshake community

(08:50) will be there behind you right like we’re just here to support ukraine in whatever way we can and i think this emoji really shows that shows that the love handshake has for the people yeah so some people don’t know the booklet you can download a pdf of this uh on that page i just shared the chats we tried our best to make a pdf version you can download the same exact pdf we’re showing or or look at it on a web page okay so where do you want to start this one that encrypted um i said i think we could start it off

(09:23) at 300 coins again yeah 300 hms sounds fair oh we got 500 from fistful 500 phillip 600 oh everyone’s fighting for this one 750 though uh it’s a lot of chats i think people might build bitter upbeat he’s also up early 1k from pay yeah i didn’t say that it’s very quick 1 thousand stop bid right now pays 1100 1100 yeah it’s moving fast it’s hard to track that son 1200 from richard thank you richard great to have your support for 1300 that sun awesome 1400 1800 from pay anyone want to bring this up to oh 15

(10:12) from right here tight bid yeah great thank you everybody so we’re i think tied 17 17.50 there we go thank you all 2k from richard again oh i’m glad to see the support man thank you yeah um miguel maybe try to stay a minimum at least 50 or 100 uh increments yep 2100 from richard again thank you richard two thousand one hundred high bid do we have twenty two twenty two hundred twenty two hundred hms going to a great cost twenty five twenty five hundred awesome that’s some i hope i pronounce it correctly great thank you

(10:59) want to bring this up to like maybe 3k oh we got 2600 from richard awesome okay 2600 we see 2700 2700 so we want to come in at 2700 okay keep things 3000 richard he’s been against himself i yeah thanks richard all right i mean i don’t think it was bumped it up for a good cause all right uh anyone want to come in and bring it higher again or is that it i think we can do a countdown that’s i think that’s it all right thank you richard three thousand we wanna uh let’s just do a countdown for the three

(11:48) two final one one and sold sold sold richard thank you very much thank you so much for your support what we got next got the peace and love emoji all right peace and love so richard uh and make sure um for settlement we can take care of that okay um this one’s not a ukrainian theme but of course it’s still going to the ukraine uh cause fifty percent so that’s a much very generous uh cut and uh it’s a double emoji you know what crypt do you want to share about this one um i mean i’ve always just sort of even

(12:24) from when we first got to submit it i just thought this was a dope one to go in because just like the peace symbol and the love emoji it just fits so well right like that’s true i think everyone can get behind peace and love if you can’t that i don’t know what’s going on that’s all we need right that’s all we need all right so how much more time do we have i think we have 10 minutes till next session right so okay let’s let’s move it what do you want to start this one at um start this one off with 300 coins again

(12:56) yeah this is a good port got 300 from dope thank you thank you 500 from phillip awesome neymar in the metaverse cool thank you for participating today to 600 let’s try and move let’s do it keeping around 100 movements 600 coming in from dusk thank you so much anyone want to bring it up to seven peace and love right here peace and love all right again this is our fundraiser and uh you know i know we’re putting some fun ones up today just getting things rolling tomorrow will also be another auction so

(13:36) thank you for your support everybody awesome get the nice little emojis popping up here okay anyone else want to bump it up by another hundred maybe we could try a 50 650 with just someone coming all right thank you thank you thank you all right so what’s this one you want to share this one krypton uh we’ve got the raised fist and the handshake this one’s a 50 donation um i really like this one honestly because i think this kind of just also goes to show that you know we fight with you and the people

(14:23) and just going to stay that way yeah i always like the ones ending and head shake you know like because you know obviously the flamingo handshake is the flamingo emoji and a handshake um you know it could also mean business but i think it means of course in the henshin community means handshake and it is shaking hands so so yeah like come together and uh let’s all come together right this is kind of how i see it awesome awesome so 50 percent started to the cause which is awesome and uh where do you want to start this one

(14:57) today encrypted um i think uh 300 would be a good start for this one as well honestly we got 500 coming in from all 23.3 thank you and dope is a high at 500 well 600 600. wow dope is cleaning up come on guys anyone want to come in 600 550 well thank you dope for your support he’s been participating last few auctions too thank you cyber citizen i love these these uh these these titles here all right i think uh i think that maybe how much excitement gone for this one yeah let’s do uh kind on three two one final warrant and

(15:47) sold sold sold sold thank you dope cleaning up today and supporting a good cause thank you thank you all right here we go a little bit more interesting today this is a single emoji um you want to talk about it today uh encrypted um i think you should go through this one okay so it’s a it’s a skin tone so just to be clear and it’s uh it’s a it’s a um woman of course light skin tone so there’s uh there’s the yellow neutral skin tone and then there’s the lights in the darks there’s i think six total

(16:21) rights just to be the uh clear and or five thank you thank you for clarifying five skin tones so this is uh the light skin tone uh you can see um so you know she’s like could be a mechanic or fixing fixing something and um and uh yeah so 30 of this will go to the cause um and uh we’ll get this what do you want i mean of course it’s a little bit more premium name than what we were just starting with so what do you want to start with today yeah all right low prices today i see some questions this is all h s token which is unfortunately

(17:02) at a pretty low risk very low for the last year or so so we’re at a low price you know i can’t believe it’s hitting 15 cents right now but uh i know but i mean honestly that makes it good too because that means you can get more coins for cheaper right like true true yeah it’ll be back for sure you know we’re we’re diamond hands here uh diamond hands and but it’s also good for the auctions you can get buy these at a much lower price okay name beast uh he’s active on here yeah well

(17:34) the community knows what this is worth all right thanks zulu for sharing the link there so you can see the army okay they do our work 1500 from bird already thank you everyone before 1500 is a high bid a miguel 1 500 from bird is the high bid so um yeah sorry if there’s delays on a chat so 1 500 encrypted this is actually a single emoji for the light skin tone mechanic it shows up on the booklet as a double emoji i believe but it’s actually a single yeah so some of these are uh the uh the unicode is updating and uh

(18:13) they might look on doubles even on name base but uh on nyami and others they’re moving to single uh so it’s considered a single i know it’s a bit tricky uh yeah dope is explaining in the chat anyone wanna go a bit higher here want to bring it to sixteen hundred yeah i think we just suggest one thousand six hundred one thousand six hundred uh guess we’ll close this one oh it no 1600 jordan’s been he knows because he’s also good for chats right and chat i wonder what it would show up in hns chat

(18:47) he’ll be sharing uh but yeah these emojis show up in chats on his on his uh chat app 1800 bird great great ones here we have five minutes left okay from jordan thank you buddy thank you for your support first times in the auctions great uh do we have let’s go to gotta bring it up a little bit more than five coins we want to do a minimum 50 increments or more likely a hundred if possible just so all right like you guys are 2069 coins coming in from georgia from here you can clean clean it up here 2200 high bid

(19:31) we have a few minutes left i don’t let him have it jordan 2 200. can we get twenty three hundred twenty three hundred coming from dope he’s gonna describe both you he doesn’t care twenty five coming in from bird thank you thank you is that it is we’re gonna get it for this this 25 2500 3k coming different bird whoa thank you thank you i’m gonna drink something like green tea here oh anyone want to bring it up again or is that it three thousand 3100 hundred anybody coming in two thousand one hundred anywhere

(20:12) no it’s a white girl mechanic you know come on could do that uh you know some kind of directories or you know it’s definitely a good chat profile right um on price range no problem no problem thank you for your participation everybody uh high bid is 3000 right now bert nation that’s pretty cool let’s see i’m fine let’s see uh let’s say we do the uh kind time now uh yeah let’s let’s do a countdown so three thousand high bid we have something come in i’ll do the drum roll you want to do

(20:52) three two one final warning yeah he’s got a good deal honestly these live auctions people get good deals right actually this was encrypted encrypted that was getting his source of uh his source a lot of his names were here and then he would flip them right i mean honestly yeah i mean it’s some pretty good names in here yeah works for price good prices but uh and it’s also going to a good cause at the same time you know a lot while today’s good ukraine a lot they also go to the different development funds and a few in other

(21:23) auctions so it’s it’s uh it’s good prices and good uh good initiatives so okay no problem jordan we really appreciate what you do in the community and uh okay okay so let’s um come over to the next one i think we’re gonna keep going we think that we’re uh fistfuls chatting to me might be a little more time for the next session anyway so i think we can let’s move to the next one um okay so we’ve got the light medium light skin tone pointing emoji pointing up yes it’s like this yeah so

(22:06) okay okay wow name base came in so this one on the screen just to be clear and you can do the pd code maybe uh we should share the links we can see it but actually you guys know already all right thank you hello philip at 1200 bird 1500 coming in here come on guys the price can only go up just like handshake it’s going up yeah especially now with the price 1600 dope all right thank you thank you two thousand two okay hi i bid pay i know pay woke up early okay thank you sulu really appreciate your support 25 jordan

(22:41) okay top it is jordan 2500 and so dope you’re going to come up 2628 pay nice jumping up here okay pay is the high high bids pal domains in taipei thank you for waking up early with me anyone want to bring it up to 3k no 2900 yeah 2 900 let’s play i know he woke up early so again we gotta win something i appreciate it oh three thousand bird bird is three thousand thank you bird bird knows some good bird is the word that’s what i can only think of 3000 we have 3 100.

(23:28) anyone want to bring it up by another 100 coins or 50 coins oh 3100 from pay all right anyone want to bring it up to 3200 3200 do we have 3200 okay think this that’s it unless i’m gonna get finessed into thinking it’s going to be over i’ll do the dremel three two final warn and sold all right oh wait what was that did that count i don’t know it was final warren said there yeah yeah it’s too late it’s gone buddy thanks everybody all right loving the engagement here thanks everybody keep the chest rolling

(24:20) keep it keep it going all right i think we’re gonna keep going we’re gonna keep going um [Music] fistful’s chatting to me so we’ll just keep going all right do you wanna go through this one okay vulcan salutes i think you know when we make these booklets we put the politically correct but vulcan salute you know i think that’s from i think of the star trek personally right is that uh medium skin tone right there’s man people are bidding already this is great okay i guess yeah i don’t think we need to go through

(24:52) this okay right off the bat uh but yeah i’ve also shared a link here but uh medium skin tone just to be clear as the skin tone a very you know uh point and uh uh let’s get let’s get started i think it’s already happening so got 2100 coming in from taylor thank you taylor from tetra he’s got oh he’s knowing if he’s been you know something 2200 he’s not going oh bird comes in and he’s not gonna let anyone have any of these 2500 anyone want to take bird out here anyone want to do 26

(25:32) the 2600 coming up galactic federation all right um that’s a good question the booklets on the websites i don’t know how many are by percents but uh yeah this is also worth noting 100 is going to the ukraine uh fundraiser okay thanks for sharing the link uh there’s a pdf download there so for this similar almost symbol same booklet um but i think we it’s our two in a countdown two thousand five hundred type in right 2500 yeah i don’t like this i’m getting finessed every time now what’s going on

(26:22) all right it was in time and time just in time yep 2700 yeah i think all right but then there’s even another follow bid so taylor came 26 and then that’s and son came in uh 2700 all right anyone want to go up to 2800 okay they’re waiting for us to do the drum roll yeah i think they just want to troll me man oh okay all right there’s definitely a lot of hidden interest on this one you guys that’s great that’s great three thousand anyone want to bring it up again or you’re gonna have to do a comment down

(27:00) here all right all right well we got three thousand high bid thirty one do you want somebody want to come in at 3 100. i know it’s like this sniper sniper system here all right 3 000 hype in it bird bird has been cleaning up a bit today thanks your support again this is a hundred percent uh donations the seller will not receive proceeds on this one purely uh putting it in for the throne since in the hat so thank you seller for that and it is a premium one for sure so do we have a 3100 bit maybe we gotta do

(27:35) a drum roll again yeah i think so yeah it’s so funny everybody knows this out to the drums and three two final warn oh taylor again he’s liking us to do the rolls here 30 69. we didn’t even start the counts but we’re doing the uh 30-69 all right we want to what number is 31 or i guess 32 move it to 32 if possible 31 50 31 31 32 something like that right and come in three okay thank you thank you taylor all right so this one is a ukrainian word for web page i think i think nick are uh

(28:37) nick their speaker put this one in i think um so uh thank you i don’t know if i’m allowed to say that so i might okay um i’m seeing some chats yeah angry it is angry mouse okay yeah so thank you for uh putting us in there with us a pretty generous 60 donation to the fund and uh it’s a ukrainian word for web page although i i hope again that was from our search so um it’s a definitely a premium one maybe we could link and if somebody can help me link this one uh to the army or others but uh you know

(29:15) are we ready to start this one off uh encrypted yeah i’m just okay thanks thanks for the background yeah i think he took it off the market uh for it to put into this auction so thanks uh for putting that in here is that correct link i think i got it i think okay yeah i think i got it um all right so so let’s say start this off at like 1000 maybe yeah i was thinking that too in that sense i think he was asking this russian language to be clear um okay um so let’s let’s what do you want to get this started

(30:02) um i i think yeah we’ll start off with a starting bit of 1000 anyone want to get this gun for 1000 one thousand hms it’s uh you know i think even somebody earlier saying about you know immutable names you know uh yeah obviously a good use case for handshake you know to uh have an immutable name uh especially in times like we’re in right now so that’s uh you could also use this to donate or give people web pages for free like some of the sessions were saying uh yesterday um to host some sites that they might need

(30:36) need that use case i think we can start a little bit lower encrypt and make it’s usually when it starts lower it can move up easily um let’s start at 500 again let’s see if anyone wants to come in at 500. 500 again 60 over half is going to the to the ukraine fund which we’ll share on chain proof of the payments okay i hope they’re also following the chats this does have reports so uh and then nick actually angry mouse the owner of his name will uh will speak uh after i’ll put in 500 i’ll bid 500 uh from me

(31:12) uh so put i’ll start i’ll chat anyone want to bring it up to one thousand mikes has brought it to 500. i guess you know i don’t know if it’s a good time in the world to say i’m i’m 25 russian but uh my grandmother’s from russia you know and again just to be clear you know i know this is a rock maybe a russian name you know but russian people russian government is not the same right a lot of times the russian people don’t know what’s even happening or they’re maybe brainwashed

(31:38) or they you know they don’t they don’t have any control right you know i’m in mainland china right now does that mean i’m bad or whatever if the government china does something bad right people or governments are are not the same so uh you know um i’ll throw it in the hat there yeah exactly there’s lots you know that’s hopefully my handshake can help fix right is allowing the truth to come out um okay so someone would come into 600 or anyone want to bring new bids in there is a reserve on this

(32:10) one too so um okay um maybe we can continue to see if there’s some bids after angry mouse’s talk he can maybe even explain his name a bit more okay awesome you want me just to go ahead to the next one then oh i think this will be the last because i think he is ready for his sessions we’ll go to speaker session after this and then come back after his talk to part two of this auction so if there’s no no biz now i think we’ll just let people think about it and then we can start with this one after the uh

(32:44) talk and how many more names you want to scroll ahead encrypted while uh sure um we got let’s just show the names so people can see what’s got handy chat that will be after which is and then um we have the ukraine currency symbol yeah this is uh and i think that might be the last one is there another i believe uh i believe that’s it yeah yeah so there’ll be well we’ll give another chance on this russian word for webpage and then the handychat and then the uh the currency symbol for the um ukrainian money so it’ll be three more

(33:20) after the talk and uh okay so i hope everybody is familiar with the process this will be the process also for tomorrow um and then settlement can go through name base or uh or otc meaning you just could send it to our wallet and we’ll transfer it to you um that way either way of course um the second way is you know uh another way but we can talk about that with the sellers we appreciate all of your um participation we hope you enjoy this even if you didn’t make a bid we hope you enjoy this process we try to

(33:55) keep it fun and are always open to your feedback and suggestions and we are trying to upgrade the system we did make account.flamingohandshake.com since the last one so that way you’ll get email notifications i know that’s been a big like even in this chat name based asked if you got it accepted or not that will give you some emails uh automatically from a backend system so that’s the upgrade we made in the last couple weeks so um you can sign up for free and submit names there and maybe we can even keep

(34:28) it going for uh future names auctions if it’s not in this one we could keep it in that system so we could notify you on future ones so um i think we can end this session and then we will come back for the next one right i’m talking to our team but uh i think i think yeah i think we can move we’ll move to the next session which will be angry mouse or nick’s talk which i’m really excited about and then we’ll come back to finish these three names okay thank you everybody all right thank you take care

(34:59) bye-bye [Music] god [Music] kinetic is a blockchain crypto investment firm based in hong kong and puerto rico [Music] founded in 2016 they were the first fund in hong kong and one of the earliest in asia with a portfolio of over 220 companies they were seed investors in such

(36:04) projects as ethereum parity and polka dot solana ftx and of course handshake in name base [Music] founder johann chu was an active investor and supporter of the handshake ecosystem over one hundred thousand domains co-founder of d-web foundation co-founder of handicon and sponsor of the handshake house at miami hack week 2022 [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh

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