Sinpapeles Showcase

Falci takes us through his DNS management solution Sinpapeles and how to utilize it to supercharge your domains.


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(01:08) [Applause] [Music] all right everybody welcome back um those uh nick you’re asking why imperfe those are just our sponsor ads so we want to give uh our sponsors a little bit of uh show time here at the event uh just to show that we are gracious for them sponsoring the event making sure that their products are getting pushed out there that’s why we’re playing ads for them um but with no further ado we got uh fernando falci here uh so handsome yes you’re right zipkin he is um and he’s gonna be talking about uh sin

(01:55) papellas uh he’s definitely an og in the community very helpful very active um yeah but with no further ado i’ll i’ll let you take it away unless you got something mike no no just no just yeah i appreciate yeah we appreciate fernando i think you came from an airdrop right i think we always somewhat joke like there’s this airdrop we’ve been trying to promote but uh he he’s one that came right you got the you claimed your airdrop and that’s how you heard about handshake i heard right

(02:24) that’s right that’s right i first came here with the lar from the airdrop and it kept me cool great it worked welcome thank you again all right yes let’s let’s i’m really excited i think we’re all excited for your your session thank you shooting hello everyone just to start off fernando um i will share my my story with handshake how i got here and what i have done to to help the the community okay um as many of you here probably have done it in the past i start beating my own name right i open the option for false i

(03:07) beat the auction for false and guess what i got sniped okay someone overbeat me in the last block and i lost false um that was not a great start to be honest and and i said well why would someone else be interested in my my surname writing right and i said well probably someone wants to sell it and then make some profit and which is fine they know the game better than i so that’s fine so i just need to find the owner and and contact them and and get an agreement the handshake is is made in a in a privacy focused way so it’s really

(03:48) hard if the owner doesn’t want you to to know who is the owner so right and how can i find who wants the option right the the first thing i tried was well let’s try to access the website let’s see that and look there was no content available for the domain i tried to look on chain maybe there are some information something uh keep in mind that this thing was like one year and a half ago almost two years ago and there was no not really a consensus about um where to sell domains there was no such thing as a marketplace

(04:24) right and and yeah yeah there was no information on chain and maybe um there is no information because um the owner doesn’t know what to do and that the person that the one the option doesn’t know what’s the proper way to uh to advertise the name and i say maybe you could have a parking page okay um a parking page is just a simple auto generated page with the domain name you want to sell and just say hey i’m selling uh if you want to contact me here’s my email or twitter whatever means you prefer

(05:09) um and we can even put some fancy stuff here just to to make look nice uh the only thing the the owner really needs to do if they want to park domain is well they just need to point the domain they want to drive to to parking that simple palace and and also of course i need to know the email or a link or some some means to contact the person right um it’s important to note here that um i don’t need to control the name right uh sympapelis um was built all already away around the idea that uh it’s your domain you

(05:51) control it uh symbol is just a service that you can use okay um and with this in mind and that was the first time the symbol has appeared that was the second domain that i lost the felsi but i got the simba palu so i start the parking sim papers uh you can access it in in parking.cinco valleys and i guess it’s updated there’s a bit more than that right now and it’s free to use if you if you have some domains you want to sell um the person that is looking for buying your domain the first place they probably is going to look

(06:30) is the domain itself right they should try to access the domain and see what’s there and from there you can point to marketplace to whatever platform you prefer to use to sell it okay [Music] what now this is not this is not a hand on question um i’m i’m also part of the the telegram group like you can find me on telegram in the handshake group and i was there and there was a guy that said hey i wanted to make i participate in an auction i want a name what should i do now and it’s like well it’s it’s your domain

(07:07) you can do whatever you do with a domain you can host a website you can reject you can do things and then in that moment i realized that there was a a blur and it’s not clear how people do thing um on handshake because the handshake sounds so hipster sometimes so cool so different and how how exposing and actually it’s exactly the same it is for legacy i mean of course it’s a decentralized network but uh is it dns it should work the same there are some some content provider that doesn’t know how to work with uh a

(07:44) domain that doesn’t have a dot but it’s fair enough and and and then i i start to think about it and say well maybe we could have a tool a way for people to to host content or retract content that is simple right um maybe the person has a legacy domain and just want to redirect you so we could have something super super simple like just redirected username or at the time i was creating this um sia i was the first time i heard about uh cs kaina and it was really really popular and it if you don’t know it’s um decentralized

(08:23) file storage and if you send your files to to see it it gives you a link similar to this one so i said why not just put the link there and let’s make it work if someone tries to access your domain you get the content from there or maybe you don’t even know what is here and just click here select the files and we send to see and go to skynet sorry and and get the link and start it for you right um and i try to make it really really really simple like i i just give you what name you want to host and i will give you the instruction

(09:00) with all the codes you need to put uh there are instructions for bob wallet for name base and even if you want to do the command line way um it’s important to note here in the end that the the third step the ds entry i need to tell you that this was the most complicated part of symbolism ever that was really challenging to implement okay and and i push a lot to have it done and this thing exists since the beginning of simple palace and what it does is nothing okay um when i create this it was almost useless at the time

(09:47) there was no use for this thing um but actually what it does is because you set up that that key uh you can use https for your domains okay so if you have a browser or a client that knows how to access uh https using the authentication that is completely decentralized you don’t need to um the central authority you don’t need all those things sort of certificate authority if you have a browser that do that knows how to do that you can access a handshake domain using https at the time this thing was done there was no easy client i guess there

(10:26) was let’s dane and but let’s then it’s not that um easy to install and have it running so it was really complex but anyway i pushed for that and i am glad that i did because more than a year later uh imperius appear with gift and guitars with the fingertip and that thing magically shows your your browser ability to connects to ancient domains using https that means now people can install us a little piece of software in their computer and they can access domain security and if you had the handshake domain it’s https on by

(11:07) default since ever you don’t even know that but those files you send in the previous app are secured right so this uh end up to be the the main app for cinco palace right there the other one is called the parkinson’s palace and this one is the the palace um time to time i have an idea and say well let’s create a new feature and you see the sidebar here is is growing a little bit every time there is something new uh you can see here that is the it’s a bit a little bit slow small but there is the the payment gateway okay uh payment

(11:43) gateway it’s it maybe is not for for everyone is more for developers kind of of users um but basically if you if you have an app or some service that you want to charge your customer using using handshake uh you don’t need to run a node you don’t need to know about blockchain you don’t need to to get involved in that level um you can just use rest apis okay um how it works is like this um if you if your application if you have a if you have a new customer if you sell something um you send a request to syncapellas and

(12:26) simpapellis will generate a wallet address okay and send back to you and you say and you are supposed to charge your customer in that address so you say you ask your address to pay in that address you you ask your customer to pay in that address and and symbols will monitor the address okay once there is a payment sim papers will ping your application like programmatically um and you can proceed with whatever service you are doing you can you can allow your your customer to continue um is it’s something important here is that

(13:07) is known custodial what it means is that uh the address that sim papel generates actually belongs to your wallet okay so there is no withdrawal option because we never got the money it’s just that uh generate your address and we just have a look on it the only thing you are losing here is the privacy somehow because know that others belong to you but that’s it if something major happened it’s something someone hacked in papel your office somebody disappeared today uh you don’t lose your payments because it was always

(13:43) your money it’s your wallet okay actually all the services in singapore are basically like this like uh you can always go to about wallet or name base and points to somewhere else and you know you are not um stuck with snippet palace um if you use the the payment system you can even there is also a auto generated page for you can send you your user here so they can see details about the payment and proceed um this is another feature that i created some time ago actually it’s been for a while now and i like this one because

(14:25) um it starts as a discussion in the in the telegram and then we moved to github and there was a bunch of uh comments in the community and this is formally is known as hib number two right here is the wallet address um how it works is like if if your wallet if your wallet is it’s implements this protocol it means you can transfer money to a domain so you can send money to capellis or to wayne fernando or to anyone that implement that if you want want to to share your address you just go to the balance and you put your domain and you say this is

(15:09) my my address um that is it’s another thing that uh simpapel is offer but there is no it’s it’s waiting for the other side right the same way for https we offer https while there was no client for that and we offered these options so you can broadcast your address but there’s no one asking for it but i can tell you that bob wallet is really really close to have it merged and and the wallet will be able to um to send to transfer money using using address right you can see the the views are real because

(15:47) there’s no real usage yet um what next um there are a bunch of projects that i’m i’m planning to work on so i’m going to have a really busy year um the first one it is sniper uh there was some discussion in the community about what you could do to avoid the knighting uh there was a bunch of discussion about moving uh changing how the protocol work how handshake work in the core making the auction differently but that would require a hard fork that was a huge discussion and and and then i i’m

(16:27) thinking doing the opposite way okay instead of preventing the making this diapering disappear i will try the other way around i will try to make it super easy what would happen if everyone could go to a ui and say hey i want to be i want to ignite the name fawcy so you go there and say i want the name policy of course if the auction is open right uh i won the name fawzi and in the last moment i want to be 100 coins whatever uh so simpabellas will uh schedule the the bid and the last possible block we are trying to do that for you uh if it

(17:05) works we transfer the name back to you if it doesn’t work we transfer the money back to you and things like that um i can imagine this scenario imagine how it would be if everyone is able to snipe there will there is no bid until is the last time so all the things appears at the same time um i suppose that can create a more fair market um another epidemic i’m planning to work on it’s called decoy um that is slightly different approach for an auction that is um if you are interested in the name and you are

(17:43) afraid that people are going to to snipe you or or try just to overbeat you in in a regular way um you can go to singapore palace and it it’s not right okay but you can go to the singapore palace and say hey uh symbol let’s go there and lead on the name faucet for me and then sin papels go there and make a huge bead but that is every uh you know that that is the bead and the blind right that is the value in the blind uh so simple is put there 0 as value and 100 in the blind so for everyone that is looking to the auction it looks like a

(18:19) huge bid but you know that it’s fake that is zero so you can beat whatever you want and uh that may balance the option again okay it’s just to see how it works and the last thing i’m planning to work on it’s a staking platform because think about if if the decoy work if people likes to use that um i have a limited supply amount of money that i can put there i can i can offer you to to use right um of course it probably won’t be free you need to pay something like you pa pay a small fee and then paper let’s go there

(18:54) and make a bid for you so the stake platform is going to be in a way that people can if you have uh handshake tokens that are not used you can put those tokens on simple palace that’s kind of not uh you lose custodial but you put the tokens there and then simple you use that money to lend uh to other people that are interested in bidding so and they pay the fees and you can use the fees to uh well to share uh if the stakeholders right that’s it sorry for rush then but that is my my next things to do and

(19:33) thank you for releasing me all right awesome thank you falsey um we have some q a uh we’re going to go a little bit over time to get some of this q a uh nick asks what are the main advantages of sin propellers over name base and miami okay um yeah there was a huge discussion about decentralization right uh symbols is not decentralized okay sorry if you thought about that but um if you have if you have a sensitivity content or something that you are afraid that government would want to take out yeah singapore is not the place for you

(20:16) the good about single palace is uh you keep the ownership of your domain okay the um symbols will never ask you what’s your keys you never need to transfer the domain to simple palace so the big difference between those players is is that at any point you can just transfer to ns if if simple palettes disappear today you can just point your domain to another another server and keep using something else right but you don’t lose it there is no way to lose it and i don’t see well the the neonate would be like for for

(20:52) the parking symposium i see it like they they are listing right um the difference the main difference between miami and and practically that you can go to privacy propellers and see the name that are available same as nyami but if you want you can use sympathies as a landing page like if someone access your domain they will see something even if you don’t have anything you just want to sell domain i don’t want to spend my time creating a content you can just point to to simple palette and that means it’s going to in the top is going

(21:22) to be your domain but the content is going to be that example i showed the false page that’s the main difference with miami all right awesome thank you uh and then here we got dope is asking the senpai palace implementation of hip to support multiple currencies uh not yet um but it’s on purpose okay i didn’t do that because well there is no client for handshake yet so i thought it would be too much for the users to ask them what is your bitcoin item whatever address because there is no real use yet um but we are ready to update it like i

(22:05) can i can i can enable this option the code is prepared to to allow you issues that is not on the ui for convenience all right that’s awesome actually that’s that’s cool to hear and then our last question from miguel uh it will be web 3 full integration and drop the idea of an email and password to identification options with names with a bobwallet text record like hms chat um there was a logging implementation that if you have a domain simple you can log in on name based uh uh news if not mistake so name days was

(22:49) pioneer on on the login using handshake names and palace is implementation so if your domain is there you can log in the other system and there was no much movement on that area so i don’t know about that most of those things especially logging it depends on on the community support so if you if you have some ideas about how we could do a login in a really secure way not using metamask or something like that we we need to uh to discuss it in the community create a protocol and then we can implement both client and server

(23:28) side i guess that is how we could do a full integration all right awesome well we are coming up at time right now the perfect cutoff uh any last words that you want to say or any last things that you want to chill out or anything like that ah thank you thank you all for for releasing me and i was a bit nervous about presentation that was great thanks for yeah man you killed it yeah it’s nice well it’s good design yeah i always appreciate your products or you know the ui is very always always easy to use and uh you know because a

(24:08) lot of times other products in the market are technical but they’re not easy to to use yours uh you know have good user interface in my in my opinion that makes it easy for non-technical people like me to to still use it so thanks for that okay all right thanks again for your community contributions thanks thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] kinetic

(25:16) is a blockchain crypto investment firm based in hong kong and puerto rico founded in 2016 they were the first fund in hong kong and one of the earliest in asia with a portfolio of over 220 companies they were seed investors in such projects as ethereum parity and polka dot solana ftx and of course handshake in name base [Music] founder johan chu was an active investor and supporter of the handshake ecosystem over one hundred thousand domains co-founder of d-web foundation co-founder of handicon and sponsor of the handshake house at miami hack week

(25:57) 2022 [Music] [Applause] so [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] um [Music] um [Applause]