Shaking Up and Decentralizing Your Internet

Review the existing options for resolving websites and their pros and cons, plus explore the next evolution for end users to have easy, but secure access to Web3.


(00:01) [Music] [Applause] [Music] uh [Music] [Music] [Applause] all right hello hello everybody let’s see if we’re getting some messages in the chat all right there we go sulu the first one there you go ah all right cool looks like we’re getting everybody in audio audio and everything coming through fine yep everything’s good uh so today right right now uh derek is gonna talk about uh how to like kind of resolve handshake names and

(01:06) he’s also gonna talk about his uh loom project as well um but yeah i’m just gonna let uh derek take it away man go ahead no problem here we go welcome this is shaking up in this this is shaking up and decentralizing your web who am i i’m 30 years old born at a young age and self-taught i’ve done many things web dev engineering surveymen devops and even video game packing hammer jack is the company used to run everything and being used to pay for my bills and operate my projects if you are new to web3 then welcome if

(01:43) you get confused by any content in this presentation and want to understand better or just want to learn more in the project we have community chat that is open for you i’ve had this come up recently i thought i so i thought i would take this opportunity to address d-web and web 3 terms especially since the previous presentation simply deweb is used for pvp content sharing only but web3 allows you to pay and get paid you gain economy so you can pay your bill mortgage and other bills the reality is despite the ideology we

(02:13) all have for the free web we still need money to live and we can’t always offer free services others that’s just being practical and realistic for my view so the way to access handshake today are a spectrum we have both full and light nodes with full ssl and no ssl we can use a mobile app a third party resolver or a server that does all the work for us a full node is a full nine yards you get the best security and contribute contribute back to the network get ssl support with dain however is complex and only for power

(02:48) users and likely engineers highly paranoid people will love it though a light note is a bit better if they can run unlimited resources but still requires the same otherwise and then you have the light node but no just set simplified further next more accessible route is a daycare browser called beacon however unfortunately it’s only for ios right now though it seems that they are expanding recently from based on recent chat is now it relies on other servers but it can at least verify the data so it’s a good compromise for practicality

(03:24) and accessibility you then get the ability to use a dns server like you would google or cloudflare it’s much quicker to do but rise 100 on somebody else it’s also limited to the hns it cannot deal with enos or other systems so if all those are discarded it’s not viable for real mass adoption but only have niche use cases than what is it will need to be secure but not paranoia be easy to use and have confidence in it however it must be designed as decentralized from the start to value anti-censorship

(04:01) lumia web is a project in the initiative to give users an on-ramp to web3 in the easy way it simply starts with a browser extension the skynet network is used to help process all types of domain requests so the user never needs to care both these instructions networks and normal servers can be used due to browser limits so we can’t have ssl even if ssl can be used access to portals the movie web dns server system will soon use gun db as well it can even use edm chains to control your domain with hit 5 and the xn hns project if

(04:33) someone else uses an ens resolver contract hip 5 can also enable feature systems as well to control the dns to break down how this works the extension uses gun db to request all trust appears to make a query once a majority of peer online peers give the same response we accept it just for peace until we’re done we either then send to a scandal portal or load the server directly this design means the skynet grows so does the dns security and and processing efforts cost for web3 we only use peer-speaking trust

(05:20) data is verified due to the majority of same responses can be further agree with other systems and the resolver is the library of a node.js package portability what is coming up in the future is the file system and network drive 15 words control your data and you can use that drive for webs for website powered by hns ens things like sol things frankly any chain that has a name system we also have crypto and website educational resources plan as well as more honorable tool on-ramp tools that help users additionally the potential website

(05:57) builders like we have in web 2 then the road kicker the ability to earn a living from your site without risking decisions without risk of seeing ship or d platform running thanks to skynet you can find a link to the project listed here let me web isn’t unique in that create you know even uh learning web is unique in that it is a large-scale project being created while without any millions of ufc from a vc is a grassroots project holding to the ideals web 3.

(06:36) it will live or die based on community support we are currently at get coin funds matching round so if you want to see it succeed please donate and share we’ll now go over demo to see things but session basics in action now want to get through that it’s intentionally so we didn’t run out of time due to the time constraints give me a second please i have to switch over did i cut out any point during that time no problem thanks just wanna make sure we’ve had a lot of issues tonight thanks okay let’s see here now stop sharing

(07:29) okay okay now it’s annoying okay good making good time making good time screen trainer okay so the first thing you’ll notice is this is a virtual machine it’s a um it’s a windows it’s a windows edge vm i’ve gone ahead and gotten everything pre set up to extend so we’re not wasting time um right now the extension is a pre-made crx there’s browser gateway and like gatekeeper problems but um this is the one browser that allows you to install it in the current version because it’s not available in stores yet

(08:29) so you um so you can install this without going a bunch of weird hoops because of like with their private security et cetera third party and third-party yeah third-party extension security so so yeah this is the only browser you can reasonably install this pre-created as is how to install this you have to turn on developer mode for now because of well browser limitations then i had to restart it funny yes hammer time not the first time i’ve heard that not the last okay but thanks for at least somebody coming up with that one i’m somewhat surprised

(09:23) i somewhat should not be surprised if somebody thought about that it’s been a long time since when someone’s made that joke okay okay so we have this now it’s pretty simple we have many we have many sites okay let’s see apparently type of that one okay so we’re just going to go through a site so you guys can see just this in principle well in practicality and this is ens handshake skynet it’s like a whole bunch of different people for the community things that work they load based on ips they load based

(10:11) on skynet even ens votes okay and that was working last night to double click that really that’s hoping i’ll be able to double click these to rapidly do this okay see you now conference website fully loaded on a handshake conference using skynet and well in the future

(11:15) peer-to-peer technologies see rift app i won’t have to copy paid some of these that’s annoying okay i’ll see you now [Music] we’re gonna put the http in here now okay this is rift af rift app some people may know it it takes it takes a bit to load right now due to a little quirk um i should load in a second at least this is from a developer this is from a developer and handshake and um this kind of ecosystem well again etc soon that will obviously

(12:22) be handled directly through in me too well that’s just showing one app this is home screen one of the five ships at one of five ship apps by skynet labs who will be presenting i believe tomorrow based on based on the uh schedule it currently has issues way to base because it doesn’t technically support looming yet but you can you’ll read about them later on and the week sk app one on ram this is an app ran by a developer called red solver and sky network and skynet community that’s kind of why i’m skipping it community

(13:04) appsky right apps guy is written by sorry app sky is ran by red silver the other one’s the older one skynetwriter and these these so far are all loading through the scanner the skynet system suits the skynet portal apparently it’s a single portal for development reasons obviously long term it will be many portals that’s part of the decentralization okay skywriter i that one actually has a resort group i forgot to remove my list it has a bug in it guy gallery for some reason intent tends like to redirect to its um 9

(13:55) to 9 um me version but yeah don’t don’t have to answer that one yet skype profile this is a obviously used by the skynet ecosystem yeah that one i forgot about that now we get to this dix is one if i’m jyx is one from the um handshake community that’s loading it’s not this is not on skynet and this is there’s only one example for ens because i didn’t know any other enas websites but this demonstrates the fact that ens loads the ems community that you can access ens you’re fine

(14:59) perfectly with me et cetera et cetera enos works and that’s using in and that is using obviously ipfs name base welcome welcome that name base workloads perfectly fine you mean uh to me remember norendale everyone probably knows him by now his auction his listing sites or domains and then they have american members american community members humbly hey derek we have a question in the chat i’m gonna show it on stage uh do you want to take a question uh sure right now right now we’re probably gonna get

(16:02) this one few minutes and then we can do qa i yeah instructors intentionally so we obviously have time for everything go ahead okay cool no problem oh you want me to show the question now well yeah i mean i can talk while doing this because i’m literally this is what i’m showing like the fact that every single thing we expect to work on the web from every single major ecosystem or community or tribe if you refer to it as works understand and that’s the point every single thing you’re used to using works in one way or

(16:31) another and that’s the point of this people should be able to get onto the web onto the web 3 without having to care right and uh bird is asking is a loom web is is it the same as d-links if i remember correctly d-links use a centralized dns server no this is actually using many different connections right now uh right now effectively in the long term it will and i’m still working with i’m still working with gun db on this trying to get trying to get this working because there’s some main some roadblocks

(17:08) um more of just some basic stuff not working it should be but um effectively you will have a situation where if you make a request it will send it out to like a broadcast like um well i believe i believe it’s like um if you have like i like um ipv4 broadcast where you broadcast out to a whole it’s like a lan it’s the same idea but for peers you have a trusted set of peers that you broadcast out to and then all those peers will be portals or nodes running the dns system and they will respond back with their answer

(17:49) if 75 or 100 or whatever it might be majority response responds back and you have a good idea that no one is lying besides the fact that you’re also using peers that you trust to begin with not just randoms and then from there you can take that response and then use it so no this is not using anything anything completely decentralized now if you want to be technical right now this is using one portal this development node that’s obviously for prototype reasons in the long term as things evolve like just like

(18:20) handshake this will be decentralized there’ll be 100 or 200 000 nodes or more and then you’ll have decentralized means of communicating and making sure you have the names making sure that everything is actually legitimate and that you’re not relying on central service now you could technically could use d links i believe because if d-links is using a centralized dns server you’re pointing to there then you probably could use this with that because it will look it up normally and load and load it the only thing that

(18:51) wants to be supported is dangerous and sell mainly that’s because of the fact that issues where the resolver would need to be supported by the browser itself and the browser would need to be able to support handling go into as many blockchains as lumi does itself and that uses pocket network as well so there’s a lot of there’s a lot of barriers there and the fundamental reason for that is that browsers cannot do raw sockets outbound to any chain and there’s an all the tech on things like that and there’s a lot of

(19:23) there’s issues inside the browser the way your sandbox and so due to that you have to use other means to get around that fingertip doesn’t have that problem because it is full system access the browser doesn’t so you’re limited by that so the only way you can do it is engineer around it and make it so easy for people to pick up while having a reasonable decentralized security and reasonable convenience people should be able to click go and be done with it and not have to worry about it that is the repeating problem i see in web 3

(19:53) and crypto as a whole and that is what i’m aiming to solve continuing on oh i also thought i’d go ahead and give users opportunity to give input on this on this of a political spectrum there’s a there’s a big issue going on i see it’s going to have a very big impact on things for web 3 is google’s um political games in regards to manifest three and that might and that’s going to be technology some but look it up effectively they are trying to well there’s a lot of um things we’re going

(20:45) ad blockers and such such with it the problem with it is it effectively nukes ad blockers and puts a barrier to web 3. um skynet labs kernel module that recently came out it’s going to have fundamental issues with manifest 3 because of how it operates for security reasons um even if i could get this money on web manufacturing it’d be a lot it would be a huge pain in the ass as well may invest three is basically google’s way to if things over so and the more people who follow it the more people who are going to get kind of

(21:18) locked in and it’s going to be a divide in the long term i can’t submit this to google’s uh store because they stopped accepting nw2 extensions in january and in a year aw attention won’t even work so politically that’s a problem for the web 3 community in general for accessing things it’s it’s uh it needs to be it needs to be looked at more and people need to take action on that see what there’s some big players already but my research and development time yeah uh manifest three is gonna be a huge ass

(21:52) problem and people need to take notice that’s simple and do people just google what did you say ms s3 manifest three just go to google does google manifest free ad blocker google is manufa is google is manifest2 is what most extensions have been using for almost a decade how the spec runs for how you make extensions in both in all browsers including firefox and then manifest3 which does a lot of things and it removes a lot of things and it’s bad in general and and it’s and all your favorite ad blockers cannot work properly because of

(22:34) it they are being hand tied and it’s also effectively it’s a principle the browser wants to tell you what you can can’t do rather than you deciding for yourself that’s the simple thing it’s where we’re hitting the uh we’re hitting some of the problems of um and more the broader things of you own nothing and you’ll be happy it’s the brighter it’s a broader ideological principle that we’re trying to shift a little bit and so i’m seeing a lot of different spectrums and a lot

(23:02) of different areas and manifest three is just kind of one little thing that’s going to harm us in the long term and i can’t even use my fs3 because of the technicals and it’s a mess it’s i can’t even develop in it right now well at all in myself personally so i can’t even if i wanted to i’d have to hold up because like because it’s all over the place but yeah right now you get the idea you get the idea this principle this does not load on any centralized server in the long term yes right now it’s a

(23:30) prototype it uses one node but in the long term it will not and that’s the principle this is all obviously you can check out the repos etc and you can see the principal the ideas you’re gonna be able to go to website and click install be on the web and just move on and you don’t have to worry about it and then with skynet you’ll be able to actually make a living long term with what’s coming and you’ll be able to have websites you’ll be able to work you’ll be able to just build like his web too

(23:59) and have freedom it’s that simple i guess that’s the whole principle here now yeah now we now look we have we have about seven minutes so if anyone has a q a i otherwise i guess we can go early because this is the whole fundamental principle about it you can access this you can access this just without having trying and that’s the point that’s where we’re that’s where everything is going wrong we need to be able to do this without trying yeah exactly i i mean i couldn’t agree with you more um if you want to see more

(24:33) of derek’s project or learn a little bit more i’m dropping his discord his loomwood discord in the chat right now so you can go and join that and chat with him there and then you can also check out his site uh and he’s got a bunch of information there as well and then as well as his uh donation links as well i don’t know if you kind of wanted to chill out your uh your your donations and stuff yeah yeah that’s that’s kind of part of why i’m here honestly besides that that’s why

(25:08) there was also a slide for that so yeah so if you want to post that in there yeah that was obviously in the slot that was obviously in the slides i also say a little i also say a little quirk i pronounce my name the project name loomy because for copyright reasons is a company and i don’t need anybody getting a brand mixed up and me can suit so i would intentionally pronounce it with an e at the end just because if you just pronounce that womb that’s a software service that’s not me so don’t yeah just

(25:41) trying to uh make sure people aware that and if anyone’s curious lumi is actually stands for world and romanian that’s actually part of a branding aspect so literally it’s double as a marketing term as ww3 it’s literally intentional so if anyone has any questions uh we can yeah and there’s i pretty much am done on this and i can i i’m here i’m here for people to uh get at the worm yeah yeah if anybody has any questions we still got about uh five minutes left uh in this set or a couple minutes left

(26:20) uh if there’s any kind of last minute uh questions that you wanted to ask derek about anything related to his project or his opinions on anything about the decentralized internet and join the web project website plays out things out pretty much done i’m doing things differently for intentional reason and it’s and the website makes it and makes all that pretty clear so you read it you’ll understand it if you agree you can support it and you can try and obviously be a part of it i’m in the handshake discord as well

(26:57) and then and um fifth was graciously put his own channel on there so community wise i’m always i’m always around and i’m and i’m gonna be uh available for anyone in pretty much anyone in my questions this year yeah exactly so if you don’t uh no that no this is um public companies now this is literally prototype stage to prove a concept the goal here is to get this out so you can go to go to different web browsers that will support nw2 um and that is not google and any brows and basically any browser

(27:36) any chrome based browser that has its own store will be able to support this because the fact that they will generally accept things they’re not nw’s three they will accept the nw2 and that’s a point i cannot submit anything that’s nw2 to google directly or anymore so this will eventually be in stores and you’ll be able to go to web3 extension.

(27:56) com and install and move on and that’s the point and then support the federal portals that come up in the community et cetera et cetera but we’re one step at a time this is early stage i’m trying to get this done i’m trying to get out there and i’m trying to do things differently than what the whole other market is doing because i see what everybody’s doing wrong and some people have good intentions but it’s just it’s not being done right and i’m that’s why i’m doing things in a grassroots donations mean than any other and then

(28:24) any other approach on a financial basis and i’m making sure that in the ideology we’re decentralized first as much as practical while also being easy to use because you have two different extremes there and that’s been the hugest issue and that comes from my experience as a consultant you need to have it easy to use but you also cannot just have everyone have a tinfoil hat put on their full node and and expecting the right sky be following it just doesn’t happen it doesn’t work yeah we got to be there for uh the the

(28:56) norman users that just want to do it and be done said it yeah when i when i when i talk to people i ever tell them i’m looking i’m looking at facebook this type of things and when i and the things i’m working on ironically what chango said we’re in vic we’re in btc i tell people we’re this is back in we’re back in bitcoin 2013.

(29:16) that’s where i’m at that’s where i’m at with the stuff i’m building and that’s in some way where handshake is at and people don’t understand half of the stuff but they will eventually just like we’re all taking just like the governments are doing oh moment with bitcoin right now all right derek well thank you for coming here thank you for for presenting today talking about lumi um but we’re gonna wrap it up here and then we’re going to move on to our next session all right

(29:42) so again thank you for for showing up thank you guys for listening in [Music] [Applause] [Music]