Namebase’s Vision

Hillan Klein, COO of Namecheap, will make a guest appearance to share some context behind Namecheap’s involvement with Handshake. Namebase will then present their plans for 2022, share demos of some of their upcoming releases, and wrap up with Q&A.


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(01:08) we’re liking love new music and he’s so yeah just a shout out to one of our sponsors handshake institutes our handshake jesus i think a lot of you hopefully had a chance to encounter with him he’s the heart the red heart all right so uh it’s our final session for handycon i know a lot of you are excited about this um it of course everybody knows johnny woo i mean man you’re the first person i i connected with in the handshake yeah i think many many of us hear the first uh first point of contact and uh it’s been really a

(01:38) pleasure to uh you know become friends i would say friends and uh and you’re really amazing things for handshake so i think we all uh second down you’re hosting this session and uh first of all you want to have anything before we pop off no i’m just really excited to get this started um a lot of questions uh that people are gonna ask so i’m glad that people will be able to uh the community will be able to get some stuff off their chest and ask awesome so we’ll we’ll duck out now and i’m excited for this myself be watching

(02:11) thank you everybody thank you oh just really quick make sure you utilize the q a tab when asking questions uh so it’s all organized and you can upvote and download certain questions that you think are good or not and that’s it sorry cool yeah so um hey everyone uh before i kind of talk about name bases like our plans for 2022 and whatnot um we have a very special guest helon from namecheap he’s the ceo of namecheat um if you’re not familiar ceos are usually second in command to ceo so i’m really

(02:45) appreciating taking the time out to really just give us a little kind of briefing of why namecheap got into handshake in the first place awesome thank you johnny and hi everybody i appreciate the opportunity to speak with you guys and hopefully i won’t take too much of your time so i know there’s an exciting um session that johnny’s got planned but uh just a great opportunity to talk to you guys and i’ll start with namecheap right namecheap is and always has been focused on privacy on internet freedom

(03:18) and has been anti-censorship both in our values but also in practice over the years we’ve contributed financially in support of eff the electronic frontier foundation and fight for the future having donated over half a million dollars to their causes so we’ve also been early adopters as new technology emerges we started accepting bitcoin as a form of payment as early as 2013.

(03:43) as you do we truly believe that blockchain is going to revolutionize pretty much every industry and the domain industry was never considered to be an exception in fact on the contrary we anticipated it would be one of the first to be disrupted as the second largest domain registrar in the world we feel that our position allows us the opportunity to stand for what we believe in and to stand for what we believe the future of the domain industry really should be considering that we strongly believe in privacy and we’ve actually been in legal

(04:15) battles on numerous occasions defending our customers rights to privacy online it’s only natural for us to continue to fight to maintain that right and there have been emerging discussions in the domain industry around requiring registrance in the eu and actually it’s emerging here in the united states as well to give up excessive personal uh information of customers in order to simply register a domain now we believe that this will not only create friction for the user but it’ll comprom it’ll

(04:46) compromise our users privacy as well which is just one example and there are many of why we wanted one to support handshake and why we wanted to be part of this community we believe that decentralization as a protocol should enable a more private and secure internet where we would have a role in facilitating transactions only not one where registrars like us like namecheap and others have the power to freeze accounts to censor users or determine what should or should not be online so our immediate focus is to

(05:19) gain wider exposure for for handshake and to decentralize wherever possible our perspective is that having an sld registry in place is going to really uh enable us to tightly integrate with name base and it will open up the funnel across all registrars not just namecheap creating a larger overall marketplace and a greater exposure to customers as well to accomplish this slds themselves need to be decentralized right now they’re offered managed operated and even held in almost exactly the same way that exists in the

(05:58) traditional sld model and so we believe in the idea of progressive decentralization which ultimately uh promotes adoption which is why we’ll continue to allow sld sales in the more traditional way while focusing on a better solution in parallel all of this will create more outlets for name-based domains to be sold which will ultimately deliver value to this community we also believe in having a non-custodial wallet capability um and it’s something that’s neat that will come in time but that needs to be

(06:31) integrated not only into name base but on the registrar side as well so something that we’re thinking about but that’s something that we’ll be looking at over time beyond this we plan to bolster adoption and domain resolution by supporting handshake until it’s just basically too big to ignore and as we do so we believe there will be opportunities for us to have discussions with dns providers and browsers to try and influence their adoption as well we love seeing tools that are being built in the community such as h s chat

(07:02) which is anonymously and securely based on handshake identities i know there was a session on h s chat um yesterday as well and these kinds of tools will empower people to get on board with the technology creating utility which will be a core driver to adoption now i can also tell you guys we have an exclusive announcement uh that tld and sld integration via name base into our namecheap domain search will be ready to go live in about a month from today so this means that all tld holders will now be able to monetize their plds by

(07:38) selling slds to millions of customers in the on the second largest registrar in the world’s platform on namecheap so something we’re really excited about uh we haven’t spoken about that publicly before so this is the first time that anybody’s hearing about it but definitely something that we’ve been working toward and we’re really excited to share with you guys today and hopefully you get excited about that as well and look at the end of the day our acquisition of name base is still pretty

(08:05) fresh for us uh we’re still figuring it out but we are hiring so if you’re interested please reach out uh we are hiring and once we’re on solid footing then we plan to be much more active in the community as well this really isn’t just about profit for us uh it is actually about what hms stands for it’s about being part of the discussion in this community as the future of our industry is emerging so we’re very passionate about handshake we’re very passionate about uh what’s to

(08:34) come and we look forward to participating and collaborating with you guys as we move forward together as well so again just something really brief uh really jumped at the opportunity to get to come and speak with you guys so i want to thank you for this opportunity and that’s really it so i’ll hand it back over to you johnny cool that’s good thanks so much fun yeah i gotta say that was a um real bomb that gets dropped on me because i was not expecting um that to come so soon like i didn’t even hear about um

(09:11) those plans so that that’s really awesome um and then just to piggyback on what elon was saying um about namecheap not being in it for the money um that was actually one of my like biggest concerns um when i heard about like the acquisition i was like oh no like what does this mean for handshake and whatnot um but after a lot of like talking with um the name cheap folks is like they’re they’re really here for the core value of handshake so yeah i couldn’t be more excited to be working with you guys

(09:44) cool likewise thank you so uh with that said i’m gonna start sharing my screen okay uh i actually can’t share my screen right now um maybe it might be a tech thing maybe they need to give you uh permissions i mean the others there should be next to the microphone there should be a uh like no yeah it’s uh this has never happened to me before but um it’s a little nervous you guys can refresh your browser but we’d lose you for a few seconds at least um yeah matt says just hold up a mirror

(10:49) that should work damn i think i found it okay give me a sec um is hilar going to stay with us or should should we uh no helons welcome to dip um meanwhile give me a sec i am going to refresh my um browser i’ll be right back okay all right everybody using the q a if you have questions um we will uh i’ll put my camera on i can do a dance or maybe we can play another video yeah you’re just gonna need to hold with us yeah i mean that’s really awesome okay he’s back pretty fast all right thanks robert

(11:37) i think yeah did you know did you go he updated chrome man people watch my youtube and they they see me with the red bar like an emergency you need to upgrade okay johnny’s back okay so here’s what i’m going to do um can i can i send you guys a link and then you guys yeah for sure share your screen for sure uh in the speaker chat maybe sounds good okay thank goodness i’m the last talk geez it’s all good you can just uh mean yeah it’s loading is helan going to answer questions actually no he um does have to run um

(12:28) it’s it’s crazy that he even managed to squeeze the time to um drop into uh give us a little break i could download pdf but i think i’ll just uh do you want me last year man remember last year with this i was i was over my computer was there we go you definitely got one one noticeable change is uh your internet connection monitor i’m i’m wired in i’m wired in i’m not wireless i have a plugged in router director oh it looks like we’re live um i’ll just i’ll just let you know to

(13:12) um actually i’ll use the speaker chat to say next um but yeah so i’m gonna be really talking about um kind of it’s not our road map because road maps uh you guys know in the community that there’s no chance um that there’s pr pretty much we’ve never been accurate on any time estimates um so we’re not going to give a road map kind of thing but what i can share um is kind of what we’re thinking about for 2022 what we’re trying to accomplish this year cool so let’s get into it

(13:50) yeah so actually before i even get started i would i do want to address um maybe kind of an elephant in the room kind of situation uh you’ll notice in top right corner there’s no name base we’re not a sponsor this year why not um really uh name cheap um has been i mean if you guys weren’t aware like a significant portion of namecheap’s staff is uh ukrainian based and so like elon himself he’s really on the ground um work uh supporting their operations and really ensuring that their staff is safe

(14:24) in ukraine um and then on top of that we’re also really heads down focusing on hiring really world-class developers to work on develop at uh name base right on handshake um so these two things combined really we unfortunately weren’t able to participate as much in handicon as we would have liked but that’s kind of the situation there um and then before i actually jump into this uh if you are a speaker uh just um final call to submit your uh free hoodie uh free hoodie um forms um though the one way we’re trying to uh

(15:04) at least be somewhat involved um with handycon on the supporting side is uh we are gifting free um handshake hoodies to all our speakers so if you’re a speaker fill out that form you should have got one um and then yeah i plan to make those i plan to submit those orders tomorrow cool all right so um to uh also address something really common uh question like what does this mean is name based now like owned by name shape what’s the situation so i think this is the best situation possible okay so name base

(15:41) we’re still just an independent lean startup we’re a completely separate entity um completely startup uh frame of mind but at the same time we get access to namecheap treasure chests right their financial resources um their reach their audience and their reputation as well so uh we we get the best of the startup and the traditional world right um we have uh like a lot of backing from namecheapside but at the same time we can move quickly at namebase so um what are we gonna do um with this great situation

(16:21) um the two focuses for let’s go back one yeah the two focuses um for uh this year are is going to be on um the name based product and then really uh supporting handshakes kind of value prop and i’ll break down what that really means so um what i mean what i mean by improving like focusing on name basis product uh in in the past it hasn’t been explicitly clear really what like name bases like mission statement is or uh you know kind of like the guiding light um but i think we’ve really narrowed that down now um we just want

(17:01) to be uh by far the easiest way to use handshake right and then so one way we can uh really measure how effective we are at that uh is to kind of see how um we can measure our efficacy by maybe like the average time or the total time it takes newcomers to speedrun getting to a name right starting from zero how quickly can they get to a name on average time right uh so some uh what that means is some of the specific changes we want to make um the very first one uh is the landing page um i i think one one thing is like explaining what

(17:48) people should be able to come to the name base page and immediately understand um what handshake is and why it’s really valuable and interesting within a couple seconds and right now that’s not the case right right now we have things like top sales 26 000 or whatnot which doesn’t really mean much um just personal feelings it almost feels um a little for lack of a better like cheapening um handshake because we don’t need to tell people that uh handshake names are valuable right if we explain the why of

(18:17) why handshake exists what it’s trying to do and how it’s trying to do that then naturally it’s a very natural conclusion that these names are valuable we don’t need to explicitly uh take a you know real estate on the landing page uh to you know these 20 000 numbers um and just to really highlight that like when i ex when i’m introducing handshake personally when i’m introducing handshake to others i don’t actually share the namebase.

(18:45) io website first i actually share the pin tweet that we have on our name based twitter because that currently is the most concise way of explaining handshake and but the good side of that is we can then just kind of reformat those tweet threads into the new landing page and then hopefully newcomers can come in they see the landing page get it really quickly and then they’re on their way to getting their handshake name setting up a website some other changes um some other things we want to do we’ve been talking about this for a

(19:22) while but i think we can do it this year is fiat on-ramp right um right now it’s only usd uh and only some uh some u.s residents or yeah only like a portion of u.s residents actually get access to that usd um we we can actually just accept uh debit card transactions just use your local currency uh purchase handshake you don’t need to go through the bitcoin stuff right um another thing a really common question is where’s my bitcoin where’s my handshake where are my names this is referring to deposits or withdrawals

(19:55) we don’t have a indicator that might not contribute directly to reducing the amount of time uh it might take a newcomer to speedrun um but uh it will it will save them a lot of time uh being frustrated and coming to the discord asking about uh where is my money kind of situation like that right so progress indicators um definitely coming um more functionality to uh sld gifs um like actually giving the gift-d access to their dns record so they can edit it themselves um and then giving more control to the gifter as well to

(20:36) revoke those um those are really natural um next steps for sure uh and that of course contributes to the um accelerating the speed at which someone can get a name um because that’s a great that’s a really uh great way to kind of get onboarded onto handshake kind of try things out before getting your name themselves right uh reducing block confirmations that’s a pretty low hanging fruit it takes a long time when you deposit uh h and s to name uh to name base uh we don’t need 20 block confirmations so we can just slash

(21:11) those and then the last one let’s see how this goes but this if you want to click that link i do have a demo for our kind of new user onboarding experience oh yes okay cool uh is are we here cool uh i think the first one you want to do is probably click sign up ah okay uh if you want to go back to the slide click the link because this shouldn’t actually be the first page you see oh it says you gotta log in

(22:37) that is frustrating because that is probably the most exciting part of this presentation is the demo um go ahead and try to click the top right expand to full screen and then let’s see if you can kind of sneak your cursor to the sign up at the like very edge nice let’s do it okay so um let’s you’re a new user you’re signing up to name based all right so a little quick intro video to um what handshake is about right uh and we don’t yeah and then let’s get started oh so um the very first thing you do is

(23:23) you’re going to want to get some handshake coins so let’s click get hns oh uh i guess we got to make that a little more obvious yeah um so in this case uh probably no just just to go through this new user uh let’s say no for that um yes or no doesn’t really matter um i wanna do the bitcoin one because uh there’s a lot more confusion with bitcoin um purchasing handshake bitcoin than with usd go ahead and scroll down uh and you’ll see we have little pop-ups now um little tooltips that kind of

(24:00) explain what’s going on here right um i’ll say this again later but we really want to frame handshake as a onboarding tool for no coiners so um all of this stuff needs to be um as understandable as possible for someone who’s never interacted with crypto before um so go ahead and click the yes so um the individual paste their bitcoin address in they hit next and then um you verify your address scroll down a little bit that’s what you do um send your bitcoin to that address right so let’s click um the copy

(24:34) uh the copy icon and then click it again just to accelerate time and then great your handshake is on your way your transaction is detected give it 30 minutes go back to the dashboard so while we’re waiting for handshake um let’s see how we can get a name so this this is the part that i’m most excited about right so many newcomers uh getting their names sniped having an awful uh first time experience um let’s go ahead and search for a personal name cool uh and so we’ll kind of break it down um

(25:15) explaining there are different kinds of names what not but the cool part let’s go to start with auctions oh to the top there’s a little blue icon that says start with auctions this is actually really helpful by the way what you’re doing on physical um as far as like uh letting us know where we need to improve in our ui as well so entering demo mode let’s go so demo mode um you kind of get free um handshake coins and then you walk through the actual auction process in like a sandbox uh situation right um so

(25:50) i’ll go ahead and just click through all this information um i think everybody in the audience is familiar with this this part but you’ll see right there’s lots of text we’re breaking down really telling you what handshake is about um of course we know that most folks probably skim a little too quickly um maybe scroll down a bit yeah so scheduled right what does scheduled mean so confusing so let let’s explain how um bids work when um we submit bids to blockchain it might take a little time to mine it right

(26:23) let’s skip ahead a few days in the auction time um probably scroll back up definitely room for improvement um here we got it understand how the auction time works it really really explaining uh block time here right we three three separate things all about block time um about how that’s different than normal time because so many people set their alarms 20 minutes and then they realize like oh the timing doesn’t match up and then of course a little pop-up to really um call out uh snipers and then um really

(26:58) yeah because uh newcomers often they’re like oh i didn’t know sniping was a thing um we are explicitly letting you know snipers are a thing and what you can do about it cool um maybe scroll down it’s probably what we gotta do great and then we have case studies so um i will let you do this part first we’re in the bidding period right now um which bidder will win this auction impossible to tell that is accurate there’s no way to tell the auction’s not even over right so let’s do it i’m skipping ahead to the real period

(27:42) right bidder’s revealed the period and then how much does the auction winner pay oh i think you missed that one second highest vid right so 21 hms there should be a little i feel like a little red x to let you know um you didn’t quite get that one um it looks like we skipped ahead a little bit um but that’s okay breaking down marketplace listings i got it and then okay i’m ready and um that’s pretty much the demo right you got the basics down you got the sandbox down you can always go back to that sandbox as

(28:23) well uh anytime you get confused um so yeah that’s been i’ve been teasing this a lot for months and then the acquisition stuff so things kind of slid down but this will be coming out and i think this would be a real game changer for the new user onboarding experience so let’s go back to those slides yeah so that stuff is uh that stuff so far has been about speed running getting a name right making it as quick as possible to get yourself a name um but uh the main the the like really core uh value of name base is is marketplace

(29:12) um which can finally now get its much deserved attention right um so some obvious additions you’ll see um this one um not the best first impression um because our default sorting um sometimes have some pretty random names at absurd pricings um just based on the experience ebay had with with playing with even nominal listing fees they saw just massive improvements in the quality of listings that they had and so i think one thing we’ll be experimenting with is kind of like a paid uh paid promotion of your name um so the default

(29:48) sorting will be uh like the spotlight tab um and then not sure how that algorithm will work um but the hypothesis is that uh folks who are willing to pay more to list their name higher um are probably have uh higher quality names cool next slide please um some further uh marketplace edition that are coming um seller profiles um one thing uh one thing i’d personally like to see for seller profile um if when you use name base and you go to the dashboard it’ll say like um hello or welcome and then your name um would be really

(30:29) awesome is if you can use handshake logins to replace that login name with your handshake name and that same name can also be your seller profile uh name as well right um so uh feedback i think would be helpful um make an offer communication um for sure coming soon uh fun fact make an offer um make an offer actually accounts for the majority of marketplace sales um so uh interesting situation but i think that means we should lean further into that an obvious one communication um yeah uh the the one difficulty with

(31:07) communication why that’s taking so long um is uh abuse right um dealing with kind of chat abuse like gaming companies have to deal with this all the time it’s such a headache um one idea we might play around with is maybe pay one hms to send a comment um it might uh it might nudge you in the direction to send more helpful comments but we shall see yes minimum offers so you’ll see in the offer settings top right minimum offers for sure but at the same time i’m also showing off a portfolio sales right so

(31:47) um here the first example is a portfolio example of like emojis so being able to sell an entire collection of names um all at once uh and then um yeah so i’m demoing two two uh coming features at the same time um the bottom one uh is automated uh parking pages um if you buy a name and really like any traditional registrar you just automatically getting parking page um there’s no reason why we can’t do that for nine days shouldn’t take too long and i think that would be a really helpful because then

(32:22) um anyone who visits that page can actually see something and then we have one more uh quick demo um the sellers portal demo so we’ll probably deal with the um screen share issue again but let’s do it yeah yeah paul buying collections exactly like portfolio sales bulk sales okay fantastic um so the first thing you’ll notice uh your domains what’s underneath that has been asked for forever um we’ve already built this uh functionality with redirect so we’re just gonna reuse it right there um it’s

(33:09) a domain search function in your domain manager like really obvious we’re going to do it um let’s go to the seller portal now it’s a tab right next to your domain so this used to say for sale this used to be called the for sale tab it’s called the seller portal now because um this is now your entire portfolio it’s not just your listings um some uh asks we’ve had uh lots of ass is like hey i want i don’t want to have to click the name go to the uh manager hit for sale is like so many

(33:39) clicks right um here you can just do it all in one go you can do the searches for your domain um um you can uh list it unlist it change the price if you want so um if you scroll down a little bit there should be one called greg you can click the blue button this is all in figma so um of course this stuff is not live right and then if you go to cigarettes click the edit price so right above it right so we click it set a price really quickly and then we can list it for sale real quick bam done way less painful than um

(34:16) how it works currently right uh and then the last thing to showcase if you want to scroll up to the top this one’s not so much about the seller portal but if you hit transfers you will see um name withdrawals right now when you withdraw a name up name base there’s no receipt like you don’t get an email about it um and there’s not really any way for you to check uh the status of your uh name withdrawal uh we’re gonna put it right there so cool all right let’s pop back into the presentation and i think

(34:49) with just enough time um so far i’ve been talking about name-based improvements right but in the beginning i mentioned there’s two focuses two focuses one is the name each product and then the other one is really um strengthening uh the branding of a handshake if we want to skip one more yeah so the kind if we really break down the essence of a handshake what is this decentralized top level domains um so we’re going to help support uh strengthen that branding by next slide the first thing elon kind of teased it a little bit

(35:28) but uh namecheap really really really cares about decentralized second level domains um because uh there’s a very very high risk of conventional web 2 domains requiring like kyc to uh just get a domain name um which is kind of insane um and so that and that’s kind of why namecheap got that’s one of the reasons namecheap got into handshake is their belief is handshake can fill that void there right um and so uh one um pretty awesome thing is uh the namecheap um wants to plug their registry into name bases or maybe it’s

(36:10) other way around um you’ll notice there’s a little red line through the um the staking the name of surgery is incompatible um because uh that is um that is uh the priority is um decentralized second level domains uh making that an actual thing right um so no longer incompatible um and then the other cool thing is uh by plugging um namecheap’s registry into um what do we get from that right so the obvious one is uh you get um the name cheap audience who already um cares about privacy and crypto um so they’re already aligned with concepts

(36:50) like handshake uh on top of that you get exposure to kind of all like name chips customers right currently we don’t have exposure to namecheaps customers um the handshake domains that a namecheap selling are just names that they themselves own but now anybody will be able to sell uh handshake names uh your slts on uh namecheap as well but then uh one pretty awesome thing for the tld stakers here is you will be getting the same tools that existing registries get right so you’re gonna get the same tools uh that

(37:25) i can tell the owners get so like you’re gonna get the same kind of dashboards and tools um as that so that should be a pretty cool development uh yeah because one common complaint is um current uh currently our registry there’s not much tooling for tld owners you don’t get much stats and stuff like that all of that will be changing next slide please all right and some other things to support um handshakes branding um a dns key or the tlsa record they’re covering all right like the reason

(38:04) handshake exists um if if you actually go back the reason handshake exists the reason why um we need to decentralize the root zone is for the ultimate goal of replacing certificate authorities a little technical but uh it’s currently not really possible um name base doesn’t really support that uh kind of vision right now because you can’t set the records you need to enable dain but that will be changing cool another one is uh onboarding um strong brands onto their handshake domains right that doubles as both

(38:37) adoption and marketing um i will be working with um some community members uh to do that um one thing i want to do is i want to contract out um community members to try some business just kind of on your own time we can do like a maybe 10 hour contract and one month kind of thing um plenty of flexibility there um yeah but doubling as both adoption and marketing it’d be amazing if uh unislaw mirrored their website on the unicorn emoji right creating a no coiner onboarding program so that’s the bottom left

(39:13) handshake is like the most elegant blockchain teaching tool for beginners um like it was my very first uh is the very first blockchain that i kind of got into and it was so easy to understand um because like decentralizing finance or like nfts they’re kind of it’s not it’s not the most obvious um what’s happening there but for handshake it’s so simple it’s like okay there’s this thing called icann they uh control all the global domains and handshake decentralizes that it’s like ah okay

(39:42) and then through the auction process um you naturally learn about block time you naturally learn about uh mining what mining transactions means and all that stuff too right um yeah so that’s something we want to lean into is um developing like no coiner onboarding education programs uh maybe like on coinbase earn um there’s plenty of these other platforms out there as well for that uh and then the last thing the reason i have a screenshot of the directors here is because with namecheap right i mentioned

(40:16) what we get we kind of get access to their financial resources um so one thing to engage with our namer community is we um our community is global so we might as well take advantage of that we can sponsor our directors to go out to blockchain conferences that are near them to talk about handshake to network to really get the word out um why not right uh next slide cool uh and then the last thing so um this so i kind of talked about the navy’s product um i talked about um how we’re um supporting handshakes uh

(40:59) branding um or the branding that’s not even the right word like mission right um and then the last thing um is the name of community itself so this is probably more of a me thing and less of like a name cheap name based thing um but uh it seemed like we had a gather town a community call um a couple weeks ago it seemed like that seemed like something that people were pretty into so um i would like to start doing those once as soon as we wrap up hiring right um and then development’s actually happening i’d like to host

(41:35) bi-weekly possibly weekly um just really casual calls that you can hop into um we can change the times every week so um depending on where you are in the world one of those times will work for you and then you just come in and just complain or like talk about bring up bugs right um in case we’d missed something um i i think the communication um in the past could have definitely improved um and uh this is one way um i’m hoping to really smooth those uh communication out right um yes um yeah and then so the last thing is i would encourage our

(42:19) neighbors here to um if you’re interested right if you’ve been excited you’re here at any con um the most like intense conference i’ve ever gone to um three days of this um so if you’re really pumped now to kind of get more um get more into handshake right become a director um uh potentially get sponsored to go to blockchain conferences um probably get some merch for becoming a director if you want to get more involved um some specific ways uh you can do so right to step up um uh one way is just uh serving as kind of

(42:53) like a bridge between communities so i share a screenshot here of um skunk skunk inc um because what he’s been doing is he’s been sharing um what uh what’s happening in the skynet space in um the uh in our neighbor community discord but at the same time he’s also showing uh sharing news about handshake and the skynet discord so he’s really the bridge between our communities um this this way we have a very specific point of contact we all know okay if there’s um you know if kind of people want to talk

(43:24) to handshake point of contact right uh skunking um otherwise um you know vice versa as well so that’s one way if you’re involved in other crypto projects if you’re involved in other communities this is a very straightforward way to become a director to get more involved um is just kind of share news between the two right serve as the bridge um yeah and the effort is really just share some important updates every once in a while maybe like once a month once every two weeks kind of thing right um another thing that would be really

(44:01) really really helpful so i talked about sponsoring our directors to go to blockchain conferences but we do need somebody to actually keep tabs on what blockchain conferences are happening around the world that would be super duper helpful and that would absolutely constitute becoming a director as well and then business development i already mentioned that business development like getting kind of existing uh the existing dns stack services the traditional services to support handshake and supporting handshake usually

(44:36) could be as simple as just relaxing their restrictions i’m like not checking that it’s an icann tld um so a cpanel would be a pretty natural one for that and then and of course i mentioned earlier onboarding strong brands uh to really set up on their handshake domains um something that seems to really resonate well with these brands um a couple things in my experience is a kind of like disaster recovery mirror like an insurance policy thing um i’m totally stealing words from a pass panel from handicon

(45:12) but they’re very illustrative um communities just onboarding entire communities onto their handshake i’m commuting let me tell you man theories are like really excited about um the idea of owning a their own community’s name like dot um in our case it could be uh dot handshake uh and then getting all of their community members um a second level domain a branded uh second level domain um on their uh handshake uh yeah uh on their community name right um and that is something that um actually really really excites um a lot of

(45:46) communities uh i’ve spoken to um and brands as well um i mean if we if we look at um brandon yeah i mean if we look at like dot branded domains um uh do excite friends and communities a lot if we just look at the questions um on like hms chat uh most are about like dot tx and dot sats right um cool so yeah let’s go to the next slide so um kind of ambitious but i think we can accomplish everything i just mentioned uh by the end of 2023.

(46:26) um yeah pre like fairly confident uh i will not set a specific road map like oh we’re going to do this by this month or quarter um but it does seem reasonable to accomplish literally everything we just talked about by 2023 if not by the next candy con so that will be pretty exciting times but i wanted to say one thing so this next slide don’t go to it yet this next slide um it’s it’s a really large endeavor so we want to really make sure we do it right um but if you want to go to the next slide um kind of decentralizing all the assets

(47:04) on name base this has actually always been um on our minds the reason we never prioritized it until now is because um we we’ve always been focused on zero to one um products right and since bob wallet bob extension already exists um there’s not really we don’t really need to build that because the um service already exists right um and so that’s why we focus on building like d-links or you know the logins um rap hns and uh the registry and all the stuff right all these zero-to-one improvements but now for 2022 uh we can

(47:39) finally focus on those uh one-to-n improvements um and so one of those um would be decentralizing our assets um you can kind of imagine just going into your account settings and just clicking decentralized assets and it just happens right it just automatically um transfer your app your assets over and you’re good to go um i’ve talked about this um with the kyokan team um the bobwallet team um and um they seem really down to help collaborate on that um so that that is something not sure if we’ll be able to get it um

(48:09) done this year but um just want to let you guys know that uh this is something that’s uh definitely on our mind right i mean we just like he long came talked about how much he cares about the uh like decentralization um richard uh has talked about that on tweets and stuff too right um so yeah this is something um that’s definitely uh on our minds cool so i think that just about wraps it up um before i kind of close it um since i’m the last talk i figured i wanted to um some yeah go ahead to the next slide

(48:46) um since i’m the last talk i wanted to just kind of um just leave this light up a little bit um to kind of see what we’ve done since uh last handicon um but on the left is uh kind of like integrations or like efforts with external communities and on the right is within our handshake community um it’s kind of crazy the registry right hml handy wiki html bob exception fingertip none of this stuff existed last handicon that is insane like that’s within one year like um all of these like real game-changing products came out um so i

(49:20) i can’t even imagine what um it’s gonna be built uh in this coming year in 2023 right uh meanwhile on the left we sentinel um dbpn uh vpn service um if you use their service you’re just resolving handshake um just as simple as that um we um got listed on bittrex bitru um namescon was crazy namescon is like traditional domain um kind of conference uh when i first joined handshake uh in 2020 at namescon um we had like one or two talks uh and then named khan online um this past fall uh we had an entire dedicated track to handshake

(50:03) right like dedicated two or three day track that’s just strictly about handshake like that is crazy um uh crazy growth right there um ipfs uh we’re in their docs um so if you use ipfs like it’s in there how to connect uh your handshake name to an ipfs website icann they explicitly called our project out in their blog posts right specifically mentioned handshake even linked to the learning center so the name of learning center so hey that was pretty cool to see um opera committed to integrating handshake this year uh and then of

(50:33) course a name chief acquisition of name uh name based right like really diving um all in um on handshake so all this stuff happened uh in this past one year um yeah just kind of mind blowing to reflect on that uh so the last thing oh and and wait did flamingo handshake not exist last handicon i feel like flamingo handshake um has been around for a minute um yeah yeah yeah pretty sure they did um cool let’s go to the final slide the last slide is um kind of uh a self um yeah this also happened it’s like holy cow um

(51:25) 4.7 million handshake like i mean i i thought the one mill for um x was already just like kind of um just already kind of pushing it um but jeez um yeah i’m kind of lost of words that this happened oh i’m gonna share the link to this tweet uh if you haven’t already let’s blow this tweet up um this is this is crazy news um and uh the crypto native crypto native folks will understand what this means um yeah this is the last thing that has happened as well um so i know i’m way over time um but after this is kind of

(52:03) networking session um i’m kind of curious i can do q a here or we can uh move to the uh kind of networking lounge to just talk casually um what do you guys think i’m actually curious from the audience because you guys are the ones that are actually sitting and like listening to me around for like 50 minutes yeah um do you guys want me to do q a like do the q a um right now or should we stick on schedule um close handicon and then chat casually in the network lounge i’ll stick around for a bit um to talk

(52:42) let’s do it here half and half okay yeah and we can we can actually keep this open and people can just come in and out as they want to as well and uh yeah cool um all right well let’s do this q a so um when can i make that sweet sweet sld money i’ve been waiting patiently yes thank you for asking okay um name base registry is pause what’s up what’s up with that why can’t i take my names um also for some tld sellers when oh great that’s actually the next question um is um where are my sld sale payments right so

(53:25) apologies that has been taking a minute we will be um making we will be making it up for the delays um so you’ll see what i mean uh in probably just a couple weeks um but if you’re looking to stake slds right now we are migrating the name base for namecheap registry i don’t know which direction um but once that has been completed then um you can finally stick your names um yeah in the past right if you guys remember we really rolled out the registry as bare bones as possible we got it out there as quickly as possible

(53:59) and so there’s tons of room for patching and improvements right namecheap has been in the game forever they kind of know how to make it really do it the right way um so we’re not going to rush this but as soon as um that registry is live which heilon um uh kind of teased that in within a month or so which is kind of crazy um then uh you’ll be able to start uh staking your names again cool so that was answer encrypted your s of these sales um oh will missing sld sales be paid at the hms exchange rate

(54:34) at the time of sale you will not lose money let’s put it that way yeah you will not be losing money on your sd sales um you might even earn some interest on that what’s the plan with sld program when um will sod sales be back paid okay i think i just answered that how much of a priority is name basis customer service system going to be in the grand scheme of namecheap’s present customer service structure um how much of priority will namebase’s customer service system going to be skip uh yeah it took too long to think about

(55:13) that how will slds be sold on namecheap there being over 2k of them how will you sort and promote the best uh good question i’m afraid i don’t know the answer to that will name cheap except handshake i’m pretty sure they i’m pretty sure richard tweeted that out right that um he wanted to accept uh handshake coins um for payment for even um i might be saying this wrong but if i recall correctly um paying for even like com domains with handshake coins uh will namecheap ever make a module we can implement into our

(55:51) whoa um i need you to i don’t know what that means i’m sorry i’m gonna skip that how will namecheap deal with the conflict of interest between promoting their own names alongside our names i don’t think they’re worried about that i think elon really stressed that that they’re not really here for the money they’re here for the long-term vision of a um internet domaining system that no one can really take down right so that that is the least of their concerns um let me check the normal chat real quick

(56:29) okay i think we’re good okay uh we’ll oh thank you will current stakers on name base b provide an alert if they want to contain staking or not huh will current stakers be provided an alert if they want to continue sticking or not oh the migration is opt-in if that’s what you mean yeah you’ll have it uh you’ll have an option there um when but i imagine you probably want to migrate it because you’re getting a lot of upgraded tools and stuff um i’m trying to see why you wouldn’t want

(57:10) to um but yeah i i don’t yeah uh when will u.s customers be able to withdraw handshake coins when will u.s businesses be able to convert handshake into usd and withdrawal yeah um good question um that includes myself as well i’d love to be able to withdraw my handshake coins u.

(57:34) s businesses should already be able to convert handshake into usd and withdraw those to a bank account no i know we’ve been talking on the side i know you have the business count that we need to help you verify um let’s talk offline about that um yeah let’s see if we can get that done before the end of the month um but please pay me again um please nudge me again on discord dms like you have been just so i don’t forget this are bulk transfers on the road map oh um there’s no road map so um technically not because there’s no road map um but uh

(58:14) bulk transfers uh yeah that that’s kind of my reaction um yeah not sure it’s just like if you if you really break down um our priorities right um name based product um that speed running um newcomer speed running getting a name setting up a website as well as kind of handshakes branding it’s kind of unclear to me where the bulk transfer fits into that picture i know it’s like a ux improvement for sure but priorities are there going to be options to sort and store names in separate portfolios or folders yes

(58:58) uh what’s up with renewals coming up in seven or so months um nothing special um renewals uh name base we automatically submit your renewals um i think we do it three months out before the renew date um with plenty of time to spare and then on top of that i personally uh manually check we have a query to check if there are any names that are supposed to have been renewed within that three month time that haven’t been so i manually check that every month to make sure that no renewals are missed but just for context right so renewals

(59:33) you have in this case three months to send them whereas um in uh like reveal period you only get like uh ten days to submit them um right and i don’t think we’ve ever missed a single reveal transaction so um i it would be uh yeah i’m not sure what would need to happen for us to miss any renewals um how will one get named you know i’m pushing uh in 60 minutes now so i think this is pretty natural um pretty natural time to kind of close this up and then if if you had a question that i didn’t manage to answer

(1:00:15) i’ll stick around in the lounge um after the closing session and then we could chat there all right well uh thank you johnny thank you for coming on thank you for presenting and giving your time to talk up here uh yeah we’re going to do that closing in in just a couple of minutes and then after that uh the networking and booths will be open until i don’t know mike do you know what i mean there’s no real reason to keep it closed we just let it roll you know i mean i don’t think there’s a

(1:00:49) reason to close it just maybe until the last person’s there all right come on everyone i guess we’ll catch you all at the the closing or our closing ceremony yeah i’m sure yeah five ten minutes just wrap up all right thanks johnny two one is really great awesome updates [Music] [Applause] [Music] kinetic

(1:01:55) is a blockchain crypto investment firm based in hong kong and puerto rico founded in 2016 they were the first fund in hong kong and one of the earliest in asia with a portfolio of over 220 companies they were seed investors in such projects as ethereum parity and polka dot solana ftx and of course handshake in name base [Music] founder johan chu was an active investor and supporter of the handshake ecosystem over one hundred thousand domains co-founder of d-web foundation co-founder of handicon and sponsor of the handshake house at miami hack week

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