Login with Handshake (Sign with name) + Quick Niami Intro

What started as a scoring and rating system on Handshake has expanded to a full block explorer, portfolio tool, and more. 0xStephan talkes us through these changes as well as showcases logging in with Handshake names.


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(01:09) all right hello everybody uh welcome back uh today oh my dog’s barking in the background sorry about that uh walk man needs to take a walk but uh today we got ostafon and he’s going to talk about uh nyami is it niyami or nayami or i i call it miami but you can call it whatever yeah i always try to pronounce it correctly i i’m one to usually pronounce stuff pretty wrong but anyways uh stefan has been definitely a uh a strong builder within the community uh always there to help and he’s definitely been helping out

(01:50) those uh domain super super user uh or the people that have lots of domains sorry with his new uh profile tool um but that’s all i gotta say yeah i mean just another og in the community stefan’s been here since i mean before i’ve been involved and we all appreciate your tool and uh you know it’s always been a nice way for discovery it’s the design is really nice you know and then your recent upgrades we’re all super excited about we’re all super excited about your upgrades i think you just released

(02:26) portfolio and i’ll let you talk about it but uh it’s really epic stuff happening thanks for what you do for handshake thanks thanks for the intro glad to be here yep we’ll we’ll uh get out of your hair and let you take it away okay thanks sounds good let me share my screen real quick there we go yeah i see a lot of familiar faces in in the chat um ed and oscar and andy and so cool to see all guys and glad to be here um yeah i’ve i’m the creator or the founder of miami um which is started as a rating platform

(03:13) but is becoming more and more of a i don’t know all-around handshake tool um it’s kind of my my my personal playground to um learn handshake and to to see what’s what’s yeah how stuff works kinda um so i wanna speak about three topics today um it’s the the first one will be how you can attach data to your handshake um name via a text record and the second will be decentralized login with your handshake name and explaining the the differences between the old i call it the old method and and the new method which is possible

(03:57) now via the bob wallet extension and uh the third will be uh i i will show you or a little bit miami and how you can create a portfolio um people are all asking up show your slides full screen if possible sorry there’s a lot of requests to see it full screen i don’t know maybe uh probably to hit the like the play button on the top well i think he’s trying to be flipping back and forth i think um it’s really not um a lot of a lot of stuff um i will make it full screen if it’s um if i get to the important stuff

(04:37) okay so just keep that in mind uh yeah i will thanks lee so yeah um let’s get started with the um name records on handshake as you can see here um let’s leave it like that i have the crx stefan which is a domain i own and you can see some buttons here and that’s pretty actually pretty cool because those in this information is attached to my name via text record so you can see it here that’s the root zone records and you can just add a text record like that profile social equals twitter and that’s

(05:26) my name um my twitter name and this text entry in the root zone record will create a link on miami um like that which is pretty cool and just to showcase that it’s not something that’s related to nayemi or that’s a function that only naming can support and i’ve opened here um bob wallet and the same name and you can see um also the text records here um it’s the same thing of course bob wallet doesn’t exactly support it right now but they could and many apps could in the future like hns chat or

(06:07) other handshake applications could support that and just show a link to your twitter account or discord github or just your email address um it doesn’t really matter um can be a lot of stuff and that’s that’s pretty cool because if you think about it um now you are in charge of your own information and you can attach it to your handshake name and provide it to apps of course they can they could save it but they cannot manipulate it and you can could see it on on the blockchain um the actual record um

(06:49) to create a standard for that um there are what’s called um hips and it’s kind of like the bip 39 it’s maybe if you if you come from bitcoin you know that and it’s it’s kind of the same it’s a bitcoin improvement proposal and that’s a handshake improvement proposal and it’s kind of just like a standard um apps could follow or websites could follow in the future to show that data like a twitter handle or a twitter twitter link um it’s actually not um a submitted tip it’s just an um draft by me um just but

(07:32) i wanted to just show it and if you want to have a discussion or if you have other ideas um feel free to um yeah add your comments or be involved [Music] or create your own hip i mean anybody can create a handshake improvement proposal um because we we are all um contributors to handshake and anybody can yeah be a part of that that’s that’s all i wanted to say here and check it out i mean try it with you with any name you own at something like your twitter handle or github or hms chat name and the button will pop up

(08:14) on miami and i think that’s kind of something cool um what could be um really in the future something many apps should or could support um yeah that was the first one um something else if you have questions just put it in the q a i will either answer it at the end or i will spend some time after the presentation and yeah answer everything you have all the other questions you have so let’s go to the second bullet point here with a decentralized login and i will share the play this one so i hope you can see it

(09:01) full screen um just to explain what what’s what the handshake login actually is and yet it’s pretty simple the handshake name just replaces your email or if you are an instagram and you most likely have a handle and which you um created but while you signed up in in the first place so your handshake name is really just a replacement for that and that’s not it’s it’s really big and cool but it’s not the special part the special part is um what is replacing your password and maybe you have already news uh

(09:45) used in the in the past like news.namebase.io or i’m logged in for hns chat and that’s using a text record and it’s it’s fine it works but it has some drawbacks i want to point out and um the the the thing here is if you are adding a text record for signing in or let me roll back it’s always you have right i forgot that part you have to prove as a replacement for your password you have to prove that you are owning your handshake name to an app to a website you have to prove that and the first method is by adding a text

(10:34) record and you can do that adding it to the blockchain and the thing here is sometimes blocks are created like every minute sometimes i mean but the average is 10 minutes sometimes it can be 30 minutes so the the drawback here is in the on the first method it could be that you have to wait 30 minutes until you can log in and to onto a website and so i want to just showcase what the new method is which was added to bob the bob wallet extension or also it’s also available in bob wallace is you can sign any message with your

(11:25) name so you can prove that you own a name by signing a message an app or website provides and the cool thing is um it requires no transaction and it’s instant it’s really instant so let’s just try that and i show you on ime so that’s miami and first lock out and now we sign in and i’ve prepared here the bobwall extension and you can see that i have the banana handshake i don’t know if you can see it uh yeah cannot zoom in but i will use that to log in now so i sign in with handshake and now naomi provides me the option and

(12:15) checks all the names i own and i have attached to my wallet extension so i choose that it’s actually a unicode representation but you will see right away that in a moment stay locked in and now it asks me that i should sign the message nyami provided and i confirm i saw i signed that message and now conf i confirmed to nayami yes i do own the name banana handshake and now you can see i’m logged in i have my dashboard i have my portfolio my account yeah and and that’s how he how easy it is let’s do it one more time see sign in

(12:57) sign with handshake choose your name and log in sign the message with your wallet extension and you’re in no password um no waiting time and i think that’s a big deal for handshaking i’m not sure i hope it will be someday really replaced all logins um of course there’s still the the drawback you have to be um yeah you have to keep keep track of your um private key and everything and make sure it’s safe but still i think that’s a really cool thing and i had one experience um last week with mike

(13:34) on hns chat because i i saw his name sky include and that he’s registered registered on hms chat and i didn’t even have to had to think twice and if it’s maybe an imposter if somebody else graduates registered with this name i knew instantly it’s it’s my it cannot be anybody else so yeah we chatted a bit um but that was really cool experience and i think um that’s something we should talk about more on handshake it’s not only about tlds and stuff it’s also about user names and yeah

(14:12) all i can say install bob wallet put a name in and log in on naomi and you will see okay so let’s go to the last part um creating a name portfolio we are already logged in as you can see and that’s a new feature i added like a months ago and what you can do is you can add some sections on here so let’s say you want to add another those are just the default sections so i want to add a new one like let’s say three charts at a section here you can also move them if you want to have them somewhere else

(14:56) um let’s say english may let’s say spanish names save and i can see that there is not not much happening in here so you can add domains here and there are two modes in here the the regular mode is each line will be imported so uh test name mic namescon andy so all those names will now be imported as you can see this is the um if everything looks good you can check it and then add them and everything is instantly imported let’s say you want to import from name base so that’s that’s really cool let’s

(15:47) take the on sale i want to add here the names and now you can switch to strict mode strict mode just means that it’s compatible with name base how they are presented on name base so i go to name base i have logged in here with a test account i’ve added some domains and the cool thing is now what i can do is i press ctrl or command a if you’re on a mac and copy the whole page copy that the whole page doesn’t matter all the menus and stuff i put it in here paste i don’t care about this the rest i

(16:27) have strict mode on so let’s let’s say preview and you can see it it found all those six names i’ve in here and i add them and they’re in here and now what i can do now that i have added those names i can share it i can share with the world i can make it public now i can either copy this link and share it with friends or on twitter or discord but what something new which i just published yesterday evening is now you can browse portfolios and that’s how it looks like so as you can see the one i have created

(17:13) right now should be where is it i don’t see it ah yeah here it is so that’s the portfolio i have created right now so um maybe you’re wondering why is this one here was this one on top um it actually the more time you spend or the more sections you create and the more it’s thought about how you want to section your portfolio the the more on top it will be um that’s just the way it works right now maybe this will change and there are some sponsored ones for for um a really cool guy who’s a big fan of miami and he

(18:05) is um really supporting you a lot the last weeks and so i gave him a sponsored spot um yeah so maybe maybe i will add a section where you can um actually purchase that not sure it’s all an experiment but yeah check it out browse the portfolio sections um add your own portfolio and i hope you find some value i hope the domain market will get another spring and that’s the end if you wanna um yeah know more follow me on foot on twitter um thank you that’s all i can say and i hope you enjoyed it all right awesome awesome stuff this is

(18:57) going to be a huge and powerful tool for uh all those domainers that have tens of thousands of domains especially on name base to easily import them into uh nyami and be able to present that to everyone so i think this is going to be a tool that that everyone is going to use um we did have a couple of questions we can probably do one uh and i think this is probably one that you get a lot too um okay um let me um it’s it’s actually not that complicated let me let me share my screen again because i have some i know it’s that’s

(19:43) not perfect and i need to um work on that a little bit but um that’s actually how it works um so names get punished or they get rewarded each name starts with like 500 points or a score of 500. and that the longer the name is um the less score it will get if it contains the number it will get punished if it contains a hyphen or underscore will get punished and you see if it’s a really long name if it contains hyphens and it’s long and it’s then it will get punished really really hard um also i will check um if it’s an english

(20:29) word it’s a german word is it a true spanish word and if it is it will get rewarded is it first name is it a last name um and those are all factors that are yeah just counted in actually i am talking about that but um i started out i’m starting to add a new way to rate domains and i did that here with the triple and double and single emojis and what you can see here let’s just take one example what i did here is i created tags and the tags actually give me the information that it’s an emoji and it’s a woman

(21:16) teacher means the duck skin tone so that’s actually what i want to do is either let the users create tags which i can evaluate later or i will make my all algorithm a little bit more [Music] intelligent to add better attacks and therefore increase the the rating and make it a little bit better but yes so far it’s just um the length um is it a yeah is it is it a word does it contain hyphens or special chars that’s basically basically it all right awesome thank you for sharing uh definitely one that you get a lot so

(22:01) i wanted to make sure that i got up there um we are running to time again uh stefan thank you so much for your time here um and i hope everybody learned a little bit more about nami and how you can use it uh for your benefit you know and use it as another tool in your toolbox um but yeah we’re gonna wrap it up here and we’ll see you in the next session guys thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] kinetic

(23:10) is a blockchain crypto investment firm based in hong kong and puerto rico founded in 2016 they were the first fund in hong kong and one of the earliest in asia with a portfolio of over 220 companies they were seed investors in such projects as ethereum parity and polka dot solana ftx and of course handshake in name base [Music] founder johan chu was an active investor and supporter of the handshake ecosystem over one hundred thousand domains co-founder of d web foundation co-founder of handycon and sponsor of the handshake house at miami hack week

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