HNSchat Showcase

Having domains on the Blockchain means that they have more uses than their Web2 counterparts. In this session, Jordan showcases one of these novel use cases with HNSchat which allows you to use your Handshake name as a username and talk with other Handshake users with end-to-end encryption.


(00:01) [Music] [Applause] [Music] god [Music] all right well we are running a little bit over time so i just want to make sure that eskimo uh gets all of his time to speak um definitely a new addition to the community uh jordan we definitely appreciate your contributions uh and your recent activity in the community it’s always great to see uh new devs pop up um so yeah i’m just gonna let you you go into

(01:05) it about uh presenting about h s chat all right cool um yeah so i’m jordan aka eskimo um i guess uh first thing i gotta do is shout out to johnny wu uh this whole thing was really his idea in the first place uh when i first joined the community uh i talked to him on the name based server and uh he gave me the idea for this so uh shout out to johnny wu uh so i guess the main thing would be just to show everybody how simple it is to set it up and use uh so i have a name here ready um so you just would type in the name

(01:50) and it gives you a text record and then uh this is hs hub you put in the record and you hit verify and that’s it you’re good to go so right now there’s like the general chats too that you have um so that’s pretty much it uh it looks a little messed up here this picture but um yeah i mean that’s it the the slds are pretty cool the new edition um i guess uh i guess i could have made that one i already had that one all right well i don’t know um yeah i don’t know i i don’t really know what to

(02:45) show off here if anybody has ideas or whatever it’s pretty self-explanatory i think right i don’t know well we’re coming back uh i’m gonna we’ll fistful will come back up and uh we’ll we’ll make this will hear okay yeah i’m back up here oh charlie yeah okay uh there’s lots of chats i mean everybody’s loving your product so it’s awesome man so yeah maybe first talk about the decentralization with nick i i know you said in text but since you’re here maybe just address that first

(03:43) um yeah i mean i’m i’m not against the idea of like decentralizing it more it’s more of just like i don’t know man like it it’s really difficult like especially performance wise like like especially for like the message storage like imagine having to like do queries to try to like to go through all the blocks just to get like the the messages for one conversation and then i mean like scrolling back it would just it would ruin the performance of of the entire thing you know okay there’s a question here

(04:24) yeah we got some we got some uh q a questions coming on here uh xn gif is asking what are locked convos so lock combos are when somebody has a name claimed and then they remove the text record and it now is not claimed anymore since that other person doesn’t really exist anymore your message would be going nowhere so i figured just lock it you know the hardest part man i don’t know um the end to end encryption was definitely i i would have to say i made it like the whole beginning part i made it in like something like six

(05:12) days or something and it was it was like fully functional and then the end-to-end encrypt encryption thing came and i was like okay this is pretty annoying so that was my first time dealing with anything like that before so it was hard um make sure what you did for stats and dj yeah well and and texas too or tx um yeah so if anybody else has names too that are like you know used enough that would be worth it um i started making the private rooms for certain tlds if you have certain tlds then you have access to like a private room so so far i guess

(06:00) it’s sats uh djan tx um and then there’s a couple names that are staked um if somebody wants to allow other people to create slds with their name um i’m open for those too yeah so do they just have to come to you directly to open up some kind of a private room yeah so right now it’s just as long as like the primary tld is verified on h chat i’m fine with opening it up you know and then uh richard uh is asking if there’s any kind of road map or any kind of uh things you got planned in the

(06:39) future for h chat man that’s a good question i don’t really know i’ve just been kind of going with the flow whatever uh whatever people are suggesting i’m i’m i’m adding so you got any suggestions i’m down man i have i don’t have much experience with crypto actually um i had some bitcoin back in like 2010 and i gave it all away so i kind of stayed away from crypto for a while because uh yeah i mean i missed out on like a good like eight mil or so if i would have held it so um yeah i was kind of butt hurt and uh

(07:24) and stayed away from crypto but um background wise i mean i’m just a full stack dev uh i’ve done a lot with like irc so like i have a irc client uh in the apple app store called igloo um yeah i mean that that’s that’s basically it all right data stored um the data is stored on a server in my house so it can’t easily be shut down like i guess something on aws or something not super decentralized but it’s here okay do you have plans to decentralize that in the future yeah like i mean if the performance is

(08:09) there i i’m down you know um it’s just right now i haven’t seen any sort of uh indication that like it wouldn’t completely kill the performance by switching to something like that gotcha and paul is asking how to make handshake urls get previews in chat the previews are based on like uh the open graph stuff so like the couple meta tags uh title description and image are what i’m using and uh chelsea is asking how feasible is a white label slash embedded chat for businesses to use with their private

(08:53) communities uh clients that’s kind of tricky because it’s not really set up to there’s like not like a whole permission system right now or anything so like i would have to code something to say like okay for like this instance these tlds can be used and these rooms are available but like these rooms aren’t available in this version like i don’t i it would be really hard to split it up so for now um i i don’t know i i’d have to put like a lot of thought into how i could split it up like that

(09:36) richard likes your style oh yeah thanks richard and can you ask can you use a specific tld for businesses to have white labeled access i i think that’s what they were saying with djan and sats and tx i think we should explain that more or i could help if if you want to see it um because i think you know you’re a great developer but you’re not yeah i’m i’m not i could explain so i think it was just in the last 10 hours just 10 or 12 hours i don’t know if it was who john talked to you or somebody but you just made it

(10:16) so that if you you have to register sld at d gen or sats or tx and then you get added to a secret room in your h s chat so that only those people that registered an sld on that tld can go into that chat room so it was knoll that mentioned it or noel mentioned it noel mentioned it and then i was like well hit me up i’ll do it and then uh yeah the stats and djing um just kind of happened too so so again the idea here is you know we’ve been talking in the conference about communities and and you know there’s

(10:51) gonna be a panel i think it’s tomorrow i can’t remember it’s there tomorrow for the sld sales but imagine you can say you can get access to this private chat by buying the sld domain and then you can get into that chat room and then noel’s joking in chats from cx he can read you a bedtime story uh nhs or something i see here uh you know um but you can do that right you could give con private content or chats or access to uh your customers that buy an sld on your tld in hms in chat you know so that this is an

(11:31) example of you know like even with connecting drew’s talk before the differences of web 2 and web 3 web 3 you you can build your community directly or or you know as a way of kind of uh i hope that makes sense because i think kirk was asking about this so i think this answers kirk’s question can you use specific tld for businesses to have white label access i i think he wants white label meaning his own domain but yeah that sounds like like basically the same as like what i said for chelsea like yeah i

(12:03) think that’s recently split up the database or i yeah i don’t know so do you have any uh plans to kind of like maybe uh automate that process so they don’t have to like come to you individually they can just say hey i want to set up this tld to uh give my the people in my community access to this specific channel is that something that maybe you would do in the future or does that open kind of like some weird attack vectors or something like that it could definitely easily be automated like it once a new channel is discovered the

(12:42) websocket sees it and then just reboots so like it just adds it automatically i mean i could have i could code it into like the the bot that i made to just like create a channel and then it would reboot and the channel exists now um i think the biggest thing is like right now is like i don’t think we want to fill it up with like a bunch of terrible rooms right like it doesn’t really have the ui to like at least not right now to like easily navigate a bunch of rooms so if like they were suddenly overnight now 500

(13:20) rooms it’d be really difficult to like find a room that you want to go into and um i don’t know i i was thinking maybe having some sort of like voting system and do it once a week or something like people submit what kind of what rooms that they want to be added or what tld they want to be staked and then at the end of the week the results of the vote would then just automatically create those or something i i don’t know miguel had a pretty complex question i i put on my screen i think he’s i don’t know uh i think you know we we

(13:59) have.handycon everybody here can register a free dot handycon domain johan uh pointed it there so i um you could so he’s trying to give some white lists i think that might not be done in this in your tech but uh he’s i guess he’s trying to give access to certain slt holders but um candycon fans sld exclusive whitelist uh yeah you’d have to elaborate on that a little bit i think he’s trying to say like you know i got mike handycon in in your hms chad registered it free you know you but i guess he’s like he wants

(14:41) to airdrop or gift or give people a whitelist access to his tool or his registrar uh that have a handicon domain sld um i think it’s a little bit outside of your uh we’re gonna short on time but uh maybe you could talk later uh i think this is an important one to talk about i think if maybe show this and explain this jordan yes okay people getting confused uh yeah i’ve seen a lot of like the same a lot this is they log out and then they can’t get back in or they reset their computer clearly yeah so

(15:19) the um the sync button in the bottom left maybe yeah yeah um gives you a nice qr code and a link so any browser you open oh well i can’t open another window or it’s a incognito but um any anybody that has this link or the qr code then can become this person so i mean if anybody here scans this qr code right now on the screen you have access to this session um and that and that’s it so you want to back up either you know take a picture of the qr code or throw the the url into one password or something like that and

(15:57) that has your session id and your private key encryption yeah so if you use it you’re screwed you shouldn’t really be sharing this publicly right obviously it’s a throwaway account though it’s a throwaway account but basically anybody that has that qr code or stanza qr code or copy that link could open in their computer yeah so don’t share it with other people yeah it’s your private key it is your private key it’s your private they can decrypt all your messages read all your conversations and all that and be you on

(16:23) the chat so don’t share it to anybody and then me maybe we have time for one more uh matt was asking is it possible to add crypto tipping yeah yeah yeah i gotta i gotta figure all that out i wanna i wanna add it so bad i just i don’t know how the whole wallet stuff works in the back end yet so that’s that’s another learning thing for me all right oh fish slapping this yeah that’s right that’s easy that’s easy i i mean i got i got the the slash shrug now you could shrug i can make a fish very easily for you

(17:00) man i do want to say at least my vote is keeping it simple you know i know there’s probably a lot of people have feature requests but i think what i like about your products is super simple super easy to use super fast to sign up so i i hope it stays as much like that for the community’s sake because there’s a lot of complicated stuff in handshake but this is pretty uh i know right and it’s like three weeks or less so i think we’re all super excited about about it and um and definitely uh thank you for building

(17:28) on handshake and making this amazing product i another thing i want to bring is i think you can make up you also haven’t you you’re a ios developer and i i think i mean personally i want to see an app you know and basically i would love to not i think uh steve mackey said he was going to remove his handy talk telegram to this only maybe even get rid of telegram but imagine um yeah this is like what’s happening your username is your chat name right and then you saw on your phone on your computer it’s pretty amazing yeah i see

(18:01) somebody uh use the code there well yeah i mean i noticed tons of requests but i think i hope we can keep it simple um i see that and sun saying stuff to me uh we’re almost late on our next session we were doing good yesterday we’re a little bit off today but anyways jordan i i think the main point is i think we all really appreciate what you built here and uh uh keep it up and if there’s more ways we can support people giving you donations you said a lot of people are donating to you um which is awesome so

(18:31) there’s a donate button on his his uh on the bottom left next to the sync but definitely make sure you sync so what i do is i save it just like on my private key i save i save mine and this works so if i refresh my computer or i switch to my phone or another laptop i can just i can just go to that chat again okay so just make sure to sync for people all right yeah and guys if you want to follow up with jordan or talk about h chat some more you can join the h s fun discord and we have a specific channel set up uh ask all your questions talk

(19:05) about any ideas uh cool implementations to add or anything hns chat related uh we talk about it in the hms fun discord um but yeah we’re we’re gonna sorry sld so gateway.i o pork bun others you can buy an sld like and uh shout out to djinn or the other guys you can buy one of their theirs and then you know give them their eleven dollars uh and then you can uh set point your dns text record and jump in so sorry we’re a little bit over but let me just there’s a bunch of chats in there yeah let’s uh we’re going to do the next

(19:40) session okay we’re going to move to the next session but thank you for sticking around thanks so much jordan see you guys in the next one [Music] [Applause] [Music] so [Music] kinetic is a blockchain crypto investment firm based in hong kong and puerto rico [Music] founded in 2016 they were the first fund in hong kong and one of the earliest in

(20:44) asia with a portfolio of over 220 companies they were seed investors in such projects as ethereum parity and polka dot solana ftx and of course handshake and name base [Music] founder johan chu was an active investor and supporter of the handshake ecosystem over one hundred thousand domains co-founder of d-web foundation co-founder of handicon and sponsor of the handshake house at miami hack week 2022 [Music] [Applause] [Music] so [Music] [Applause] [Music] ah

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