Hardware and the DWeb

A panel discussing the future of hardware and how it can be integrated to the decentralized web.


(00:01) [Music] [Applause] [Music] kinetic is a blockchain crypto investment firm based in hong kong and puerto rico [Music] founded in 2016 they were the first fund in hong kong and one of the earliest in asia with a portfolio of over companies they were seed investors in such projects as ethereum parity and polka dot solana ftx and of course handshake in name base [Music] founder johan chu was an active investor and supporter of the handshake ecosystem over one hundred thousand domains co-founder of d-web foundation co-founder of handicon and sponsor of

(00:52) the handshake house at miami hack week 2022 [Music] everybody’s doing good have i had a nice little break how’s maybe do a little uh e2 e2 okay so we got a really interesting panel today uh from all around all around the world so this is a international one we got i think everybody’s up early um maybe even chris because his schedule but um we have gold shell silvia with us don accord from the expert hardware working with a few projects we’ll talk about chris um yeah so it’s just really amazing so

(01:34) we’re talking about hardware and the d web and it’s a we feel like it’s a bridge you know bridging a lot of this software and blockchains to the physical world and we are um really excited to to do this and i i’m gonna be hosting this panel uh and each have prepared different ways but i think first just a quick intro to say uh your name and and what you’re where you are and what you’re working on um sylvia you want to go first yeah okay hi mike thanks to invite me and hello everyone i’m sylvia this is my

(02:11) honor to representative as go share to attend this conference i’m responsible for community management and social media cooperation it’s glad to meet and talk with all of you thanks again for having me great thanks sylvia especially getting up early 6 30 a.m on a saturday thank you all right thank you uh chris help me you want to go up next just a little intro yeah sure hi guys uh chris cormly here from ggm capital i’m a hardware software uh manufacturing and integration specialist i will say and uh i’ve been in the

(02:50) crypto space for quite a while i’ve known mike for a very long time also and uh happy to be here guys all right thanks chris uh xing you how you wanna go up next hello thank you for inviting me i’m singular from his class community today i will tell what we’re changing from the 2021 and the development about one tool about wallets and a plugin that can help you make a shopping site either pay for private hms okay awesome thank you all right and then last but not least uh don tom wilder hey don you’re on mute

(03:46) yeah hey guys um yeah uh so i’m actually working with chris in um from the indigenous project which is a decentralized vpn uh it’s also incorporating uh the handshake and um what we’re seeing kind of the project launch uh and some of the design on the project all based in uh thailand originally from the us awesome awesome okay great great i think um xing you want to start you have some you wanted to share a little bit about what you’ve been working on and some of the changes in hns fans the chinese

(04:29) community you know do you have some things you wanted to share yeah okay so let’s started hello everyone i am senior one member from his advanced community each night fast is a community paid built by some chinese members who wants to change the name world we many do some work to spread hns news to the community no members and sometimes refer some tools to make the hs working much more friendly to the users and also we translate the signals to the chinese and soon again at first we have found wechat groups nearly one thousand people

(05:22) also we have hms hmsfan.com every day comes nearly a thousand visits too but as all you know at the middle of the 2021 china began to ban the blockchain so we closed our wechat and repo and other oh really any tools in china i don’t know we changed our community much more global so we make our twitter accounts hns fast and telegram grab group and discord server we record some some words to the discord you guys i didn’t know you got shut down on wechat yeah it’s dangerous to talk about this stuff on chinese internet

(06:17) right yes so we use a foreign tool to talk about this do you know if it was handshake related or it was just blockchain or mining why why was it closed they don’t tell you probably but uh simply because our members think it is dangerous to talk about that in china tools and bring as much trouble so we directly change it to our telegram and then now we have only one bt group and some some some only 100 people it’s much little and it’s much safe for us got it got it okay um yeah i think xingyu knows about hms.chat or hns chat on handshake but

(07:19) that’s like a new chat app built on handshake names so i think you’ve tried that but maybe the community could also make a channel or a group there um do you mind we come back to more parts of your update or you want to finish it all now i know you prepared or uh prepare what oh no i’m just saying are you finished with your update for now or you means and uh telegram grow up all the oh i just mean what you were you were sharing now or are you and to be honest hs is one powerful tool that can totally change the current

(08:06) domain name system but i think hs is the name not only the domain name that can name everything you know from every viewer to every mountie you can name them as you like some hs applications play with hs record results with the name much more decentralized some someone may know we also make one tool called monavie’s scanning load and button so let me tell something about it uh i want to share my screen okay sure wait okay okay this is our monarch tools uh it is simply a web wallet based on hsd node running on background

(09:13) is simply communicate with it when this tool is login with our handshake name after you can you login you will get one bullet and and we will give you the price of the words to to set can be restored from other wallet also you will get one appk and secret that can be used to make a wordpress tool to communicate with the cs and then you will make many others to get this also we have we have some some tools recently to receive names and transfer to others and this is our my name is can be transferred to other address and

(10:17) also includes the finalize uh also it tells the records now from the blockchain and maybe sometime later i we can modify that awesome it’s really great yeah uh i i’ve been working a bit with shinyu on this yeah as you said it’s uh in chad stone and sky include uh we’re trying to find more ways to make make it easier for payments and uh it’s actually does quite a few things xinhua is a very talented developer in china and we’re trying to work with him more and build more uh to bridge the

(10:53) communities too so so keep up the great working you and thanks thanks for sharing this and building thanks for building okay also we have we have a paint markdown tools that can be make uh deep derived applications uh now it is simply one mark down world markdown content so we make me add some plugins to help the page much powerful may add some js plugins to visit the scan ads and storage great yeah so it’s kind of like a d-links way another way to make it a quick page with markdown for your handshake name and uh

(11:40) goes to skylink it’s awesome really really great thanks shinyu so yeah check it out at monapay.com um i saw chris just stepped away um i think how about we move to gold show sylvia i know he actually presented he also brought some slides so maybe we can do that next it’s kind of like we’re we’re all just sharing different updates here and he said thanks i’m sure i would do that so is it my part yeah yeah i mean we’re we’re trying to go around and also have hopefully have some time for some questions from after

(12:17) we share but yeah i’d love to see what gold shell is up to yeah sure so i just talked quickly yeah i believe of south audience have heard about gaucher and our miners uh yeah ghost shell commits to encourage more people involved in mining so that’s why we make different miners we not only make professional miners but also make the box minor especially for normal people or what we call the end users we believe by money it will help to distribute the hash rate and make community to grow up in here i would

(12:53) like to share my screen to present our user infographic sure but yeah i think we all know gold show i mean it’s still the only manufacturer for handshake mining uh with hs1 i have hs1 and uh hs5 i think is the premium one now right for handshake by gold shell yeah so who is our people mining handshake in the chat maybe i’d like to hear it while she’s preparing her her screen um are people here mining handshake or using they might want to share their experiences i i did it you know okay cool vinnie’s done it with uh

(13:47) maybe if you’re willing to share what machines you’ve used let me just create some engagement here some chats but sylvia you’re sharing your screen okay there it goes great so uh i would like to share our in the user infographic and the first one is an overall user graphic in picture our customers are globally so there are more than ten thousand people have bought miners on our website awesome yeah and the second table is our customer who who purchased handshake miner on goshare website our handshake miner have shipped

(14:27) to over 80 countries more than 3 thousand individuals have bought so far around 60 percent users are located in united states they also have large quantity customers in canada united kingdom german australia and spain so generally speaking the more people have the manner the hash rate will get more distributed and also i would like to introduce more about our box miner yeah the left picture shows the small body is really cute it attracted many users love and people enjoy the money then they start to do their own research

(15:12) get more understanding on handshake ecosystem development so they released the new process miner this month it’s has light yes the right picture a new powerful quiet miner we hope that all users can show their support to handshake by their money experience yeah so um yeah so this is my wants to present yeah okay nice i didn’t know about this hs light so it’s it’s just coming out this month you said yeah it just comes it says coming in maybe two weeks ago yeah okay okay okay great very cool very cool and then

(16:03) uh is there back orders or how do people you know i know uh gold shell is often sold out right yeah i mean i see some people wanting maybe how how is there ways you know i know you sell out really fast right your machines is there yeah yeah some customers complain it’s hard to get our miners and indeed they are facing the cheap shortage on unstable supply chain especially during the core 19 has greatly impacted on our manning capacity but they are still working on that hopefully they can provide more units to

(16:39) all of you and our friends yeah is there any white lists for handicon attendees people are there’s a few people in chat saying handicon discount or at least a exclusive pre-order or something maybe we can talk about that yeah yeah if um if we can have more collaboration together so and also i want to highlight that gosha is open to receive different capacitive on every topic so and also we are glad to receive any feedback suggestions from all of you so if you have any ideas or information to share just go ahead and contact us

(17:21) directly what’s the best way i know uh for that uh yeah you can just contact us by email it’s a hello ed and scotia.com yeah i can tap i can type that i will email on the chat box okay so uh also if you want to use the q a box for questions people just so i don’t lose track because we’re going to kind of shift around in the the the panel now um but talk about you know crowdfunding chris chris i mean chris and ardan more specifically too uh crowdfunding is a popular channel right uh and uh don do you want to share some

(18:00) of your insights with crowdfunding for people like and then how you’ve seen it uh in the in the crypto space and then hardware here like with indigenous and other things sure sure yeah well um yeah hey guys so i’ve been in the reward based crowdfunding scene for about nine years um uh so a lot of experience on kickstarter and indiegogo particular and i’ve helped a lot of a lot of companies um do crowdfunding as well as launching some of my own projects uh but i think web 3.

(18:35) 0 is definitely going to change the landscape right for for crowdfunding um and even reward-based pro kickstarter is looking at incorporating some blockchain into oh really the platform yeah um i didn’t know about that right so um that’s going to change things right i think even uh you know companies launching physical products with nfts um is is kind of on the horizon uh but currently i think you know as far as reward-based crowdfunding kickstarter indiegogo there’s still a lot of challenges for crypto companies uh there’s probably

(19:17) only a couple of successes to date uh one of the companies that went to indiegogo that was um running a hardware mining project called uh deeper i think people are probably familiar with um they had a nice campaign uh and they’re set up on the indiegogo in demand store right now um so they’ve they pulled in over uh 8 000 you know pre-orders on their store uh which is which is awesome um but the if you look at the campaign page they’re really limited on what they can even uh you know explain about the product

(19:52) because it’s against the terms of service for uh kickstarter indiegogo to do anything that’s a financially related product uh so so that just means that with the the deeper project they were able to explain that you know the product is a decentralized vpn uh but not so much that actually can earn you passive income through through mining right true uh so you know um any any company that’s interested in moving into that space that’s just something they should be aware about yes this is fine line but it’s

(20:26) interesting you’re saying like that uh kickstarter they might have their blockchain integrations or even tokens imagine imagine that like you get rewarded and token from buying on these crowdfunding platforms i don’t know if that’s what could happen but interesting insights uh chris you know oh go ahead or daddy afterlife oh no i think i mean from what i’ve heard with like kickstarter in particular is that uh it’s also a point of liability like they kickstarter wants to be able to kind of

(20:54) offer the platform but not be so closely connected between the backers and the creators uh which moving into the blockchain will make things look more a little more transparent as far as um you know de-risking them as a platform okay nice and then chris i i’m excited to hear i mean share about indigenous a bit and where we at i know people have been following in the handshake uh world and uh you’ve been helping me out with that and working uh with us do you want to share some insights from indigenous which is like a as dawn

(21:30) mentioned in the intro like a hardware for um sentinel and then also uh resolving handshake names um yeah absolutely so i mean the basic idea is is that we have the hardware and the software sells some plugs so we’re working through those um and i guess just like on the topic hardware in general like especially within the crypto space and how teams work um there’s definitely a disconnect on the new way of working versus the old way of working i’m sure sylvia goldschill can share her experience that when

(22:06) development’s done and their software it’s usually siloed in house and then it goes open after that for now it’s um uh desegmented teams that don’t always have like share the information like the best way in the most effective way so um something we’re working through and hopefully we can uh fix those bugs um even if we have to do it ourselves and uh get that thing out true true yeah so like the software i mean hardware and software integration is really challenging right i think that’s the

(22:40) bridging hardware and software together and then like you’re saying the communications with distributed teams working online working cross border um but that’s that’s the true point actually there’s a question that came into the from the audience um and chris might be the best to explain this but are there any us-based companies making hardware now or is all like asia still you know i mean obviously a lot of you know gold shells in in in asia and uh a lot of other manufacturing is here what uh or others maybe even sylvia or

(23:12) others would like to answer but i think chris might be that yeah i mean as far as i know um it depends how you define making uh something similar to how apple puts on the iphone uh designed in california but assembled in china i believe that’s uh generally what uh what’s going on true yeah i mean even uh even within asia people are trying to or make and manufacture maybe in vietnam but a lot of the raw materials comes from china and then goes to like say vietnam and then they they assemble it there right

(23:45) or even the chips are made in taiwan right a lot like sylvia mentioned ship shortages uh chips are like usually uh coming from maybe i i’m i’m not as familiar as chris maybe sylvia but uh you know then there’s components from everywhere right and then there’s of course different other parts of the process but then yeah i mean there’s i think there’s more more assembly in in the us i know chris we’ve been discussing 3d printing or smaller production runs in us or uh faster delivery times and uh

(24:17) but it’s also the chips right so you mentioned ship shortages too with gold shell miners the the the the real limiting factor i think is the uh is the chips i don’t know if sylvie or chris or anyone else wants to give some insights about what what is the ship market now is it getting better or worse i guess it depends on the bull market of crypto or what um i think maybe sylvia can answer the chip issue better than i can um but what i will say is that as far as like us assembly or production if this is something that anybody

(24:49) uh would like to do or like to uh seek is something that actually we’ve been looking at a lot i’d be happy to look at either like investment within that um or anything around that like i feel like it makes it a lot cleaner of a process plus you get to save that 25 off the top that um i think a lot of importers just aren’t paying right now through whatever method they’re using um but that’s something that i can definitely see there being a huge advantage on yeah awesome all right still being like better than me

(25:21) oh go ahead sorry you were well yeah i mean there is there’s definitely interest to move things to the us i mean even before uh even earlier you know for many years there’s been discussions about manufacturing in the us um answer that mike sorry what was that sorry i’m muted okay sylvia i’d love to hear your insights about ship shortages manufacturing you know you’re doing this every day at gold show well i think that um it’s made hard to say that so uh so we are just working on that we hope

(25:57) that we can to achieve to achieve this shift shift shortage yeah okay and so you’re in shanghai the manufacturing is in shanghai i’m just i don’t know if you can disclose that or yeah no just our headquarter headquarters in shanghai and our and other manufacturers i believe mostly is in shenzhen oh it’s in shenzhen nice i’m here cool all right uh there was one other question about the hash rate power usage from vinnie uh i don’t know if you know that sylvia yet or maybe they could check it on their website for the uh hs lite

(26:45) uh you want us you wanna see the hs light hash rate hash rate of power um yeah i can yeah i can um check in my in my website to show that okay seems like andy uh from hs search is sharing in the chat it’s uh uh 1360 gigahertz a second 12 1250 watts great thanks andy okay um we just got a couple more minutes left this was a shorter panel but um what are some other thoughts or concerns or points you know that’s happening in the in the space that we’d like to share here well i’d actually like personally i’d

(27:31) like to hear some questions from the audience for features um that they would like to see um typically right now when people buy hardware related to crypto in general it’s roi based um and even the pricing is based on like how much how many bitcoin can i mine um and then the price follows that right for the for the machine it’s just a capital cost input whereas like you know traditional internet people buy devices to get to use um the service right um if you buy like a router for your house etc so um

(28:01) perhaps the good question would be what would motivate people to want to buy a device that it’s not based on an roi for it yeah well we’re noticing a lot of people want just to earn the token but not maybe um you know mining like you know mining to get coin which is of course a good incentive but maybe also just for decentralization stake or um you know the d web at general what would some features people want in hardware you know if you want but in chat uh some questions or features or points also i’m

(28:33) getting some private messages um you know from d webnet.net is more than happy to help us with us manufacturing chris he said they’re messaging me now so uh that’s that’s another point to uh to mention their their us-based they got a couple of facilities um they’re sending me now um actually chris how can people reach you know you say people can reach out to you what would be a good way for them to do so um telegram and uh email i can drop it in the chat yes yeah maybe put in the chat sure also if uh goldshell i think sylvia you

(29:12) shared your uh hello goalshell.com or goalshell.com is that the best ways you also have um other ways i mean i think there’s a telegram group i’m in that’s pretty active as well on shell yeah our community is very uh it’s active uh we have more than 7 000 community members on telegram yeah i can’t have the telegram so yeah that they’d like people to connect they could also put in a chat we’re wrapping up just one minute we got uh the next session’s gonna be pretty awesome too of uh hns search and uh hns factory

(29:54) with andy okay all right so i think we’re wrapping up it was a quick one it was fun one so thank you for uh coming on chris don xing silvia especially so early for those in asia so i really hope you enjoyed and there’s some contact information being shared kirk yeah definitely be cool if we make some connections keep building out the d web to bridge the online and offline worlds and get more mass adoption so thanks thanks for sharing everybody yep yes thank you yep [Music] [Applause] [Music] so

(31:00) [Music] kinetic is a blockchain crypto investment firm based in hong kong and puerto rico founded in 2016 they were the first fund in hong kong and one of the earliest in asia with a portfolio of over 220 companies they were seed investors in such projects as ethereum parity and polka dot solana ftx and of course handshake in name base [Music] founder johan chu was an active investor and supporter of the handshake ecosystem over one hundred thousand domains co-founder of d-web foundation co-founder of handicon and sponsor of

(31:52) the handshake house at miami hack week 2022 [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] me [Music] hello [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] you