Flamingo Handshake Auction


(00:01) [Music] [Applause] [Music] kinetic is a blockchain crypto investment firm based in hong kong and puerto rico [Music] founded in 2016 they were the first fund in hong kong and one of the earliest in asia with a portfolio of over companies they were seed investors in such projects as ethereum parity and polka dot solana ftx and of course handshake in name base [Music] founder johan chu was an active investor and supporter of the handshake ecosystem over one hundred thousand domains co-founder of d-web foundation co-founder of handicon and sponsor of

(00:52) the handshake house at miami hack week 2022 [Music] all right welcome everybody blake is first birds here awesome swear works okay thank you everybody for welcome to day three we’re jumping right into an auction live auctions awesome steve webb’s here thank you everybody and uh how’s everybody feeling everybody’s feeling good johnny’s bidding already great great encrypted how are you two and feeling today i’m feeling awesome man i’m just really excited to get into the auction get things going get these uh these names

(01:35) going on you know yeah glad to see everyone in the chats excited yeah we’re all we’re all super super excited and uh yeah with us is uh chango she was she was uh hosting a panel on day one and she’s from the d webb foundation and does other amazing things in handshake and crypto space in general so welcome back guys um yeah i think uh jahan i think is is maybe you’re gonna be on the bidding so uh japan do you want to say something first or no no i just want to get off stage i don’t know how to get in

(02:16) okay jahan will be active in the bidding so thank you for your support okay so encrypted you want to oscar wants my glasses you know i was thinking about me maybe making some here okay do you want to go through the rules uh yeah so auction information rules are pretty simple all emoji ttl these are real idna with a valid and work and punny code submitted domain names are held in escrow by nimbiz to participate as a bidder you must rsvp beforehand the flamingo handshake or in this case handycom.

(02:52) xyz during the live auction bids are placed in chat failure to honor a winning bid will result in a ban of all future auctions a minimum of 25 percent of each sale will be donated to the chosen set selected hitch development fund awesome okay uh so this is the booklet just to help uh actually i think we did dark mode today so in the slides but uh the formats always try to be consistent of course if it’s uh if it’s an emoji we show it and the puny code and the code so you can verify that we tried to chat put a link to the uh nami

(03:30) in the chat nowadays um oh jordan’s got a question for chango and we try to put a little description about it and then on the bottom left we’ll put the the fund there might be a couple of edits with santa fly there’s been a lot of coordination and then of course the most important is how much percentage goes to uh to the uh the foundations or the community again this is meant to be of course we want the sellers to to earn from their their name but we also want to make sure that this goes back into the ecosystem

(04:03) uh a lot of the sellers are also very active in the community you know we try our best to distribute you know various names but of course we focus on the most premium names as well but there are some names that are tied to some pretty active contributors to the community so it’s great to see the funds going to them and uh people are liking your rug there’s lots and lots um maybe we could share the booklet world you have but yeah there’s nothing to do on the website steve um you’re here um so the idea here is

(04:39) we’re well you know i think the first first one we will um oh yeah people want the rug everybody’s liking the rug there’s the booklet so if you want to download the booklet although the order i believe the order is the same in that latest booklet yeah everybody likes the book everybody’s liking the rug nice yeah sorry mike’s killing the show with this brother where did you actually get the rug like how do we get her hands on yeah yeah it’s it’s funny that it is a handshake rug but you know with handshake you’re

(05:14) not going to get rugged you know there ain’t no plumbing dominance in this bush but yeah it’s i got it from um alex mig’s mig’s machine he’s been an active yeah like he’s he’s super active and he loves handshake and i he he got some girl who makes rugs to make this custom h s branded carpet and so she i don’t know she goes through some special process where she has like the fabric and then she makes it fluffy or something and then yeah but anyway he’s made a couple and i grabbed one from him

(05:48) um but he’s gonna be i think he’s gonna be selling them so he yeah you’re going to be able to buy more from his website wherever that is but it’s alex miggs yeah yeah spammed on twitter yeah okay yeah if you guys know how to reach him then yeah i’m pretty sure he’s starting to sell it or something he’s like making various like handshake merch too so he’s just yeah he’s also okay you guys get the t-rex that’s not real drug yeah yeah awesome awesome yeah thanks john yeah mig’s machine he’s

(06:29) been active in the event today too so it’s really great all right so i know some of you is your first time i noticed some regulars here we do it we’re here up in stage you know uh with our rugs and our glasses and stuff but uh you know you guys can just do everything in text chat only the uh yeah japan’s asking the order uh encrypted maybe just flip through all this all of them i think uh yeah no problem can you just check uh telegram real quick too please okay sorry thank you um so we’re just gonna go through one by

(07:01) one got d app we got a little b symbol canadian can’t say that work it just looks like a b um negative squared latin capital letter w we got dot golf um dot ipv4 dot identity we got the men’s room uh emoji yep got the green and cat emoji um dot persistent and the holy grail dot ass the once in a lifetime that i think everyone’s here to try and get a little bit of action on we got the desktop computer which again another once in a lifetime chance um yeah that’s it that’s the uh run through for i think there’s a couple of

(08:01) modifications on the couple about the the fun the funds that are receiving you know um uh change and i just clarified but i think dap even is one this is also d web foundation um here so again we’re all shifting you know finding the right balance for everything here um but this is going to be half half of d webb and uh bob and then flamingo gets uh five percent of that of the 25.

(08:30) just to be clear um but yeah dap is a great one i’m excited about that but i mean we don’t i think a lot of people know daps i mean people didn’t even need using the keyword dap in the uh in the event you know we need more daps on handshake taps or uh decentralized applications right you’re building on top of a blockchain uh oh name based is here great all right oh thanks for uh putting that order at your head okay um so yeah it looks like there’s some new bidders here i know name based uh with

(09:00) the d he’s been a regular and supporter thank you there’s identity identity was here right encrypted yeah identities on there it’s um just after i saw identity yeah yeah just after ipv4 okay okay so uh the first one up i think you know i think after you do the first one of course they’re all extremely valuable always valuable um hopefully you get the hang of it this is always an hns token um you know and a b her name is abs her real name’s anne i think she had to use a different account she’s have some computer problems she’s

(09:41) in the chats so um she’s the one that helps us um with this with talking to the winners so make sure you talk to her in private message um in the uh in the air meets you can dm her um should i invite her to stage maybe she just has some technical difficulties getting into air me so she’s on a different computer i’ll uh invite her here i hope that’s right um i can’t mike all right well it’s all h and s and h is super cheap right now it’s unbelievably cheap 15 cents around right encrypted what’s the

(10:20) price html yeah it’s like fluctuating from like 15 to 16 right now it’s going up and down okay so keep that in mind wow richard is here really yeah for namecheap wow all right so uh let’s start let’s start um encrypted which always hns price no dollars no uh you know so let’s just get started what’s hms price will i kick off today uh should we start off smaller try and kick this uh let’s see how it goes i oh well okay 5000 h and s bid coming in from taylor these guys look like real bitters but

(11:05) let’s start at a thousand let’s just start at a thousand and people can jump all right all right we’ll start at a thousand it looks like they’re really bidding yeah these are real bids i mean we know these uh people so fistful is the highest at 10. taylor’s going 13 whale is 15. okay the the text is the bids these guys are just experienced um the high bid is fifteen thousand for dapp fifteen thousand five hundred bird bird is the word i’ve been saying he’s been a regular here fifteen thousand

(11:37) five hundred hns so hns you can look it up on coin gecko if you’re not familiar you should be familiar at handycon but uh do the math 16 000 for whale anyone want to bring it up to 16.5 yep i know right gap is a good word you will be the tld for every single decentralized app that’s running a smart contract in the future yeah i mean uh start up a hot one yeah taylor can’t start cosmos dot oh sorry dot dap ethereum dot dash twenty thousand oh steve web coverage twenty thousand twenty thousand for steve webb impervious thanks for your

(12:19) support your bid twenty two thousand from whale stablecoin.dap.stable.dap.usdc.dap okay whales at 22. so yeah let’s do 500 minimum increments at this level so 22.5 would be okay bird thank you 22.5 is a high bid do we have 23 23 looking for 23 tara dot dap okay 25 high bid 25 000 pay he’s waking up early like me and he’s in he’s in taipei twenty six thousand bird twenty six thousand high bid twenty six five is a minimum increment do we see twenty six five twenty six five twenty six five well thank you for that 27 do

(13:06) we have 27 27 bird okay thank you anyone want to bring it up to 20. oh there’s no reserve no reserve on this no reserve so this is meant for this will sell at 27. do we have 27.5 29 whale thank you whale 29 30 30 thousand 30 seconds thank you thank you steve this will sell thirty thousand we’re ready to round number do we have thirty five thirty thousand five hundred can we get to thirty one do we see thirty one thirty one thousand dot dapp thirty-one wheels make or die dot maker dow dot dab yeah there we go dap is thirty one five

(13:41) pay thank you page what else trader joe xyz dot dap yeah it’s getting some great bids here thirty-three okay well thank you think of all the d5 apps yeah all the nft apps openc.dap right there use case in in handshake um it’s one of the top use cases so do we see 33 5 33 oh [ __ ] and what about third level sub domains yeah yeah we we’ve we’ve got uh dot eth dot dap so what’s before that yeah we’ve got all the we’ve got all the social handles.east.

(14:24) dap think about it he came in with p2p he got p2p at a previous auction thanks to it okay so uh anyone want to bring it up to 34. we’re at 34. can we go to 34. well it’s going to be that’s good change dot dap mike dottie dot dap yeah isaiah.edu oh richard’s making some offers here originally hey for an amg i mean that’s i would consider it okay well we’re sitting at 33 we should start to do a countdown i noticed sniper’s always weighing 30 33’s high bit 335 thank you thank you from jihad

(15:06) yeah thank you for watching now we’re getting some action here at least minimum floor value like look at how undervalued this thing is thirty five five do you have thirty five five what about all the unstoppable domains right to thirty six oh we’d be co-workers johnny yeah all right let’s go let’s let’s go we’re having fun here today do we have 30 36 can we go to 35 five japan thank you thank you jihad for 36.

(15:53) 36 anyone want to bring it up to 40k think about what you can do in the future well sign on dot dap 39.5 40. forty k on none and on three okay so uh do we have forty five forty web three dot dap imagine that we’re going good we’re going strong here anyone want to bring it up to 40 oh man thank you it’ll be polka dot dot what dot web 3 dot dab 49 covenant maybe we’ll go to 1000 increments from 1050.

(16:47) looks rare all right think about third level domains go will come in with the bump again and 51. steve’s already making this time it’s the easy one hopefully it could be used yeah 52 and on thank you thank you for your very there you go looking more like it the flamingo’s looking here he’s looking around checking things out 53 whales there we go yeah no it’s going to be chango.unchain.

(17:19) dab we’re talking third tertiary for sure there’s so much uses i i’ve even picked up slds i’ve been thinking about uh i got some forever domains that i’m thinking about with 60 yeah okay 60k i think dot dab will be sufficiently large one 65k oh sure does not let each other critical yeah wow coming in strong coming in strong 70 coming in from anon okay wearable.web3.

(17:51) dap what else what are the nft games right there like okay punks crypto punks board apes board apes dot yacht dot dab seriously yeah yeah yeah that’s right yeah bait right board eight yacht club dot yacht dot dap yup i saw the yacht dot dab would be selling real real yachts okay thank you thank you for your support here he’s been active in the auctions here do we move up to 70.

(18:31) 79. yeah we’ve got a whale we’ve got an anon and we’ve got like a bird what else yeah yeah other animal all right a from a anon all right thank you yeah seriously john says so many slds could be businesses on their own yeah dot x dot dap wait a second excellent okay got will coming in with actually no i think it’ll be punks.

(19:11) crypto that’s what it would look like anyone want to raise this again bring it up to 83 84 we have 83 minimum uh incremental bid here 85 and on okay thank you for that i could see crypto.dat being the sub-level domain and then people adding their whatever nft dapps on top of it all right well okay this has been a hot one today can we bring it up to us open up this gate strong be like mutant dot apes dot dap okay 90 from anon seems like it’s these two guys going out with girls going at it [Laughter] keeps things interesting here 91 women

(19:58) 91k hms can we make it 100k 100k double the price 100k boom come on all right it it’s gonna be like looksrare.web3.dap yeah 105.99 oh never mind will come in 110 okay this is some crazy there we go market is becoming more efficient at discovering this price dot dap is valuable let me think about it geez like something less valuable on a dot east has gone for it way more h and sto these are underpriced so much alpha in this room right now do we do we let it keep going out here

(21:14) mgh i don’t know annan is pretty powerful steve’s got a portal combat tune playing in the back jihan’s fighting with a shadow figure these heavyweight boxers okay playing the waiting game isaiah says you could do a lot for the community globe with a.dap so i’m not sure what that means okay guys web3.

(22:05) dap think about it like what’s a web3d app all of that could be x.web3.dap we got wheel coming in with 150 it’s got 150k on this anyone want to go higher all right 151. john coming in 151 okay great thank you everybody can we go under again 81. all right 155. this needs to be in bloomberg yeah don’t have something don’t we have some media people here like yeah this is all here this is hns uh i mean techcrunch was here all right oscar says oh my god two minutes out and when i come back 160 hms guys d5 163 all right thank you can we make it 165

(23:07) yeah it’s true john’s a great writer huh all right yeah we need some press coverage on this this is going to be yours seems like we’ve got whale at 163 heights backing out thank you so much we’re here you guys are getting this in a private auction basically at underpriced value okay do we do the kind time then oh john’s coming he’s not letting that happen 165.

(23:36) the this is going to be the tld that people build third level domains off of seriously welcoming 170 like imagine any app that is a smart contract running on blockchain will have this as their domain 171 japan high bid so we’ve got a couple bidders here whale and japan okay like imagine any cosmos app chain you know stargaze let’s say let’s say tara it’ll be terra.cosmos.

(24:11) dap got wheel coming in 175k hub dot cosmos dot dap all right if we have social networks coming in guys decentralized social networks all the all the handles all the all their decentralized twitter handles are going to be based upon dot dash you know like it just like isaiah’s mentioning it’s true i mean we’re talking about hns which is a huge undervalued right now i mean we’ve been um and it compares to an icann tld it’s it’s still well worth it yeah steve webb says can we start bidding on what changes marketing salary

(24:55) seems great here okay you know i’m gonna try to upsell you i mean at minimum i should have a politician salary true true he’s talking about john’s talking about yeah it’s yeah handshake yeah some yeah for hundreds of thousands come on guys the handshake pizza in five years awesome thank you seriously yeah okay so whale is the high bidder at 178 right now thank you whale awesome oh yeah this will go down in history is the most expensive handshake tld ever sold actually no that’s not true 180 oh he’s coming back he’s coming back

(25:33) actually am i hey it’s climbing up it’s climbing we’re having a high one night okay so we still got three people here official name change to steve dewebb seriously the paperwork’s already been filed yeah all the all the social signaling you can have it’ll be like steve the web dot web three dot dab or steve dot d1 185 is the high then john is keeping us in track with the stats all right so we got anyone want to bring it up to 190.

(26:35) all right yeah i know we really got to bridge more cosmos with with handshake i mean i think yeah we really should yeah cosmos doesn’t have a its own uh naming system yet so obviously desktop app or deadcenter deck dec i don’t know anyways um back to the base so johan is the high bidder at 186 now and there’s a couple other active bidders in today so how are we moving up i guess anyone want to raise this south minimum so this is a good deal yeah yeah it’s still a great deal i mean it’s oh anyone for 190k 190khz

(27:23) 190 i think we’re getting anywhere for 190k on our point now we’re finding our point now i think we can do uh maybe we do just getting trolled again though oh i knew it i knew i was going to get trolled it always happened with the hard punch ooh 191 that’s mine jihan not letting up not going down again oh 200.

(28:08) not going down got a battle for the ages rebuttals right back 201 john will crimp can we bring it up to 305 oh no all right let’s keep this going this is exciting i don’t know it’s like a handicap here yeah jahan’s a heavyweight but anon’s like in the shadows you can’t even see him the guy’s a ninja two two two two oh two twenty two two two i was just like um all right dap okay

(29:14) let’s see let’s see so she has a high better two two three is we have no decentralized identity oh no boom 223 then okay 2 2 3 k h s uh going once going twice final yeah we got it okay oh geez congratulations congratulations all right great one great first one today great first auction for uh for us today let’s let’s move forward all right we want to go through this one yeah i’ll talk about this one so this it looks like just to be fully clear this is a a puny code right so it’s a canadian silvic’s

(30:14) carrier khe um so but it looks like a b right so that’s uh that’s the cool part of these these are could be used for domain hacks and um um you know a lot of people are using these for like you know we have hms chat here jordan and others you can use this for your um for different statuses right and it’s a 25 split between bob and flamingo on this one um and uh yeah i think we can get this one started hopefully this one gets some good action too and uh starting this what do you want to start let’s start low at five started

(30:50) off at like uh 500. what is the what is the khe is um so it’s actually like i think a lot of it in the domain industry with the at least in the handshake it’s not people don’t really look at the canadian syllabus it’s just it looks like a b but it’s a cuny code so it’s xn dash dash 9 qe in url the url wouldn’t be slash b the url uh is this is this to represent people registering on dap already here nice all right thanks name based okay so do we got a 500 bid here anyone want to open up with a 500 bid

(31:32) starting bid looks kind of like the bitcoin sign okay 500 coming in for physical thank you thank you fistful he’s awesome he’s been doing amazing helping in the event today thanks for your bid do we have 600 600 nations this will be a little bit of an easier auction than the dap one for us but uh uh do we link to it we have the me uh link uh it’s like a capital b but it’s a puny code oh oh oh so so on the emoji list it’s just like a b in in like a block like a blue block and it says b yeah so we just encrypted just

(32:17) shared the link if it’s a nami but it looks like a big b it’s a capital b so a lot of these uh puny codes we use for uh this full ape now ask questions later this uh if you like that a reserve i think is pretty well low reserved but uh there’s reserves so we haven’t met reserved we have can move up to 605 550 bird thank you thank you i’ll i’ll bring it up to 600 here oh and crypt has been if he’s been i know you know we just went through dap but uh you know this is still a very you know useful name is a big b it’s

(32:58) it’s a kind of a domain hack uh yeah i mean like anything that ends with a b in any way right like you can just kind of mess with it and make little fun names with it i mean it might not be the real bee but can we move up here abc alphabets i don’t know like uh kindergarten teachers might use i don’t know you can’t get the big letter b in in english on uh because it’s always a small all the letters are under cases right right yeah so this is making it a large steve cracker yeah all right do we have

(33:32) seven hundred seven hundred turning the salary next took a while um anyone want to bring it up to 700 700 we still haven’t made reserve and uh if we’re not getting enough interest we might move it we might move it i could i could see people branding some sort of like children’s alphabet thing you know like it looks like the you know um okay i have a feeling we’re not gonna when i get much interest on this uh i think we got enough names today i’m sorry for the seller um just move on then i think we move on

(34:06) oh oh you’re there was there a reserve there was a reserve that was pretty far from reserve we notice the sellers and he’s a good contributor but he’s he’s got a little bit of higher expectations sometimes so uh i think uh we move to this one yeah negative squared latin capital letter w okay this just looks like uh the um all right microphone forward okay so ann is back and is back on the um and is back so okay all right bird thank you for just opening up at 500 this is a um yeah this one’s against more it has you

(34:49) can see it’s not a cr it’s a negative squared latin capital w uh so it’s it’s more like what is it’s more like a letter rather than like some acrylic language it’s uh it’s actually meant to be a uh inverse white background black uh letter w okay so we got 500 from birdman’s dope thank you dope microsoft word any word doc like think about it anyone want to bring it up to 700.

(35:18) name your word doc you know it’ll be like that’s true wikipedia yeah oh and taylor’s heart wikipedia that wikimedia oh yeah it does look kind of like the wikipedia sign yeah yeah i think that wikipedia knox tournix cool all right so we have do we have uh 700 700 going to 700 we have a reserve on this one as well yeah if you want to bring it up a pdf sign you could you know you could search anything it’ll be like here’s this is uh not met reserve so um wikipedia 700 isaiah thank you thank you great up tied bid here 700 so like

(35:55) we met we uh break that tie 800 800 800 anyone want to bring it up again thank you isaiah great getting some good action here 900 can move to 900 we could also jump in you know you can see that in the others we also jump to a thousand microscopic words wikipedia these are fun ones right so a thousand we got a thousand negative squared it could become de facto wiki tld if anyone searches anything on the wikipedias this could be it we have a thousand i think it’d be more like fun to use for your words as well like just

(36:36) stupid things faster yeah let’s go faster some do we have 1200 do we have 1200 we’re looking for 1200 bid here all right 1 200 we’ve not yet been reserved there we go do we have 12 hundred yeah anyone want to come in with 1200 here 1200 okay there’s also little symbols that have like different letters and it’s you could use those to make up sub-domains uh we’re not near reserve but we need to get some more action here we have a lot of great names so if you want www wanna go for [ __ ] we need to move

(37:23) forward i think uh maybe in a normal auction but the handicon auction i think we gotta move a little bit a little bit faster or oh so we’re skipping that one we shouldn’t until we confirm uh if we can can we get a 1500 if we can’t get a 1500 bid in the next five seconds we will uh we’ll move oh yeah yeah yeah i’m sorry if you wanted to do that um you can do that usually it’s privately but uh sure sure uh yeah this is the this is the seller it’s confirmed if you if you want to drop your reserve that would help i

(37:56) think usually lower reserves always help us um because when we’re not meeting reserve um so what’s our highest bid right now it’s uh 1100 taylor 1100 h9s there we go sulu is liking it yeah we want to have lower reserves just to get things moving but because we got to move these auctions today we got a lot of great names all right so let’s see i don’t know any dot work that microsoft word file would be like yep no all right well we have 1100 high bid right now uh anyone wanted to bring it up to this

(38:32) whole 2k maybe if somebody supposed to jump to 2000 or we can keep it we got to move we got up we got about 10 more names or eight more nine more natives so all right uh going once going once going twice final warn and sold 12 not sold didn’t meet really yeah skipped 1100 highest bid not met reserve okay goth goth um god is another great name i don’t know are you a goth is that something i can ask i i i don’t know what is god i mean gothic right gothic is like a style uh-huh i think it just means you like a

(39:16) lot of dark clothes and dark things like that actually yeah gothic goth is a font it could be a font live wonder starting people yeah oh it’s the font i think of goth as like a a kind of trick yeah yeah like like the dark emo look yeah sure 700 700 [Music] thank you for your bids your support here this three thousands can we go through i think the font name is a little more more interesting uh three thousand high bid 3100 we got 31.

(39:57) anyone want to bring it up too maybe that works going hot and going big and strong is the way that yeah it’s like capture these things it is a big one i like this i like this one find a dot goth find a god it could be it could be the dating app for goth all right uh high bid is uh 3 000 johnny i’ll put in typing going twice okay also please make sure you talk to ann and i think she’s back on the chat

(41:01) right jan can you say hi all right let’s keep this going we’re 45 minutes epic handicon options thank you what’s next encrypted all right uh we got ipv4 okay it’s a little bit of a techy and name ipv6 the original yeah so we start this at what anchor 500 again sorry let’s say like 500 yeah 500 opening bid i mean this is good even just for like a bit of culture yeah there’s ends back here yeah community ones it’s true right i mean it is a good community one so let’s let’s focus on ipv4 thank you johnny for

(41:44) that i wanted johnny and black guys okay dope game of 500 do we have 600 do we have a 600 bid i’ll go for 600 ipv oh he kept this in yeah you’re an ipv4 you have a 700 bid 700 700 oscar oh i’ll come in with 800 800 encrypted okay thank you thank you for that do we have a 900 in here i’ll come in okay 1 000 1 000 okay there we go and kevin was a regular bidder on all of these in the past it’s great to have you here eleven hundred eleven hundred we have eleven hundred eleven hundred dollars coming with

(42:20) eleven oh oh twelve hundred anyone gonna come in and beat him with twelve or do we have one thousand two hundred could also jump in just dominate if you want 1500 jordan nice hns chat coming in season sees the value here great thank you anyone want to bring it up to 1600 1600 1600 1600 do we have 1 600 of course jump biz are welcome chakalaka boom oh i like that oscar thank you one thousand six hundred let’s move this can also jump to two thousand or higher one thousand six hundred neck minimum incremental one thousand six hundred we

(42:55) have a one thousand six hundred bid we’re looking around looking looking hey okay i think we’re going to do a countdown for that yeah one thousand four like browser.ipv4 or okay jordan thank you thank you thank you congratulations yeah i mean it’s a super stupid film identity there you go identity this one is a great i mean name based oh he’s a he’s a good bidder thank you for your support you know how much to explain here oh there’s a thousand i think people know if john’s biggest yeah

(43:47) okay all right do we just uh it’s a good seller we’ve 55k coming in from oil 55 whale oh vinnie i should buy this he owns identity.com yeah oh man anything.identity is strictly better than identity.com yeah all right we’ve got identity 55 high at whale thai not identity government price but it’s a very local low price of hns so it’s a great price 56 and on thank you

(44:51) for identifying anyone want to bring in yeah 57. jason. as high at 56. who else who else sudo dot identity [Music] do we have somebody and then we have django loves her third level domains that’s where it’s headed man okay japan are you gonna want to bring it up to 60k here high bid is 59 with wheel yeah 59 high bid here thank you for your support everybody gonna stop that second level domains yeah it’ll be like oh man like domain captions this is an apex and like google maps yeah like like flights.google.com

(45:51) here’s some dystopia like your social security number dot us dot identity hell man you’re like identified by your hand please steal my identity for sale stolen identity all right we’ve got some fun stuff here 63 high bid from wales or you could even go to the other right and have sell your thought identity 65 okay 65 high bid now 70.

(46:21) here’s a really interesting one here like think about this if people are giving good domain names okay my data and it comes from this uh this identity so so this my chango dot footnote dot identity would be like my wallet address i’ve been at 70 70k um does anybody especially are more regular yeah 71 we maybe sell my identity i think we count down uh identity i think the bidders know seventy-two this is going to be some some fodder for social tokens it’ll be like for that yeah i don’t know if i just tell my identity though but

(47:19) 72 high of whales or anyone want to bring it up to 73. yeah you own your identity here yeah okay this will definitely be used for yeah he’s a previous buyer so thank you for your support in the auctions we’re doing a countdown all right going once going twice so if you could just make sure settle that thank you well okay men’s room men’s room what do you think of this you know stick figure icon generally use it and everyone needs to know that oh wow we’re getting bins already all right this split with uh bob and flamingo for this

(48:18) one okay [Music] oh man like when smart bathrooms become a thing nice 4 000 hybrid here if you go to a restaurant or if you go to an airport yeah like you want to like scan in for like something like some east thing okay you’re going to be like i was here at this men’s bathroom at the singapore airport i mean this doesn’t necessarily mean a bathroom is how about six thousand let’s go five

(49:25) five jahan okay six thousand six thousand pay okay all right how about seven thousand goals to catch you on to blow a stack before we get to that ass seven thousand three episodes dot anyone want to bring this up to 7k okay um did you just say a dedicated login five six five seven thousand do we have seven thousand today looking for seven pounds i believe um is there a reserve for this yeah there’s a reserve um okay i’ll just uh do we just say it encrypted um okay it has been a little bit okay thanks encrypted

(50:33) it’s been something working out sellers i i don’t even like reserves you know usually 10k is the reserve okay 10k so do we have a 10k bid all right which gentlemen want to check into their smart bathrooms in the future yeah well a girl could get anyone to claim this bad boy and she can see all the guys go to the bathroom what she wanted all right gotta check into that bathroom man all right so if nobody’s gonna hit this all right i think we gotta we gotta talk and going twice and final warn and salt because i’m just used to saying so

(51:25) there’s my bad people okay johnny you just lost bathroom privileges yeah okay rave.rave so i think it’s okay noel.tx is selling this so he he you know i mean it’s almost like he’s going through the fund he’s going to his fund right he’s uh he’s he’s full in on dot tx so he made it this is a couple he wanted i remember even promoting this so uh this is going to uh the dot tx fund and h is 29 i’d say 100 really but okay there is a reserve here so 4 000 encrypted do we have 5 000 can we move

(52:03) this upside down raise craze anyone want to bring it up to five minutes oh man basically it’s a hundred a hundred yeah basically a hundred percent oh man rave ultra miami coming up soon it’s like this week yeah any any rave in the world really can use this yeah tomorrowland dot rave burning man dot rave i don’t know if bernie man all right so we’re not at reserve yet do we have um can we get anyone to bring this up to 150 maybe yoga rain

(53:07) got raved afraid chango doesn’t rave anymore retired molly on the silk road that’s a nice blend of hms and bitcoin all right 20 deserve can we hit 20 can we hit 20. this is going no no and uh yeah afraid no one like got a crave tesla’s dot rave if you know you know yeah a crave oh it’s going to be good so all right do we have 20 can we get to 20.

(53:54) anyone want to bump this up to 20. oh here comes another reserve for that okay it says reserved thank you anonymous thank you very much dot tx this is another one from noel you know um this one’s a good you know if you like the identity i think this is another one this is a generation right yeah what do you feel like there’s only so many so which i still think is we should

(54:59) almost say 100 on these maybe next time we should look at that 2 000 this also has you know uh i will just say it is the same reserve as the previous for uh for knoll so we’re at ten it’s moving up fast here and got a lot of different different oh 11k 11k nice thank you bird i still have my reserve 12.

(55:24) can we get 12 12 ahead all right is this good can we get to 13 can we get to 13 000. dot jen going up to 15k all right well thank you thank you sir yeah d oh my god anyone want to pump this up to 20. oh what do you got 20 on this dot jen let’s go there’s only so many three charges out there that actually make any sense all right yeah jacob’s giving some good ideas all right

(56:28) [Music] i mean this is a good one this is definitely sld sales ability here arrest somebody from gamestop it’s like somebody like stayed there for three days or something i don’t know but uh okay 30k high [ __ ] okay yeah all right we have one that’s 1000 increments here 31. we thirty-three do we see thirty-three

(57:41) thirty-three looking for thirty-three thousand thirty-three thank you thank you well you wanna file thirty-four thirty-five thirty-four thirty-four thousand thirty-four and we’re also getting domain ideas here we can 34 whales thank you jahan you want to come in at 35. it looks 35 japan thank you can we get a 40k bump here yeah next django is giving that do you mean ideas like crazy you’re looking at 36.

(58:12) oh welcome all right jumping right up here yeah and this will go to the null dot txt for that ai 41 jahan thank you thank you all right 42 whale you want to come up 42 42 we’re looking at 14 42 000. oxygen thank you steve what that is no that’s 25 all right guys i’m playing around 45 000.

(58:40) 46 to 146 looking 46 here looking 46 lots of fun stuff in the chats 46 japan thank you well you want to go 47 or 50 and damn these are really good ideas oh man thank you everybody we’re here too it’s like okay so it might might be a final sale price here yeah they would do a countdown encrypted all right going once 50 is high at whale either going twice fairborn and all right well you want to come back if you need to try it thank you thank you all right we’re getting great ideas here how can he’s head doctor hydrogen

(59:44) hydrogen that’s a good one we are looking for 56 55 highs japan right now hydro 59 coming in from wheels it will however you want to come in uh japan looking at 60 km we’re looking for 60 japan or other 60k looking for 60. 59 is a high bit estrogen okay thank you and and we’ll be talking to you i’ve been already chatting okay we’re getting some emojis here single emoji raining cat the green color alice in wonderland i’ve been thinking as i’ve been watching this one i think in wonderland

(1:00:37) i mean i think you think about all the cat foundations there’s so many like the cat they have whole conferences for cats like seriously all right well let’s have 15k already too you guys are funny man oh real cats are more expensive i bet is 15k mike 15k now dope dope became nice yes all right sorry comes wheel with 16k okay 16 18 this is actually not met reserve but we’re getting close 18 do we got can we go to 20 can we go with the 20k oh it’ll be like your ens name it’ll be like yeah so we’re looking for 19 whales

(1:01:38) thank you thank you looking for 20k can we get 20. we’re looking for 20 20. almost though 21 do we have 21. hey wants the cat yeah this is a good one honestly it’s been hard we’re getting less single emojis honestly but uh we’re looking for uh 21. yeah okay thank you taylor anyone want to bring it up to 25k so many 25 for reserve shouldn’t be a problem i feel yeah 25 is reserved we have somebody coming in at 25 meet reserve cat cafe yeah do you have any idea how many cat cafes are in japan where are the cat

(1:02:19) people oh man i know i have met cat people they are they’re interesting like their whole lives do you have any idea how big is random and tick tock all right but you could make this into yeah you could make this into a any kind of uh eld matching dose oh boy jokes going once [Applause]

(1:03:30) okay and um let’s get this home no no reserve no reserve and uh it’s getting split between bob wallet and flamingos so thank you for that so where are we gonna start where do you wanna start this one encrypted universe um let’s start off let’s start off low let’s do like 500 yeah 500 start 500 okay dope great i mean there’s there’s also storage companies you know i think it’s maybe a concert persistence right uh chango did you know there’s something called where’s persistence yeah i mean

(1:04:05) one thousand one thousand one thousand high sulu 1100 dope okay moving up fast lots of bidders here 1200 felipe philippe pts i’ve seen you on twitter thanks for making it thirteen hundred and twelve thirteen hundred persistence you know there’s no reserve oh man you are persistent send that to you see send that url to somebody 1400 pgs thank you thank you anyone want to bring it up to 15 15 1500 dope thank you thank you for here yeah maybe for sure for sure 1600 somebody want to come in 1600 what can be done prices today this is

(1:05:06) this is a great deal definitely a great deal anyone want to bring it up to 6 600 1 600. yeah yeah dope has been regular at the auctions last couple of months so thanks dope i appreciate that pgs 1600 coming in from okay philippe thank you thank you and uh 1700 oh he’s following 700 nice anyone want to bring it up to 18 it makes say we can buy those rugs or what yeah i want a rug here man 1700 high do we have 1800 absolutely yo for real though all right okay send it to me i don’t know they think uh foreign stuff is contaminated with the

(1:06:05) virus so i don’t know mig’s rug auction is next yeah oh yeah yeah seriously call it everybody will be next one going once going twice so congrats dope got one he also picked up a few indie ukraine has already settled payments so thank you for that dope thank you for your support all right everybody’s waiting for this one no reserve no reason not x was sold okay he’s been a regular in the auctions thank you for that and uh

(1:07:10) okay 200 210 whale 210 whale all right let’s be honest too low yeah this is great are you kidding me dot s single letter are you talking about what are you talking about willis i don’t know if miguel is knows how to i don’t know if he’s familiar with the auctions he’s new into the uh events miguel i don’t swear word dot s uh um i might delete that i don’t think that’s a real bit i’m gonna yeah yeah i don’t think he’s following i i think miguel is uh maybe i think that’s a mistake maybe or maybe

(1:08:07) he’s saying maybe we gotta use the k maybe we got to use the k i think that let’s uh uh let’s use k at end all right just let’s just use the k all right so when you’re bidding just put yeah okay okay it left that tv okay so 240 k we’ll do yeah all right going on 240 k h and that’s too low too low yeah still a great still context top one context dot x was sold at one million hms one million forty two forty is the high bigger than that it’s a verified terrified bid okay i know that seems good anyone want

(1:08:50) to bring it up to 250 dot s s for every plural word right now 240 is the active high bit from whale thank you whale 250 isaiah whoa nice 260 coming in from whale yeah dot p went for 375 k h s by the way yeah wow that is a steal 270 thousand coming in from is much lower now right that was one how much was that x dot x was one million hms so that 140 000 us dollar so that’s one million dollars thank you thank you for your bids okay s is better than x in my opinion why is that jordan why is that i love your insights on that yeah

(1:09:42) or use cases fuck.s sure 275 okay so that’s the high 275. we get 280. boob dot x sorry s all right zero [ __ ] dot s okay so we have two seven there’s no reserve this will sell 275 i put on stage 275k too low look tesla okay a non coming in with 280k google dot map dot reveal coming in with 290k oh okay whales 290 can we bring it wow nice thank you for your support

(1:11:13) everybody 430 thousand coming in from wheel all right thank you for your support for 50. stage 450 navy thank you thank you can we get 510 please yeah we’re on 5 20. all right 520 high pay 520 522 too low guys 550 coming in from a dawn seriously thank you thank you yeah experience my safety all right i guess anyone want to come in at 580.

(1:12:05) all right here we go no don’t give the devil as do someone else someone else we’re not stopping at that number yeah yeah we need what is it 720 auction 777 669 coming in from whale there how’s that change that better one thank you fistful yeah fist full of ass oops anyone want to bring it up to 670. yeah oh isaiah said to put in perspective if

(1:13:15) dot x sold today it would have been 870k hns yeah 870k i calculated 999 okay wait a second all right so we’re at the highest 700 from whale it’s uh anon that’s up that’s a tight bid i got nine three three uh you need like i don’t know oh it was sold at 140k 140k isaiah usda 710 thousand anywhere please uh anyone want to raise it up again no income is done okay 707.

(1:14:01) yeah will this reach a million yeah it should at minimum 150k i might not be able to do these yeah okay anything.ness 750 whale okay 780 yeah all right anyone want to come in with 800k yes okay thank you for your support everything seriously 800 uh that’s a tie at 800. we got a tie can we get 10 anywhere oh 900 and then go ahead all right only yeah anyone want to do 920 nine all right like what are what are some famous only fans girls what’s her name um what’s her what’s her name we got wheel coming in at 9 20.

(1:14:52) this might reach a mill guys we’re going for a mill seriously we’re gonna do it this this auction oh my goodness you guys are only coming in with the one mill you guys are gonna be getting up again 66 people here we’ve hit it we got we hit one mill a million one millions let’s go let’s [ __ ] go so yeah okay daddy screen shot changes excited thank you yeah she’s got all that she’s got all the uh names here she’ll get 1.1 from whale 1.

(1:15:28) 1 one meal all right ain’t gonna apply it’s not even there dope i was here let’s go let’s go for the most expensive asian stod sold to date we’ve gotta one up ourselves h yeah one point fifteen you’re one flip what is it uh i think only 66 people are seeing this unfold in real time we’re making history here 1.3 well it’s a million one point three

(1:16:35) five from a nun thank you thank you it’s that brand the clothing brand hundreds getting lots of ideas are you like a domain recommending engine here or something hire me i’ll do it i think richard’s style breaker oh yeah missing out come on name chief you said you came you came you sat chango to the dot s winner huh what for marketing and marketing maybe marketing imagine if this were a massive troll and they’re both bots oh richard is in the house i might stop it’s hard can we bring it up to 1.5

(1:17:36) okay uh doc somebody wants documentation yeah i mean we’re in an auction right now um yeah okay robert we’re at one point four million one point four five one point who’s four four oh and none only four six and a half whales at one and a half mil okay whale in the lead whale.s rails yeah whales i think he’s going to register that in some whales whale watching 1.75.

(1:18:12) 75 all right can we get 1.8 this is nuts 1.8 thank you for your support yes nuts there you go actually isaiah i feel poor now well in the future when h s is ten dollars you won’t be poor nuts that’s awesome yeah we’re making history here where uh yeah it’s doing great for everybody runners got nuts okay so let’s move up i think we’re getting towards oh and on none still here 1.

(1:18:51) 85 million yeah we have 1.9 uh thank you for that okay we are moving here we’re moving here 2.1 whale dot s anyone want to bring it up to 2.2 um jihan please all right this has been 2.15. okay thank you thank you for all the public chats and dot s what what can we do with um the web okay 2.2.3 coming in from anon okay wallet wallet okay what do we have 2.35 whale here

(1:19:56) well it’s kepler dot wallets 2.4 oh what do we got what about all right what else app dot cos mode you got wheels sitting at two point four five uh cosmos is there oh ah well for 2.7 mils now we’re talking yeah is this auction being recorded it’s going down in history it needs to go it’s recording in chat history everything 2.

(1:20:54) 8 coming in youtube’s youtube all right videos [Music] yeah thank you thank you can we bring it to 2.9 archival tweets yeah okay 2.85 is the high right now uh with will steve does tweet okay i think we get i think we’re getting towards the top here what do you think all right all right your support here singular singular singularity 2.

(1:21:42) 9 oh and none at three boom three million hms three mil damn we got some whales up in here this beating has gone out of hand anyone want to bring it up to three point one so glad i woke up for this what’s the ether domain record it’s dot dot three point one from anon thank you i am millionaire okay uh support here anyone want to bring it up to 3.

(1:22:28) 15 here we got 3.2 mils rates 3.2 and on 3.2 million 4. [Music] yeah sorry i’m a little dyslexic isaiah sorry okay 3.2 3.25 we got three point three six three k h and s to three point two mill not a bad flip is that yours you bought a question k h and s http dot s yeah there you go security i p f s i think maybe we start to call it yeah the height 3.25 i’m going to do the roll

(1:23:38) going once all right going twice and final warning 3.3 coming in with it we get 3.4 in here and non coming in with a three point four yeah they’re uh they’re yeah they’re verified but they don’t want to rebound their identity here so uh s level db and three point four is the highest time to be alive up in the house we’re going one percent of circulation bro damn that means there’s there’s some

(1:24:40) huge long-term hold there’s just hops we got 3.5 here coming in from a dawn guys you need that needs to go into circulation guys okay you guys just thinking it’s domains that’s oh my god that is [ __ ] on what exchange yeah whales 3.55 i mean look as soon as we get liquidity oh i mean i mean okay we’re at 3.

(1:25:07) 55 high right now all right can we get 3.6 in here yes what about what about subreddit huh what about 3.65 all right going once going doesn’t want it to end

(1:26:22) if you need to get your coin listed on finance just go to binance.listing.s 3.71 will where all right you want you want you want your tmd listed on namecheap just go 3.73 anna needs it whales yeah non-squirrely high bitter at 3.72 so listening all right do we start the content again yeah i think we gotta start here okay and going once goes twice i’m going at it yes we’re in a secondary market right

(1:27:32) now we’re at wales the current high duke anon or japan or others come in gld was worth this much imagine the smg sales i believe see yeah much he could sell off of dot s sub level domain sales steve would know that okay dot partner yep okay so the current bid high and uh partnership summit steve webb says there’s 4 000 active.

(1:28:07) cs right now so we’re at the 3.8 legends i think got trying to put the roll drum roll again all right all right 3.8 right now i’m trying to monitor 3.8 languages what’s her name oh yeah that girl okay three brands oh sorry i’m trying to pin it there’s so many chats here okay three point nine is live asmr anyone want to bring it up to four mills okay yeah maybe we got to make it a little bit higher i think we maybe maybe moving up to i mean i’m 3.

(1:29:07) 95 i think is the minimum next incremental if that’s all right can we get three point nine five we got a nine coming in five million thank you let’s make this a solid four million three times citizens you know this is citizens dot uk dot citizens all right do we have it or okay uh going once going twice i think uh movies all right by point one now not .

(1:29:58) 01 so savage 4.1 would be the next pirates next incremental pirates disney dot so do we have 4.1 anyone want to bring it into 4.1 going once james twice look for 4.2 million it’s not s it’s anything you can imagine yeah you can do this all day good point tango yes a fourth level yeah not auctions oh

(1:31:15) uh okay are we looking at 4.3 here 4.3 we bring it up to 4.3 please new zealand citizens all right glenn citizens i think we do countdown again aliens yeah going once going twice fair warning four point three four point three four point three can we get 4.5 in here so la so lana whale your busy support for hey oh yeah holy crap uh sharing this and throwing this as much as we can support swiss watches auctions winner thank you okay so i

(1:32:18) we are at four points right now this will be 4.5 and uh holy [ _ ] as much as i can only four points can we get four point five it’s for us going once going twice fair warning what’s the latest [ _ ] uh okay so well i might have taken it and now it seems like he’s he’s out but let’s do a what’s your countdown to encrypted okay really all right going once bars going twice yeah final award 4.

(1:33:10) 6 coming in from a nun he doesn’t want him having it culture dot s weeaboos just one more all right he’s still here he’s still here one more all right yeah okay there’s still time yeah we didn’t so we uh we always 4.7 would be the next one none you’re goaded now bro are we hitting five i don’t know four six five wait a second what is that i don’t know i mean i don’t know can we make it four point seven well i i think we’re saying point one two i’m sorry i think we might not we might not take

(1:33:54) that because holy crap that’s 720k like us dollars holy crap guys we’re making four points we have 4.7 what races horse horse races yeah right 4.7 4.7 4.7 whales okay thank you thank you 4.8 4.8 here 4.7 mill whale taxes i r dot s taxes all right so should we do the content here yeah all right this is it this we made history all right we’ll be

(1:35:01) covering that whale recording e-o-a-t dot s all right whales greatest of all time handshake that made history i hope whale is good all right well whale’s gonna do good by this okay so we’re not even done yet to read out i want to read out uh this is taylor um and i just want to we’re doing an experiment where 100 uh is going to the uh to the startup directly instead of uh the foundations uh we’re always and uh it’ll be name layer so name layer will be a decentralized handshake registry and wallet that helps connect

(1:36:03) tld owners with sld renters through a modern interface with domain staking and expanded payment options name layer offers an accessible and intuitive marketplace to broad community furthermore the wallet aims to provide real-world utility by integrating tools with everyday use cases um all right so that’s that’s that’s name layer that’s where these uh taylor taylor’s team has been extremely helpful to the d web foundation and they’re really really enthusiastic about handshake they’ve built such great tools

(1:36:42) they’ve worked with bob wallet to build in the cold wallet ledger integration into bob so very soon when ledger integrates uh the handshake wallet bob you could do self-custody with your cold wallet and so you could then manage all of your domains with your ledger therefore it is safe and secure and you could do it all in self because yeah they’re a great design team they’ve helped us you know they’ve they’ve like built our website and everything um and they are building name layer which is the

(1:37:15) uh it’s gonna be like the cosmos station of handshake you know which is just like a really easy to use uh handshake self-custody wallet so it’s called name layer but i suggested that they name it alice you know because alice and bob wallet so yeah that’s what they’re building um encrypted okay so we’ve gotten some bids already happening and you can see in the chats when it moved up really quickly from about two three ten twelve uh thirteen five no no reserves so this will sell fourteen 15 5 bird desktop

(1:37:49) computer i i dot os dot 8516 encrypted i know’s a good one this is a desktop computer 20k jordan oh everybody’s liking this one and it will support a startup in the community directly so it’s really going to bring it to 21k 21 do we have 21. we’re going right here pcc okay looks like jordan might be a high bid here i know we’re all here starting day one day three in 20 minutes so perfect timing do we uh computer okay so 20k and anybody won’t come in 21.

(1:38:32) looks like jordan might have gotten this hms chat we’ll be using the desktop all right we going once going twice all right final warning in the chat looks like i said so oh i don’t know man it was all no i clapped at that point but i’m sorry but it was a little bit too slow that was i think uh i think jordan won we’re all feeling like that was everyone’s asking to allow it allow it i was like hitting the i was hitting the yeah i don’t know man do we want the auction to go on it goes to the company doesn’t it yeah

(1:39:21) jordan’s asking for a replay so i’ve jordan’s saying that’s okay 21 000 i know it’s a high standard but i think i think we did nah i mean i think it was it was sold it was official my hand was hitting the yeah i literally clapped like right as the chat stands with chaga i don’t know i think two i think encrypted and i are voting uh to uh wait can we can we get the community to stand up i mean the community says the community is saying that they think allow it but encrypted was clapping and i was hitting

(1:40:17) the table i was like doing this i and there was the clap and it was sold i’d be pissed off if it continued on after that so i think it’s only fair jordan i mean once it’s ended it’s ended yeah i mean as much as it’s obviously better for everybody it goes higher but it was i was hitting a table he was clapping yeah i mean we want to be fair to the uh to the high bidder at the time so i think we’re gonna keep it at 20 you know as much as we want it to go higher of course just that’s why people should be trying

(1:40:53) to bid like before the countdown or as soon as it starts yeah everybody all right well okay you want to say there mike yeah um amazing amazing i mean i don’t know i mean amazing super uh are we auctioning off off a mig’s rug not not my rug but hitch and that’s migs for that rug where do we get those rugs basically pigs alex django rug auction well you ain’t getting this one bro this one’s mine but alex miggs can uh can have a new one is he here alex he was here for a while i i was trying to get his oh he’s here can

(1:41:35) we go he is big this is here can we auction our rug migs yes he says yes physical rug auction guys all right who wants to get rugged rug nick says i don’t have the real rug yet that’s okay right because you could like silk say something you don’t have this you don’t have to have it we’ll be here next week yeah right okay well if you want to come up i invited you but uh you know you know i didn’t prepare you but uh yeah yeah like mix is gonna have i guess the same way okay nice nice do you want

(1:42:09) us to close on the booklet real quick then yeah i think we can close yeah close the booklet i think we take a little let’s go to networking maybe we got 15 minutes till we open i guess we got to prepare for the opening the slides and everything so just make sure that any winning bidders settle with anne i think she’s been following up with you already um uh we’ve been talking actively in our chats uh and is everything all set i i could i could stay to wait you want me to auction off the rug changing meg’s

(1:42:39) auction yeah i can do that you want yeah i mean uh i i i have to go prepare for the opening so um yeah yeah yeah i i can stay i could stay and then ann could hang out and and let me know or i’ll let her or she’ll yeah okay uh i see and saying yes to x i’m not sure what that means all right all right yes and yes sirs okay all right so i will be preparing for the opening in 15 minutes some people can also go to the lot lounges or hang out with chango and i’m not sure if encrypt you wanna hang out wait um i’m gonna

(1:43:14) hang out but i’m gonna get off the camera because i gotta go gotta go to the bathroom man all right all right we’ll leave you here all right leave me here leave me here with the gang all right guys rug auction commence someone open this all right uh i verbally open this rug auction i’m here no idea how to get on stage but here uh anyone know how to get migs on stage one hns lol oh come on it costs more than that i said 500 500 10 wait okay 500 sorry i’m bad at this 500 h let’s go he might be able to raise his hand

(1:43:57) where’s migs i’m here i don’t know how to get on the stage uh anne are you or fistful anyone can help with getting migs on stage migs how much are these normally mix told me this is 135 us dollars that is the base but you know what look you know how unisox works okay so a unisox is pegged to a token on the unit uniswap amm and so what happens is if you get an exclusive ultra rare physical rug two day it can get pegged to a token on the blockchain and you have a rare one out of how many however many migs decides to create

(1:44:44) rugs two-day pre-sale all right i’m back i had to go to the bathroom there we go we got migs on stage now i will raise it to 600 hitch and s for that rug because that rug is beautiful that’s for the rug keep in mind the rugs base price base value is 135 usd what is that in what is that yeah you guys hear me is there what all right i don’t have video but we’re this is big we’re just going to start with the audio um let’s see what are we at you can call me the rug dealer i’ve invested in a few rugs before yeah

(1:45:30) you and me too bro like olympus down anyone jeez what a rug that was huh i got i’ve got owned once or twice in the past as well yeah drugs not drugs guys yeah rug.s yeah this stuff is going to be pay yeah you’re going to be able to sell your rug on rug.s it’d be like migs machine dot rug dot wait so we have what was the last bit is it more useful than most energies definitely i did a bit of 600 hitch and ass last but i’m not sure if anyone bit after me okay 600 hms any other takers current bid is 600 hs

(1:46:20) 600 hs is too low that doesn’t even cover the base price of this bros you guys trying to run i’ll bring you i’ll bring it up to 1k you want to try and get this from me dope let’s do this now let’s go mig’s machine isn’t this a super ultra rare rug because it is make like i don’t know how many have you made so far that’s the only one in history chango that’s that’s it yeah that’s the one the one and only so someone can try to get number two i mean if they really want it

(1:46:56) oh man rick wow it was gonna be mine but once i found out you were you know game over so game over oh my goodness i feel so special i had no idea i thought you made at least like five or something but yeah this is the only one guys this one happened so you’re getting your own another once in a lifetime opportunity maybe at this action oh man super ultra rare opportunity you know seriously if this is only a if if this is only going to be a one of two nft then yeah this is going to be oh this is going to be really really

(1:47:33) really rare guys this is the handicon rug that memorializes this memorializes the dot s sale guys jose is coming in at 1100 hybrid 1100 for isaiah we got 1200 you were there making history and this rug represents that history this is the day that dot ass sold for what is it almost five million coins right this is gonna be the only time you’re gonna get your chance on this yeah seven thirty thousand us usd and in today’s like at h price of 15 cents we got 1700 coming in from felipe anyone want to bring it up to 2k

(1:48:27) maybe 1800 look at the quality yeah it is a really high quality rug oh yeah back there i can ship it from california happy to get creative i just need an address anyone want to bring it to 1800 a person who wins this is going to be the second person on earth with the h s rug number two ever hybid 1700 i guess i should stick this on should we do a countdown for it or yo if handshake goes to 50 cents dot s is would have been sold for 2.

(1:49:07) 3 million that would have dollars like us dollars holy crap oh and we know it’s going to go up so it’s like one exchange listing later if it goes to a dollar dot f would have gone to almost 5 million u.s you know what i’m wondering about those if it’s going for that much in today like today days like how much is that going to be worth in the next five years like that yeah exactly like if h is at dollars in the next five years which it totally can be that’s 47 million dollars usd we got a 2 000 coin bid coming in from

(1:49:53) sorry i missed that anyone want to bring it to 2100 oh that’s [ __ ] amazing 2100 2100 81 for 2100 2100 hms i think there should be a reserve for this isn’t there because there is like there’s like a base cost that like you like migs would have to pay to get get it made like at least listen that’s okay and the next one’s definitely not going for less than three i mean we know that so so this is two three open s yeah we’re yeah we’re setting the floor here that’s okay this is floor valley

(1:50:40) to make this rug yeah no whatever 135 is by uh one yeah 135 us dollars oh shoot seven minutes till next session oops all right um do we do the content people so yeah we continue all right so going once going twice and in the chat this is it final chance to bid and sold damn we just sold a rug boys [Laughter] it was fun this is the first physical object sold at a flamingo handshake yeah it’s the first time anything that hasn’t been done has been what was it sold for sorry i missed that i believe it was two thousand two

(1:51:27) thousand oh two thousand hms yeah for from john that’s how you say i don’t wanna um oh yeah very nice here’s my uh twitter uh if you want to send me a dm see sean we’ll connect all right well dipbot it was cool doing the auction everyone international auction i’ve attended web 3 pioneering number two rug ever ever made all right thanks guys thanks guys we all made history today yes bye all right i’m having them and the session right now we’ll see you guys in the uh speaker in just a couple of

(1:52:14) minutes all alright or i guess in the welcome back in a couple minutes [Music] [Applause] [Music] so [Music] kinetic is a blockchain crypto investment firm based in hong kong and puerto rico founded in 2016 they were the first fund in hong kong and one of the earliest in

(1:53:17) asia with a portfolio of over 220 companies they were seed investors in such projects as ethereum parity and polkadot solana ftx and of course handshake and name base [Music] founder johan chu was an active investor and supporter of the handshake ecosystem over one hundred thousand domains co-founder of d-web foundation co-founder of handicon and sponsor of the handshake house at miami hack week 2022 [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

(1:54:24) uh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] you