Day 3 Opening


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(01:10) [Applause] all right everybody how is everybody doing welcome welcome back everyone let me upload a pdf here but yeah i mean i think a bunch of you were in the uh in the live auction it just just uh just finished so um that was amazing uh johnny’s got a tweet out there if you want to retweet or a comment or like it that would be appreciated just to get awareness out of the amazing things happening here in this in this community so uh yeah yeah i mean it’s been intense how you feeling fistful how are you feeling

(01:59) it’s been jammed pack every day and i don’t expect today to be really any different we got a lot of uh jam-packed content for you guys today and i’m glad for you all to stick around and learn a little bit everybody coming together in the community to just hang out you know yeah for sure for sure so of course the big one is you have 4.

(02:25) 7 million hms or uh almost uh three-quarters of a million u.s dollars so um that was uh the buyers already settling so you know i know people were saying like who are these bitters but there are they weren’t verified you know we we know a lot of there’s a lot of uh big whales and big people in this community supporting you know and a lot of people don’t realize and this you know it’s like we all know handshake is this hidden hidden uh gem right now so anybody here i think is still super early you know um in the d

(02:59) web in general and and uh and everything so uh yeah it’s gonna be uh it’s gonna be amazing yeah we can’t reveal the uh you know we can’t reveal uh our our buyers unless they want to be revealed but uh it’s it’s an amazing day so day three um same slide deck so we’re on day three march 18th although 19th for me saturday morning here in asia um let’s keep going so yeah thanks to the speakers right fistful you were just coordinating with another speaker sharing later today i mean this is this is the core product of

(03:42) what we’re doing right these experts these uh leaders and technical and pro also the programmers right we really wanted the developers right i think that was one highlight you especially want to make sure that there was enough of the developer community here in this conference right yeah yeah you know uh everybody knows that uh developers are what keeps the blockchain running so i definitely always want to be able to give uh developers that are building cool stuff a platform to speak and talk about their project and their product that they’re

(04:15) making and you know what happens a lot of the time too is when people showcase these uh products and projects uh they get grants uh stephen mackey is very very like active on twitter always giving out those uh dvpn grants uh and whatnot um and the h s fund is also uh gives out grants as well um so and because uh one that we’re going to be giving out pretty soon is once um hip 2 is merged uh with bob wallet we’re going to be giving him a a nice little grant too we definitely recognize you if you build in this community that is for sure

(04:56) yeah i mean i think hip to just so it’s called aka well-known wallets i think it was faulty that started that uh i’m not i wish i knew a little bit more about the how the github works but yeah i mean it’s getting completed now and i think it will be hopefully next week i don’t want to put a date but it’s very soon going to be updated to um the protocol and then you’ll be able to send instead of just saying a long address in twitter like we did some contests you could put your actual uh handshake name

(05:25) and then people could pay uh at least hns for now maybe other cryptos in the future but that’s gonna be amazing so thanks for everybody uh what what you’re doing and building yeah for sure and of course our sponsors who saw the little video before is kinetic capital or jahanchu which also i think he won at least a few names uh in the last justice auction that passed always supporting uh big holder in the in the h s and and the names um and uh in in since the euro beginning of handshake uh inception so thanks to

(06:00) han and kinetic for being our core top sponsor and our our other two which are very much appreciated is impervious steve webb’s here you can see him in the chat right now yeah he won dap thanks steve um impervious you know they did a great showcase uh steve and mike carson and matt zipkin and buffer amazing people in in this community uh since be in the beginning as well and uh beacon browser uh fingertip resolver so uh thank you for your support for the handicon and handshake in general uh we need to keep building right we need to

(06:41) keep making it of course auctions are great and name name buying selling is great but we need to we keep getting more usage more building and that’s what they’re doing so thank you thank you for that and of course last but not least is handshake institute aka handshake jesus but the the formal name is handshake institute is uh you’ve seen some videos already but you know i don’t even think he has a website yet i i’ll help make his website i think he does have a website i think it might be head down or something i

(07:13) tried to get onto it a little while ago and there was nothing but very uh officially registered 501c3 so if you are in the states and you give money to the handshake institute not only could you be helping the handshake ecosystem but you can also take that personal benefit of writing it off on your taxes as well so that’s just something to think about good point good point yeah yeah so um and i think there’s gonna be some kind of in-person meeting with him and his partners in that uh soon so there should

(07:46) be some more uh pr uh progress there and of course anybody that you know could reach out to him he’s also handshakes on twitter um very kind person and uh giving person so thank you handshake institute all right and of course you know the community d web uh d web tech um they’re in all of texas they’re uh they’re early in helium and they’re they’re getting more involved in the handshakes so thanks for that tetra we just did some uh wow two minutes already i don’t have more tetra you know they also

(08:23) make a name layer they also made a lot of design assets for the handycon thank you and taylor and of course the web foundation we had chain go up on auction on stage with the auction at an auction i think she auctioned the rug when i was away and uh they’re doing grants as well and h s font here’s fistful and really developer focused developer community focus with amas and uh uh you know grants like you mentioned and and other porsche do you want to add something for h s fund festival no i mean you got it right

(08:55) there we just help uh engage the community uh engage the development developer community giving out grants uh keeping the community engaged with twitter spaces or amas or whatever you guys want honestly if you have any suggestions on what you would like us to do or something some other kind of event or something just hop in our discord start chatting with us you can ping me i’m at fistful of ass on discord and you know i’m pretty uh i’m pretty active so you guys can get to me pretty quick and we can go ahead start chatting

(09:32) get something worked up for sure awesome thank you thank you all right so let’s uh we’re we’re trying to keep on track today so we we uh let’s just jump right to day three day two one and two was amazing you know i mean sergeant won the rug i see uh sergeant’s talk was the last one ending day two which is really cool about india registrars and micro registries and and uh amazing value there so today we just finished the auction for flamingo handshake and s which was epic we’re in the welcome now

(10:01) next is um trust us clients in the browser is that i think that’s something yeah maybe we should just uh we should end this and start yeah i guess we’re going right into it you can check the amiibo it’s a full action-packed day again um and uh we will see in all the next sessions so i’m gonna i think we’ll just end right now thank you everybody see you in in the first session for today what’s happening all right see you guys back real soon [Music] god [Music] kinetic is a blockchain crypto

(11:15) investment firm based in hong kong and puerto rico [Music] founded in 2016 they were the first fund in hong kong and one of the earliest in asia with a portfolio of over 220 companies they were seed investors in such projects as ethereum parity and polka dot solana ftx and of course handshake in name base [Music] founder johan chu was an active investor and supporter of the handshake ecosystem over 100 000 domains co-founder of d-web foundation co-founder of handicon and sponsor of the handshake house at miami hack week 2022

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