Day 3 Closing


(00:01) [Music] [Applause] [Music] god [Music] kirk the last first is kirk congratulations uh you win a pat on the back wait for a video yeah we love you too steve okay i clicked it [Music] all right

(01:25) all right all right how are you feeling man our closing ceremony uh it’s been a uh a great a couple of days a lot of good speakers uh coming out dropping the knowledge and and spreading their insight uh so i hope that everyone in the chat had just as good of a time as uh me and mike did it was epic uh yeah really really epic uh i mean we’ll be talking about i mean yeah it’s history in the making right it’s history so we’re all part of it there’s people saying on twitter and chats yeah save screenshots

(02:03) you know there’s so much more to this uh you know even in the lounge we’re chatting with somebody and we’re still so early right you know it’s just like i’m also an amazon fba seller and my other job and uh people are always nervous to start selling on amazon or like is it too late is it too late and then they’re like two years later like is it too late and two years later is it too late no it’s not too late right like look it look at sats look at and all i mean they’re going full-on in this um

(02:31) i’m getting some reminders from and i wish okay we also have a survey i know surveys are annoying uh this bull what drop the link i guess in the chat yeah here i’ll uh yeah guys really um please fill out this survey we’re gonna uh spread it around as much as you can uh because you know we gotta get feedback from you guys what you did what you didn’t like uh was it two marathony would you like more of something else and not as much as this or that um you know we want to be here for you guys so you get the most

(03:07) out of this event because at the end of the day this is a community event so we just want uh uh the community to be or we want this to be the most for the community so we want your feedback for this all right there’s some yeah um yeah so it’s just a survey i don’t know dope’s joking over here but of course be careful with any links that you click um there shouldn’t be any ask for passwords or wallets um but yeah it’s a form and it’s kind of long but we want to know like what speaker you like what sessions you like

(03:40) see there’s optional questions you know testimonials would be really great if you’re willing to leave us a testimonial we can put on the site you know to show people about this amazing thing um and there’s just so much more we can do of course this could be like another day and between like five days right but i think uh we’re just we’re trying our best to listen and improve so um yeah last year was two days this year was three i know it’s a little bit tough on europe time and other time zones but

(04:04) we’re trying to you know we’re just we want to hear everything everything the good the bad the ugly um and we’ll read all of them and try to improve so thank you for that uh and of course the speakers you know obviously we have some really amazing people some famous people some not so famous people but i i think that not so famous people are the best because that’s the real oh yeah the grassroots yeah the grassroots that’s what i think makes this community uh so special and uh yeah i’m gonna get some sleep for sure

(04:34) okay well you can pick your favorite in that survey and uh tell us what kind of sessions you liked and of course our sponsors you can see in some of the videos uh kinetic capital jahan was our our key sponsor coming to the top uh thank you jahan he’s also a active bidder what i got thinking about dapp and he got the cat face so thank you as always jahan uh impervious steve webb’s here mike carson’s with family but uh they’re building and developing here beacon browser fingertip yeah you know

(05:04) buffer he hasn’t been here but he’s building apps and mobile apps and and zip can handshake institute aka handshake jesus i think a lot of people here know him and the red hearts and he’s such a giving person and uh i think there’s more coming from handshake institute soon about updates and things they’re doing so yeah if any ways you can support these um these and tell them you know you appreciate your sponsorship here you know i know jahan’s looking to invest in startups you know he’s looking for a

(05:33) deal flow so if you want to go to an evil vc you know he would be one to talk to um impervious you know i think they’re looking for integrations with browsers or developers handshake institute you know i think they have a like uh physical mention they’re a 503 b 501 c3 so uh any donations that you send their way can be uh tax deductible um not a tax person but i’m pretty sure that’s how that works yeah and other ways to uh endows taos and things like that okay but yeah i mean we want to let you get to networking i think that’s the

(06:10) main uh the mean of course the dub foundation hns fund fiscal tetra for the design they also got some funding for their name layer d web tech for their their media support and of course so many more so many more people but uh i think yeah we finished three days look at all the stuff we went through here day one day two day three three three days epic all right i i think that is it uh yeah we also did the ukraine we did the flamingo we did amazing stuff here i mean there’s just a lot so get some rest there’s also

(06:47) some raffle winners if for some reason we missed you uh don’t be shy to remind us we’re trying our best to keep track of everything uh but don’t be shy and feedback always appreciate it thank you everybody yeah the the one other thing sorry one last thing that i i want to chill out again like i’ve been doing throughout the contest uh the the website race uh the website content race uh please join the discord i i posted it in the event feed it’s in your like kind of top right near your messages and stuff uh join

(07:19) share it around there’s free money to be made if you build on specific domains uh dot sats and uh a couple a couple other they’re they’re slipping off my tongue but i thought yeah and dot tx i think they said i don’t know yeah dot tx will give you an extra 500 hns if you build something and that’s on top of the 2.

(07:47) 5 k that you could possibly win uh from this so there’s literally no reason we just want content we just want content and even if you don’t win you can get a 500 hms consolation prize and if you get that consolation prize with and you build it on like a tx dome sld uh there you go that’s a thousand hns there you go and yes all presentations are recorded they’re gonna be posted on youtube later it’s going to take a little bit of time to you know clean them up and uh but they’re all everything will be up last year’s are

(08:18) all online still you can watch last year’s uh we’re going to embed it on the site and we’re going to put on youtube it’s all going to be here um but we just give us a little bit of time all right um i know everybody’s excited about it but of course we prefer people to be here live and besides just the recording you know the chats the connections so you know we still encourage you know next year too we want you here live it’s much more experience to being here than to watch the recording but yeah we will

(08:42) post them just give us a little bit of time uh yeah we’re just finishing up the event um [Music] i don’t know what this is but uh i mean yeah steve steve webb is here he’s been here the whole time yeah you can probably message him yeah i mean he’s super friendly and i’m so happy that he and uh impervious are here in the ecosystem so all right let’s get to networking just so you know in case you don’t know the networking is agenda tab then there’s like lounge and then there’s tables

(09:13) and uh i think 15 people per table and this audio video enabled you know and there’s a chat box there i guess if you don’t want to use either i know some people maybe can’t or don’t want to use audio or video so uh and try try to make some connections try to make some some goals right what are you going to do not just for next year next month next week you know make it happen take action small steps right and that’s it thank you so much thank you anne in the chat i wish she would come up here on stage and a lot of you talked

(09:43) to anne anne’s amazing um she’s uh and stephanie you know jason and aubry there’s a lot of people in the uh in a lot of backgrounds that are making amazing things happen um and so thank you also to that amazing team for uh for being here with us all three days so okay i think that’s enough um thank you see you in networking lounges and of course any feedback problems issues don’t don’t be shy to let any of us know and we’ll try our best to solve them thank you all right see you guys see you next year

(10:22) [Music] [Applause] [Music] so [Music] kinetic is a blockchain crypto investment firm based in hong kong and puerto rico [Music] founded in 2016 they were the first fund in hong kong and one of the earliest in asia with a portfolio of over 220 companies they received investors in such projects as ethereum parity and polka dot solana

(11:26) ftx and of course handshake in name base [Music] founder johan chu was an active investor and supporter of the handshake ecosystem over one hundred thousand domains co-founder of d-web foundation co-founder of handicon and sponsor of the handshake house at miami hack week 2022 [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] um [Music] [Applause]

(12:30) [Music] [Music] [Applause]