Day 2 Opening


(00:01) [Music] do [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

(01:11) hello [Music] [Music] [Applause] everybody’s excited huh we’re uh we’re gonna have a great second date and there’s even a third so we got lots of amazing things fiscally excited as i am i am uh we got a lot of uh jam-packed content uh for these next two days um and don’t worry if you guys missed some of it uh we will have recordings they will be posted up and because we want this not only to be live and for the community to come together but also to create uh educational content that we can share later on to uh people that

(02:04) come in uh that are new to the community all right yeah okay so let’s get rolling let’s get rolling a little intro slides for today over what’s what’s happening what’s been going on in the um in the event so this is a three-day online event this is day two uh we are the co-host on mike mikolini and fistful do i say your full name or your short name yeah you can just say fistful that’s fine you don’t gotta say the full thing awesome andy and you’re the community manager at h s fund you want maybe give

(02:48) us a little bit of intro what you’re up to i mean i really appreciate what you do for the community yeah i mean uh it’s kind of just doing whatever i can to keep the community engaged hosting uh events uh so doing like twitter spaces or doing amas or setting up uh events like this you know i just want to be there for the community so we can just become stronger together you know yeah that’s how it goes i know i mean you’ve been uh really consistently helping a lot i know i’ve i’ve been seeing you um in the discords

(03:26) and uh in the twitters you know helping out with we i you know so much in the community it’s really great when when did you get involved with the i mean i don’t remember maybe i think earlier on it was uh so i had been involved in i got i started with handshake i think uh december uh or like november of 2020 i want to say like late november 2020 and uh i just been in the community not really doing much i had actually and then i like i wrote a couple of like papers or blog posts or whatever um and then i was like you know let me try

(04:10) to do a little bit more so and then um i was just messaging kaiba and i was like hey or kiba sorry i always mispronounced his name but and he was like hey you want to come on board as the community manager i said yeah of course i’ve always wanted to try something like this out so i got really no prior experience i’m just some anon that really likes handshake and wanna wants to push the community forward so you know it can be anybody it can even be a talking ass that’s great man awesome well thanks again man it’s

(04:42) really great so um let’s go through these little intro slides you want to take this slide this is a great one i mean you’ve been working closely with a lot of people in this picture so yeah for sure i definitely want to say thank you to all the speakers that are going to be involved in the next three days this was a lot of coordination a lot of work and everybody was just very helpful being with like time zone differences and stuff um so like a really big thanks you know uh that’s definitely one of the

(05:13) things that i love about our grassroots community is you know we can go message each other on discord or any other instant messenger and like get something like this set up like pretty pretty easily so i appreciate everybody here that’s speaking everybody in the audience that uh is attending today uh and cares to learn and uh and be involved with handshake exactly and we try to be as inclusive and accommodating as possible i know sometimes there’s misunderstandings on twitter or cultures or languages but

(05:45) we’re trying to be as inclusive of race background gender you know like uh we’re really just trying to take anybody’s contributed or been active in the handshake community and uh invite them to show their project to show their expertise so um you know if they’re and we also want anybody has recommendations for upcoming events so people we don’t know we want to find people we want us we want to like uh you know it’s a core part of this conference and also we try to be grassroots we try to bring developers if

(06:18) you noticed yesterday was a lot of uh technical ones uh you know we really try to get the real engineers right like maybe they don’t have the most polished presentation skills um but we want to we want them to be uh you know put on the spotlight we don’t want to just put them you know hide them and in the back we want to bring them to the front yeah show them to the community because i think especially early early stages in the community or development or is about the developers so um really thank you uh for

(06:48) that uh and you know these people putting their time exactly exactly you know i i really yeah man like like you said we try to be inclusive as possible i don’t care if you’re a man woman black white whatever i if you build something cool for handshake i want to showcase you i want everybody to know about what you’ve built if you’ve built something cool because i i don’t want anybody falling by the wayside being such a small knitted grassroots community we all have to be there for each other and help each

(07:22) other build so a handshake can reach its full potential yep so again if there’s somebody missing or you think that should have been involved even afterwards we could we could do some sessions last year we had some that couldn’t make it or we could patch them in or add them in even on the after so uh you know feedback is always appreciated on those that are here that should be here okay and then of course thank you to our sponsors um they’re uh they’re supporting this to happen they’re they’re um

(07:52) probably hopefully in day one seen some of the videos seen seeing some others we have booths for them they they have uh we made videos for them so i’ll just i’ll just quickly go through them right now before we go through our they start day two kinetic capital uh you know yesterday we had jahanshu up on on here uh they’re been fundamental in uh in a few different initiatives here in handshake they are early investors in handshake um launch and also at name base uh they also helped help start up handicon in the first one and have you

(08:28) know financially supported this uh for for this uh handicon as our main sponsor and our second most top sponsors are impervious which you know is the cyber funk um developers you know steve webb has been awesome in the event today i think he’s right here in the audience somewhere uh thanks steve he’s uh one of the co-founders and mike carson they make a beacon and they’re uh they’re making so many amazing things and uh they support a lot of uh a fingertip and they’ll be having a session all about impervious i think on

(09:05) i don’t want to be quoted i think it’s day three um tomorrow and handshake institute um handshake jesus aka handshake jesus uh present was on a panel last year at handycon he’s amazing and uh it’s not just him he doesn’t want to be on the spotlight too much um there’s a there’s others on handshake institute they also were early backers of h s funds you know we mentioned kiba um they they helped kick off h s fund and he’s also been more than happy to help with other dows other other uh seed investments

(09:43) and uh to support anything that’s worthy or and also gifting names if if you remember handshake jesus he’s also on twitter at handshake jesus maybe give him a shout out or he’s a red heart emoji uh so we really appreciate him uh and it and uh his support of this conference and the handshake community at large so so thank you um there’s also some other um other sponsors that we’ll be sharing but these are our three core core sponsors that made this event possible so if there’s any way you could

(10:11) thank them or or or you know consider them or refer them to people uh that would be extra appreciated also we have some media partners and of course community uh d-web tech they are in texas you’ll um they’ve been active with the active and helium network and also um getting them more involved in handshake in their you know other uh d-web uh texas in our our network and uh they’ve been helping a lot on sharing online tetra aka taylor they helped a lot with the graphic designs and uh and the positioning of

(10:49) this uh of this conference as well as many other things in handshake they’re very talented design and development firm and they’ll be sharing more uh d web foundation also co-founded by jahan uh chango and seven they’re uh a core uh foundation in the handshake they also do a few different grants and of course hns funds fistful right here you know the great discord and great developer community uh amazing amazing people so um and also proceeds percentage proceeds for this uh sponsors will go to them and uh others from

(11:25) auctions and things to support the developer community so thank you thank you all for for that okay so day one is finished so hopefully everybody enjoyed day one feedback is appreciated uh so we went through quite a lot it was a little bit more developer focused right right fistful on day one yeah for sure um today i mean we’re also going to have uh some developers showcasing the products and the projects that they’ve built but today we definitely have some more uh panel uh type stuff and we also have the

(12:04) founders here for a q a session so that’ll be really exciting um you know any questions there it’s pretty well known that the founders aren’t super duper active uh within the uh handshake uh messaging channels of course they’re doing work uh in the background um so if you have any questions for them this is now your time to ask them yeah so yeah we’ll we have a little bit more time today for this intro so i could maybe just run down so we’re in the welcoming right now we’re at noon

(12:36) it’s at 12 noon right now i’m in la or in san francisco it’s 3 a.m for me in china so i know it’s even a couple others here are up at 3. um so it’s starting out right now at noon and we’re going to go into the uh flamingo handshake or the ukraine fundraiser auction and then um we’re gonna split that up into two pieces so in the middle we’re gonna have nick or angry mouse sharing um and he’s going to be sharing about the lack of technologies or why current apps are fake i don’t know i think that’s the latest

(13:14) that’s interesting topic um and then we’ll go back to the ukraine auction um the booklet you can find on um we’re trying to flamingo you’ll see a button for this flamingo booklet and and then after that we’ll go to simpa palace which is fernando falci he’s a he’s an early early developer in the community he’s made a few different things so he’ll be showcasing then we’re going to go into web 2 web 3 trends with drew rosner and then we’re going to go into hns chat which has been

(13:50) a you know it’s been a really new tech that’s come out um i’m really excited for their sharing definitely sign up for h s dot chats uh or h s chat on handshake i’ll send the link right now um uh okay so you could um sign up for there it’s a great use case of of here handshake username is identity as a immutable username on on the chat app so you can use your handshake name as a chat actually dot d gen um it has a private channel there so if you have a g d gen tld you can uh get in a secret channel and talk with other dj

(14:33) gens yeah um so let’s keep going and then institutional adoption that’s gonna be a great panel that’s a great panel at 3 30 pacific and then um after that we’ll be setting up your hs hsd node and then as fistful mentioned we’ll have a q a with with the founders that was a top session last year people really liked that uh jj and andrew lee from purse will be here and then uh challenges to mass adoption which is another panel and an impervious showcase is today okay that’s great and then x and h and s kiba will be sharing i

(15:15) know a lot of people are always curious about you know uh ens domains forks and using using a handshake tlds on on um ethereum around other blockchains so he’ll be sharing about that we’ll have a break and then if needed maybe even more auction because we’re not sure how long these are going to go we’re just testing that we’re going to have a q a and then smart names so this is we’re talking about the india registries we’re having that towards the end of today and i think there’s me some india’s media even there

(15:47) which i’m really excited about sajin will be sharing so uh that’s the i’m reading the chat you guys crack me up in the chats but um all right so i think maybe we got a little bit extra time to check it out we’re like at time right now we should probably uh start switching over to the oh wait they want to show a demo video of our networking and stuff we’re also trying to run some twitter so day three is tomorrow so there’s gonna be another session tomorrow starting at the same time so tomorrow is day three and we’re

(16:20) gonna oops i’m jump um day three so 12 noon pacific again tomorrow 3 a.m for me um and we have s auction and some other uh other premium names as well um you can check out the homepage flamingo handshake and then we got a full day of speakers and panels again and so this is happening next the ukraine auction and then the dot s is tomorrow on day three with some other amazing ones and so it’s so we had a winner so if you check the official twitter of this event handshake con not handicon handshake con uh this

(16:56) one’s maurice he won again we’ll be sending him 100 hns uh to his wallet um but it wait if you want to get some you know a little bit of handshake coin gift and some engagement you could follow it and follow some of our i think there’s another uh poll contest happening now so maybe check that out um fistful you were saying something uh we’re i was just saying that we’re coming up on time so yeah over to the auction and stuff but they did want to show a demo of our networking and booths so during uh we have some longer

(17:29) intermissions and breaks um so everybody uh since we’re in expo mode for airme uh we can go and uh network kind of talk with each other on the side uh make some connections with people or um for the for the future awesome yeah yeah so i think yesterday there was some confusion about how to get to the booths there’s networking all all the event we left this air meet open from day one until the end of day three so even with the sessions aren’t going you could arrange a meeting and um and schedule some deals to try to

(18:01) do some domain trades you know we’re trying to have you make some new connections so is there a video for that that’s a very fast one i think is that going to play now uh i think yeah they said that they were going to play the networking video uh soon yeah yeah they’re gonna play right now [Music] yeah so you can see here it’s it’s a really fast one let me see if i can yeah so during these intermissions make sure you guys uh talk with each other connect uh make some connections within the h community yeah yeah we’re gonna we’re

(18:43) gonna yesterday yeah it was so you can see that you can see who’s there but anyway so i hope you can find out there’s a lot more to this air meet software than maybe a lot of people are realizing but if you see on the top there’s a couple choices of boost and networking lounge and uh and schedule meetings and things like that you can also of course private message people here um and uh and connect but yeah i think that’s it for the intro thank you everybody you know we’re trying our best to

(19:08) listen to feedback and adjust on the fly and then let’s move into the auction um with the encrypted and and uh i’ll be there too and i think fistful will be preparing for the the session with angry mouse so uh i’m excited for all this thank you everybody see you guys at the auction [Music] [Applause] [Music] so [Music] kinetic

(20:10) is a blockchain crypto investment firm based in hong kong and puerto rico [Music] founded in 2016 they were the first fund in hong kong and one of the earliest in asia with a portfolio of over 220 companies they were seed investors in such projects as ethereum parity and polka dot solana ftx and of course handshake in name base [Music] founder johan chu was an active investor and supporter of the handshake ecosystem over one hundred thousand domains co-founder of d web foundation co-founder of handicon and sponsor of

(20:48) the handshake house at miami hack week 2022 [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh [Music] [Applause]