Day 1: Opening


(00:01) [Music] do [Music] [Applause] [Music] kinetic is a blockchain crypto investment firm based in hong kong and puerto rico founded in 2016 they were the first fund

(01:08) in hong kong and one of the earliest in asia with a portfolio of over 220 companies they received investors in such projects as ethereum parity and polka dot solana ftx and of course handshake in name base [Music] founder johan chu was an active investor and supporter of the handshake ecosystem over one hundred thousand domains co-founder of d-web foundation co-founder of handicon and sponsor of the handshake house at miami hack week 2022 [Music] all right so we are live everybody welcomed oh first there we go thank you everybody

(01:54) for making it this is the kickoff session for handicon 2. steve dope thank you thank you for being first and second in the chat this is a super exciting time for us yeah all right great interaction definitely if people figured out the likes and the chats we really want this to be um a community event a time for you to all connect with each other um uh i’m like mickelini one of the one of the co-hosts here um fistful of ass are uh yeah you guys can just call me fistful if you don’t want to say that last part

(02:32) yeah i know i know i know it’s a little uh not safe for work and and of course uh jahan chu is uh co-founder here handycam we did this together last year he helped get this going and he’s supporting at kinetic capital as our our key sponsor and uh we’ll be sharing for a couple minutes to start this off uh and then we’ll go into some slides and then we’ll go right into this into this into the uh speaking so it’s gonna action pack a couple of days i hope you’re already got your rest um

(03:04) i’d like to pass the stage to jahan to start us off thanks johan thanks can you hear me okay yeah i hear you um i guess before we start i’m uh it’s great to see so many people in the attending handicon welcome again uh to the second edition um if you can just throw into the chat where you’re from uh physically we’d love to just see where you’re from i’m uh from hong kong but i’m in puerto rico curious as to where everyone else is we got redmond madrid toronto la barcelona texas seattle

(03:38) oz i assume that’s australia uk us finland slash germany germany colorado okay so pretty diverse mostly like western hemisphere us paris um i guess because it’s quite early in asia right now um johnny’s tough to get in uh i guess we have good security at the door ireland canada awesome and then maybe another question for everybody if you don’t mind throwing into the chat uh are there any is there anybody who’s new to handshake or or kind of in the early stages of your handshake journey i’m just curious as to is it all like

(04:15) kind of og die-hards in here or is it everybody who um is it a bunch of difference hey mike uh they’re saying that uh yeah i’m i’m first time hearing about that um so i’m if someone could dm me or or explain more about the issues yeah dope if you could uh dope if you could message mike i’d be great uh welcome leor and mayne and paul and and uh lerman does 100 domains count as new no it doesn’t sorry welcome frank and uh new people it’s exciting to get people who are who have a lot to learn and

(04:59) jessica’s brand new and also drew and jordan um perfect and then sorry one last question that i’ll stop bothering you for those of you that are new uh i’m curious where you heard of handshake um how you kind of came into it um and you know is it like a friend or are you did you kind of come through it investing in the coin or are you you know investing in other kind of domains are you from the domain space um how did you kind of come across all right cool drew’s saying he bought uh you saw an ad on facebook

(05:32) that’s cool i wonder what the ad was for was it was it a name based ad or something all right pencils investing the technology domainers great oh i like this one lerman’s saying that uh they came across it through somebody talking about censorship unstoppable yep on stop respect unstoppable they’re very large and very successful super well funded um okay and i can 73 great cool well thanks for that i appreciate that um so for those of you who were here last year you already know maybe a little bit about my shield but just for those of

(06:03) you who don’t i’m jahan i’m the founder of kinetic kinetic is uh one of the earliest blockchain investment firms in asia we were the first in hong kong started my fund in 2016. um and uh we’ve invested in over 220 projects we were fortunate to be seed investors and handshakes seat investors and name base i own a relatively large you know nine-figure portfolio of uh domains uh and uh i’m super active in the community um in the background i would say as one of the co-founders of d-web foundation and uh one of the co-founders

(06:34) of handycon and uh and such uh but i’m a da hard uh handshake person even though i’m i’m not really active in any of the chats uh but i’m always here in the background kind of supporting um so i’m super excited to be here with with mike uh and fistful uh to continue the journey of evangelizing and educating around handshake um handshake is a passion of all of ours um fortunately or unfortunately it’s you know we find ourselves in year two um again in this stage where uh we haven’t yet hit kind of mainstream

(07:07) escape velocity for a token uh we haven’t hit kind of mainstream escape velocity for a crypto project um but what i’m happy to say is that we still have incredible community support you can see from all the activity uh whether it’s in you know h s dot chat which is a new application which is amazing um or from all the kind of name-based forums or from the discord the namer uh discords and even here that there is so much love and passion and excitement for what handshake represents um and handshake is many things to many

(07:40) people but to me in addition to being the future of the decentralized web um it’s also really a notion of decentralized identity and a decentralized identity layer for web3 whether persons places or things and i think that although there are other great systems out there uh like ethereum um name service and others who are doing great things for me i think handshake is is my one first love for the kind of domain name system um and one that i think in the long run uh you know will will succeed and will dominate at least that’s what i’m

(08:15) betting on um so i’m pretty excited to be you know co-hosting handycon uh and helping people to learn more about it and get more all you newbies uh deeper in and then for all of you old people uh ogs who were here last year and have been in handshake for a while um i’m excited you guys haven’t lost faith i mean the price goes up price goes down but you’re still here building you’re still here uh buying domains you’re still here you know creating opportunities for people to um you know engage and learn about

(08:44) handshake and that’s what this is all about it’s really just about the community and the one thing that handycon has going for it all and the handshake system is just how passionate all of the community is so really excited about that um and i’ll just take two seconds to say you know kind of give a status like where are we um i think that handshake has been through um i would say a sideways slash slightly moving up year where there’s been a lot of applications and a lot of like great development um

(09:13) but almost only in pockets and we’ve seen a lot of great you know projects like miami which is search uh sorry which is the um the rating system the appraisals uh and a bunch of others that you know continue to grow uh we have the first hakka um handshake hacker house uh which uh kinetic sponsored in in miami like earlier this year um but we need more we need more community events we need more community activity uh we need more developers um and i would say that one of the things you know as we try to continue and grow

(09:47) in the handshake community one of the most glaring omissions that i see is actually investment um unfortunately i think that there just aren’t enough venture vcs who are in the space uh who know enough about handshake and so we kind of exist as a less capital available ecosystem compared to other types of protocols uh and i think that you know for all of you who are out there what we really need um is more noise we need more products to invest in but if you also have friends that are investing in the space we need

(10:21) evangelism we need them to be educated we need them to know why handshake is so important what the you know the total adjustable market is how can how it is so critical to the future of web 3. and that all comes from the community for those of you who are new like handshake is a very different type of protocol there’s no major treasury there’s no kind of company it’s completely distributed it’s extremely like volunteer oriented and we all just do it together nobody’s in charge which means that everybody is

(10:49) responsible and i think that you know together we can continue driving it forward so just wanted to welcome everybody from my perspective again really excited to be here with mike and fistful um you know hosting this excited you guys all show it up um and you know it’s all about us together trying to drive this forward and please tell your friends who who aren’t here if they’re curious about this if they trust you if they trust uh your views in the space please you know get them to come and learn about

(11:17) handshake thanks again and i’ll turn it back over to mike all right thank you so much thanks so much ahead really great way to open up this amazing event and so um we’re so jam-packed i mean last year we had amazing sessions back to back and to and same this this time um so we’re we’re gonna go right into our first session in just a couple minutes um fistful do you want to talk about the agenda um yeah sure i mean uh day one this is kind of our uh just basic overview of handshake kind of getting

(11:49) your uh basic level of knowledge in for everybody and then day two is kind of a mix and match of everything i guess we have a little bit of everything for everybody and then day three is more of our we got some people from uh other d-web protocols like skynet and akash uh and and some people from the uh mining community and uh from like dvpn and indigenous uh so kind of all of those people kind of coming in and seeing how we can all work together and that’s kind of our agenda today but i would like to switch we’re

(12:28) going a little bit over i’d like to go to uh joseph’s talk now because uh yeah i think we’re gonna have another expression yeah we’ll talk more about some of these slides between the between sessions and uh yeah of course tomorrow is an auction for ukraine uh at 12 noon pacific and uh the day after will be the flamingo one with dot s and other amazing names both starting it earlier than the normal sessions at 12 noon okay but yeah i think we need to move right into the joseph sessions so thank you

(12:57) everyone and we’ll be talking about these amazing sponsors uh of course thank you johanna kinetic for being our main sponsor and impervious for er and hedging institute for also uh being core sponsors of this events and others too okay let’s uh let’s move to the next session and uh just be action-packed everybody bring out your notebooks and engage i see amazing chats keep up the chats of course these will be recorded but i think it’s best if you’re here live the the feeling of us together and chatting and asking

(13:26) questions and we’re trying best to have more networking as well all right thank you [Music] [Applause] you