Lack of Technologies or Why Current “dApps” are Fake

A talk about why we shouldn’t use Namebase and Siasky. Why we should switch from gateways like to lite HNS clients as soon as possible. Know the advantages of raising own nameservers for your HNS site or using HyperZone.


(00:01) [Music] [Applause] [Music] god [Music] yeah of course i’m not going to take up too much of uh next time here but i’m sure most people in the handshake community are aware of nick he built the gateway that a lot of people use and then he’s also been doing some work um on cyber labs his new uh our project or group where he’s uh pushing a lot of stuff that he’s building but yeah i’ll let you go ahead and intro

(01:06) and i won’t take up any more your time nick hello everyone uh i hope you enjoyed first part of flamingo handshake it’s pretty important for me because i am in the middle of battle between russia and the ukraine and every dollar either can help us to stand against russian aggression so don’t be greedy and place generous offers on uh next part of flamingo handshake yes i am a creator of hannes duties but in this part or i’ll do opposite i’ll fight against get waste and centralization i think that

(02:10) there is very few people who aren’t involved and i don’t need to explain advantageous and disadvantageous of different methods of resolving the web content not only handshake names but also files stored in c file stored in our wife ipfs so i will simply list it there is under there is gateways uh that are bridges between web and d-web uh light clients which gets uh info directly for mining nodes and stores only important info and full notes uh where your pc verifies all interactions with blockchain that it received from other full nodes

(02:59) and mining notes really quick sorry i don’t mean to interrupt i don’t know if you’re presenting your screen uh for your powerpoint or you’re just gonna do a speaker like this uh i have a little presentation uh but i i don’t think it can show more but i’ll show it okay yeah it’s just the little uh arrow with the box where you can share your screen all right coming in good um yeah hey asking as you can see on my screen i don’t like the centralization of skynet it’s because they promote usage of

(03:51) gateways the most insecure way of accessing g-web they call it portals and while it makes ssync of data simple it also remains as insecure as accessing can shake with hannes duties and i thought that it’s okay that it’s for user adoption convenience but then i’ve talked to few people from skynet’s ecosystem and ask them a simple question how do ads’s content stored in skynet and good simple but very dumb answer i just fetch it from csky.

(04:40) net in some cases they wrap it i have a list of few portals and fetch content from random one my ddfs it’s okay to fetch the data from portals in browser where we can’t install node and interact with it but please don’t do it when your application is installed directly on user’s computer we must do decentralization but not just use gateways and hype on the web names there is many many services that is centralized but pretend to be decentralized but name based is the most striking example and especially their fully decentralized

(05:30) the links let me just show you the lien creation path or exactly tell about it i don’t know when it will show because i’m was lazy to make presentation uh firstly we go to understand dirt i can dns where while connecting to their centralized backend the only the link management panel is located here then we create or the link and centralized name base server uploads page that it generated to scan skynet using cs5.

(06:10) net portal you may say nick it’s just creation overall it’s that is decentralized but let me buzz it me this myth too to do it just look at the way we resolve link firstly we connect to name based dns service to resolve ip of sia dot name base io get away that process traffic to the sky.

(06:42) net net portal so it’s like double centralization between gateways yak name base i agree fully decentralized i think that we must put a red big red banner on all sides that serves with name base the ns because it’s as centralized as using kns.2 with accessing to its handshake names if you have any questions for this part ask it and i’ll ripley hey nick some people are saying that uh to double check your screen share window and make sure you’re [Music] showing the uh right presentation or maybe like the slides are stuck or something i i was too lazy to make many slides so

(07:38) it’s the right pronunciation oh okay okay that’s okay all right um any questions more no no that should be it um okay then let me find right page and continue and there is much more such fake decentralized apps including hana chat and others and the worst it’s very easy to build fake decentralized app because you need to set authoritative dns server for your app anyways and the worst thing you can do with it is set your dns 0.

(08:36) 2 centralized ns servers like name base or is in paypal seniors of course there is should be a spoonful of honey is this barrel of terror and i am going not only to criticize but only science decentralized solutions if you listened to luke burns on previous handicon day then you should know about hyperzone and about hip5 and it’s our solution to this problem it allows us to drop decentralized and all dns servers protocol and replace it with solutions based on decentralized storage protocols like hyper core ipfs rv

(09:22) or even ethereum contracts hyperzone is hip 5 implementation with hyper core protocol as storage provider sky name is the same but with skynet instead of hyper core and our zone with our wave under the hood is coming if you want to your app to be a little more decentralized then definitely look at this ones so i think okay i forgot to change the slide so i think myth is busted if something is handshake it’s not means that it’s the center decentralized okay we found how to store dns records without dns servers and now i’ll tell

(10:17) you about how to host your site with the centralized storage provider we are lucky because we have solution to this problem and you already know it skynet yes i’ve said that it’s toothed centralized with portals but if we draw portals like and this install many local portals to users devices then we can make decentralization work and our app will be decentralized if we will yes you need to download 30 gigabytes of see a blockchain to each user’s device and users have to pay some sale coins even for downloads

(11:14) but the game is worth the candle there is also few alternatives to see a formal escalnet like ipfs and file coin under wave permanent and decentralized storage space but i don’t know enough about ips ipfs with file coin so i can’t recommend rvf is worth attention because it of coursely has gateways like skynet but it can live even without it just with notes happy also there you pay once and your data becomes available forever and you don’t need to check heath of file like in skynet because spora algorithm ensures

(12:16) maximal availability of every file file storage in network so this decentralized storage protocol is definitely worth your attention if you want your d app to be real d app and not super nft web 3 fully decentralized app i think there is some time left so you can write me questions to my twitter my twitter is angry mouse underscore i’ll respond to it right in this conference all right looks like we got done a little bit early uh now would be a great time for any q a um that people want to drop in the chat for angry mouse to talk more about this

(13:13) or anything that he’s working on really and then angry mouse if you wanted to as well you could talk about kind of what you’re doing at cyber labs uh too if you wanted to shield that out oh yeah i founded server labs because i personally don’t have enough time to develop my project so i’ve met so many people a few people who also wants to do decentralized projects like me and funded the team so you can expect much more questions questions products from this team because there is two enthused people in it

(14:13) and and we’ll develop more yeah sounds cool i can’t wait to see what you guys are building or uh what products you ship out next i’m always looking to play with some cool stuff not seeing i’m not seeing any questions in my twitter ask me uh if you want to uh or i could bring up some points you know like just in a little bit of the other side of defense of maybe centralization i know it’s nice it’s a dirty word but you know i know it’s easier but also sometimes centralization just is a

(15:07) bridge you know like there’s these gateways or bridges to fully decentralized i mean of course we all want to be fully decentralized myself included but there’s onboarding there’s uh you know still bridging of web 2 to web3 you know um and not all of handshake has to be decentralized name servers you know i know you brought up h s chat i mean i think we’re aware that the maybe the hosts the content may be a centralized but the name of handshake your username is is is still decentralized depending

(15:42) on where you may because the custodian of your handshake name but it’s still uh the name is decentralized right just maybe being aware of the host might not be decentralized but the name is decentralized you know i always think of it in two parts and and there’s the handshake their domain name whether it’s ens or handshake or other names and there’s the host right those are the kind maybe i’m wrong but those are the main two parts to consider um uh right is your domain name centralized or decentralized is your host

(16:16) centralized or decentralized i guess there’s probably other parts too in that in that chain um but just for thought of people here to keep those two main parts right the domain name and then the hosting i’ve seen a pretty cool phrase in chat not your case not your domain and it’s very very true because for now every very many people use name base as main domain provider so if some government or i think our organization will uh ask them to take down your site they’ll of course do it because [Music] otherwise they will have problems with

(17:19) lives so if you really want to fully control your domain i’d want you to switch to bob violet or to just hannes has the note yeah there are questions coming in now um like this this one uh from death and sun um how how would you on board user’s fully decentralized apps would you know with without them having to jump through hoops such as running a full node you know i mean even in the main the main telegram handshake chat and between day one and two somebody’s trying to download bob wallet they said they waited for like a day for it to

(18:05) sync it’s not syncing still they don’t have their coin yet on their wallet to do something you know um i mean what’s your answer to i guess just deal with it right i mean what’s your answer to to that does everybody runs a full node they can don’t run full note run just light note it’s as decentralized as full note but don’t use just not yeah for spv but i’d like people to think about switching from not hosted on other servers to their own even light notes even lights notes okay there’s another question uh

(19:09) physical i don’t you can oh there yeah uh miguel is asking is it considered a fake dap or scam if you in the ad says that you own the slds when you don’t have the keys so they just need to say that people rent it that’s all so is it okay for it like for apps or dapps to be semi-centralized as or as long as they like state it and it’s well known that that that’s happening um i think as long as app isn’t fully decentralized it’s fully centralized and there is no semi decentralized apps because

(19:58) we have points that we can press on and to take down sites uh and about slg’s uh yeah it uh it’s centralized as i know uh in name base rating service but uh we have examples of really decentralized slds like forever domains or uh tweaks as i remember okay okay uh first of all you wanna read richard’s input or thanks uh yeah well uh richard is just saying that he agrees with you for the most part uh that uh with the issues of government uh you know stripping uh domains that um you know it can become an attack vector

(20:59) for these uh so-called decentralized sites you know and then we actually have a part two from miguel if you burn the tld and maintain the sld sales is fully decentralized hmm i don’t think you really burn you would lock it like you talking like that badass oh so like if you use like a locking script like uh um like badass or forever s tlds mean it sounds kind of i don’t know if it makes questions a little bit complicated but uh these questions are pretty complex i uh okay miguel that’s kind of like a lot of

(21:47) there’s a lot of questions in each part of that but um i could maybe even try like i mean yeah like and anybody can renew the tld by sending the renewal script so they they themselves don’t own or control it anymore and then um the slds are up to the sld owner they made a fork of ens domains on ethereum and then you can renew it there so i think that’s that’s so the renting of the sld on ethereum is you pay the renewal every year on an eth to keep it um but i mean there’s so many different questions pneumatic or

(22:31) different blockchains okay there’s a lot more more questions coming in here uh let’s see um there’s lots of different you know i i want to show you my mic your your beauty in this uh glasses i just want to make i’m like yeah i’m i’m half and not i’m happy none well not really a i’m full fully uh at least hiding somewhere i think i can shoe myself oh there you are cool nice nice of course nothing can shake hoodie but uh but i’m cool even without it great man thanks thanks for showing going on

(23:14) awesome i’ll take my uh that’s too dark here um okay i put i put jordan’s question up but uh it’s a good point to bring up um i don’t think it’s entirely possible has something fully decentralized and not lack good performance until decentralized can run server-side code so he’s he’s one developer of asian chap he’ll be sharing later too um i think everything that we now do at back end we can do with smart contracts and it will be enough okay yeah but i mean i do think that it’s slow it’s slower right

(24:05) if it’s decentralized because it has to sink on the blockchain right or i’m i’m i’m not technical enough to answer it but i mean there is performance i think the main point yes there’s performance delays fully decentralized uh it’s pretty slow on blockchains like ethereum because their mining nodes reefs all interactions with smart contract but we have lazy smart contracts like in rv where pc offer runner smart contract runner reviews all interactions with it and it makes this contract very fast

(24:52) and cheap definitely take a look at it just google smart weave i’ll chat uh place it in chat okay yeah the chat smart weave okay i’m losing i don’t know if fiscal you see any chats or there’s some q a um i think that was answered already uh fiscally seen any chats here to to bring up just uh no i mean you guys covered most of what everybody was asking and talking about but yeah again nick it’s really it’s really thanks uh especially under the environment and circumstances to come and share today um

(25:43) you know but i don’t know i don’t want to like be a little bit too negative on this centralized i mean i i know we all want decentralized but i think there’s going to be centralized solutions for a little bit longer in this ecosystem right i mean uh i mean do you think it yeah like richard’s saying it’s a road i just uh want uh people to uh put its priority to higher place because we all say that some services is decentralized and they pose this like their main advantage but they’re centralized

(26:25) and they just hype on it yeah no i totally get where you’re coming from it’s uh right now we kind of have a spectrum of centralization and decentralization for a lot of the products that we have but uh we can’t tout around uh decentralized decentralization if it’s not actually there you know yeah that’s a fair point okay okay i think uh we’re you know i think we’re a little bit over time but we have i think we’re almost done with the auctions but we can go back to the auctions um but nick is there something

(27:04) else you’d like to to end with today or you can even join us in the auction if you want uh on stage i’ve said it in first part of my speech and i’ll say it last don’t be greedy place generous offers uh by webb stranitza and kns chat yeah nick uh there’s some chats i don’t know if you see some of these yeah thank you from richard thank you richard kirkendall yeah thanks for your support all right everybody okay i think we’ll wrap up this session so we have three more names on the uh the the fundraiser

(27:53) um actually nick do you want to share i think up right now is the uh i think it’s your word the russian word for web page do you want to share about that that’s up for auction uh it’s russian and ukrainian world it’s uh word for almost all that almost all russian base that languages have so it’s ukrainian too oh it’s both okay so it’s both language oh it can be used both that’s great okay um all right i think then we’ll wrap up this session um thank you again and yeah stay safe okay

(28:37) bye all right subscribe to my twitter yeah follow nick on twitter and uh stay safe man yeah okay buddy bye [Music] [Applause] [Music] do [Music] kinetic is a blockchain crypto investment firm based in hong kong and puerto rico founded in 2016 they were the first fund

(29:42) in hong kong and one of the earliest in asia with a portfolio of over 220 companies they were seed investors in such projects as ethereum parity and polka dot solana ftx and of course handshake and name base [Music] founder johan chu was an active investor and supporter of the handshake ecosystem over one hundred thousand domains co-founder of d-web foundation co-founder of handycon and sponsor of the handshake house at miami hack week 2022 [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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