Bob Wallet Showcase

Rithvik takes us through Bob Wallet, Handshake’s premiere non-custodial wallet option. You will learn how to operate Bob Wallet’s features like bidding, DNS management, and name management, taking you one step closer to being a Handshake super user.

(00:01) [Music] [Applause] [Music] uh [Music] [Music] [Applause] okay thank you all for our second session of today who’s first in the chats who’s first in the chats okay he’s cute all right everybody wow it’s not first wow wow a lot of good chats thank you everybody man thank you everybody we got some very great names in the chats all right thank again you know we’re doing this live you know live

(01:05) events this is not pre-recorded this is live so this is what you know we’re having we keep it real here at um and today i’m excited for this session rhythmic i think he’s up super late you know i don’t even want to ask him what time it is but i really appreciate rispik he’s helped me out personally so much in the community over the years getting things set up and he’s going to be sharing today about bob wallace and non-custodial wallet for handshake you know it’s um it’s a it’s a

(01:38) wallet that we should always be aware of i know some people are overwhelmed with the technical parts but let’s let’s get it let’s get it rolling now real thick this i’m really i’m ready to take some notes too i know you’ve got a lot of great things to share today um do you want to take a take it away okay um so hey y’all i’m dipthick and a bit nervous but uh let’s just start um so i’m currently working on bob wallet and i’d like to go over a few things the first would be a comparison of

(02:10) custodial and non-custodial wallets and why self-custody matters which we’ll get in a minute um second a quick walkthrough of the two products that we have that’s the desktop map and the browser extension and their features and their integrations we’ll also go through other possibilities that can be built on top of these apps so um what’s the difference between a custodial and a non custodial wallet a custodial wallet is where a third party controls your private keys you’re essentially trusting them to secure your

(02:48) assets and give you access when you need them um some of you might have already have used a custodial wallet if you have used um crypto exchange like coinbase or name base in contrast a non-custodial wallet is where you have the sole control of your private keys which gives you complete freedom when you want to use them your names or your fonts or anything and as long as you have access to the to any blockchain node you have the freedom to use those assets however you want um so that brings us to not your keys not your coins

(03:31) which you probably heard before so the your keys in the face refers to your private keys which is like the master password that proves that you own it if you don’t have the private key you don’t truly own your coins you don’t need given access to them some exchanges may have a daily withdrawal limit on your account some even limit where you send your funds so if you don’t own your key if you own your key your funds are self solvent you maintain control over them and to whom you can send them to and how

(04:08) they can be used um one thing to notice private keys must be kept safe if someone else gets hold of your keys or your seat phase they have access to everything so you’ll need to be responsible and since we have domains and handshakes in handshake um we have not your keys multi-domains that brings us to bob ford which is a non-custodial wallet so first the desktop app it runs a handshake node called hsd in it and it can either run in full or spv mode in full mode the complete blockchain will be downloaded and stored that’s about 15 gb right now

(04:59) and increases as time goes on and this takes a few hours to sync that’s um and it verifies every single block and transaction along the sink and in spv mode only a few megabytes of block headers is needed and it sinks much faster in both modes the application connects to other nodes so it’s completely p2p and verifies everything some of the things that you can do with the desktop app is you can manage domains you can set on-chain records transfer them like entities or um basically you can do anything you want

(05:43) with your domains you can participate in auctions you can check even if you’re not participating you can um go through the names and their records and any on-chain info there’s also a wall a watch list where you can keep track of auctions and names or names that you’re not ready to start auctions for um that’s the right side add to watchlist that you see that then there’s the exchange which integrates shake tags which will have a dedicated session later on like guru me you can trustlessly sell names and even

(06:27) put them after auction since there are no intermediaries involved there is no need for brokers and even during the transfer or until the transfer you still own your name it’s in your wallet then this deep linking with websites can deep link to specific pages inside the app so say a hosting provider wants to update your blockchain dns on your behalf they can open bob wallet with all the records be filled in fact um umtext.

(07:05) com is how uh so let’s see this name which is currently in progress once you click fulfill auction it opens bob wallet to the specific name that um you clicked so that happens with keeping um then the desktop app also has ledger integration um so you can use your hardware wallets to keep your funds and names offline and save this is a new feature added by luke and will be available in the next upcoming version it brings ins favorite use case to handshake where you can add addresses to names um so you can send hms to names instead

(08:04) of having to type out complete addresses we’ll cover this in detail later on today in the uh the next bob session and including on how to use it and how to set up your own names resort to addresses you can also sign messages with your name or the private key behind the name and that proves that you own the name and you can publish these signatures which will have their own users which will come in a minute you can also claim the handshake air drop and reserve name directly and bob without any cli tools this is another feature that we’ll be

(08:54) covering more in detail in the next bob session so that was the desktop app which is fully featured i’d say the extension is relatively new and doesn’t do everything that the desktop app does um but it’s it’s mentally different it has its own um pros it’s similar to metamask and it relies on a hosted node so it’s not an sbv or it’s not a full node but it is still non-custodial as and you own your wallet keys and they never leave your browser as it connects to shared node the wallet syncs instantly

(09:39) there’s it’s almost instant a few seconds the extension can be used to send funds and everything but the real mvp is the api that lets you website where other web apps integrate with it for example websites like miami let you participate in auctions through the extension on the website itself also with the extension installed the browser can automatically resolve handshake domains without having to change any os settings or browser settings for that matter other tabs or decentralized apps can make use of the api and use handshakes

(10:19) features similar to matte mask or any other rpc waves so here’s an example of naomi using the extension you search for name you open the auction it opens the extension where you confirm and that sends the transaction you can also send bids and reveals and um other auction things and nami is also indicated login with handshake that’s another cool thing and then this applause by popus which is um [Music] it’s a site where anyone can post content and then anyone with a handshake names can applaud the post for example let’s

(11:22) pick this one so this is the content which is rendered markdown um and this is the hash of the content you can select a name and then once you upload use it opens the extension which can sign the content and that signature is saved online and that proves that and the signature can be verified with bob that the owner of violation signed the message that’s another cool thing so similar to metamask bob brings handshake to your browsers and allows you to access handshake enabled apps bob also acts as an identity proprietor

(12:21) where you can create unique cryptographic proofs that use rightful owner particular name so what could we build in the future um with bob acting as the identity portal we can imagine an email service where instead of logging in with the password you just sign in sign a message with bob to access the inboxes the services can be compatible with existing internet by using a proxy such that every name owner can have a proxy email like arithmetic or at shakemail.

(12:59) 2 or um by using deceptionalized identity we’re one step closer to come and this is interesting which will which is on the roadmap for pop um i can’t see when but we’ll have it um so this is where when you come when you’re comparing name base and bob the one major factor would be that you can’t set records directly in bob like you have name-based dns so we can have dns registers where you sign the records with your own key and upload it to servers which are handled which are maintained by bob or impervious or other

(13:50) um articles or maybe your own um so if the registrar uses a decentralized data layer such as skynet or gandhi or what looks doing later on we can have a truly unstoppable dns for handshake and finally social media last year we had a proof of concept social network called nomad where anyone could register the domain name as a social handle um that would enable a whole new demand and dimension handshake domains for example how much would you pay for twitter account for 100k followers what about a handshake domain that has

(14:38) that many followers anyway these are just some examples of what’s possible if you want a hatchet name you own a piece of the new internet and i think there is no better time than now to build stuff um please feel free to reach out if you’re interested in collaborating or anything or to talk about anything really okay thank you thank you there’s a couple questions in the q a we have about five minutes left um for questions which is great uh do you see the q a tab or i can read them uh there’s lots of questions um

(15:31) do you want to pick a couple i can help you um so yes the chat is applaused so the main search feature is in the list very limited that is true maybe you could have something that fuzzy searches domains like um we need a better search page yes if you have any ideas please feel free to leave an issue or even a comment over here on how it could be improved yeah and then uh risk can you hear me okay yeah he’s not hearing us for some reason we were testing before and

(16:36) you except it gives you a complete access to the blockchain yeah this needs some thought okay security so the extension itself has a similar model to what metamask is so the it’s not possible to steal coins in the sense that the key the coins and your keys never leave your browser but again

(17:38) um you’ve seen matamas fishing sites and um website so it is possible um ledger support for the extension is coming um no dates though i think tetra is working on it um auto renews and posit um i’d say soon um but you’d still need to keep opposite open or at least open it a few times um regularly is that you got pop that was inspiration of the logo yeah it’s based on a handshake a mascot which doesn’t exist anymore um we’ll see if it’s somewhere it should be part of the rapport somewhere um

(18:43) the next bob wallet update to its ui to organize domain names um this what would you like what’s your opinion on how it can be improved i’d love to hear about that [Music] hey risk can you hear us at all i think they everyone hear us except arithmetic can’t hear us all right um maybe we remove him from stage in a nice way i’ll chat yeah i’ll just yeah we’ll let him know what happens okay okay yeah i don’t know what was going on with that i don’t think ruthvik could have could hear us uh speaking to him i

(19:39) don’t know what was going on with that uh but we are uh we got some q a in there i’m glad you guys got some uh questions off on there and uh we’re gonna move into a short little break uh before our next session uh so yeah go get a snack or something and then we’ll see you back here in a little bit mikey anything else uh let me check i’m seeing a lot of chats there’s lots of feedback i mean this is exciting this is a live event um but yeah we’re gonna we want last year people wanted more networking so this is

(20:09) a 10-minute networking break so you should see the table mode hopefully you can um find some people there that are um you want to connect with but we’re we’re listening to your female from last year with networking so so enjoy the 10-minute break or get a coffee or get a get a soda and we’ll see you in 10 minutes thank you everybody and also there’s a free hms.

(20:34) chat slds for uh jordan he’ll be sharing later um it’s a new app uh and you can get like mike.handycon don’t get that one i gotta register so don’t squat on mike i’m gonna try to get mike but if you wanna grab that we’ll put some directions on okay every way so see you in a break and see in the next session [Music] [Applause] [Music]